Chat room sessions are held every few weeks. This is a superb resource where experienced homeopaths and School of Homeopathy faculty members hold a session discussing a given subject. You will be able to use the text chat box to write comments and they will respond by typing back, forming a conversation. This is an excellent chance to ask some of the most knowledgable homeopaths and medical science mentors questions and if you are a student, you can chat to other students about how you are finding the course!

Anyone is able to use this resource, it is free for our students and a small charge will apply to non-students. Please see the events page for the next scheduled talk (if no event is shown then none are scheduled at this time). For more details please contact us.

For me the only way I could explain how studying Homeopathy changed my life is like the film The Matrix, I took the red pill and found the truth and now I can't see life any other way; which has been the best awakening of my life!

Rachel, Student