A major strength of the School is the diversity and experience of its faculty. Many of the most knowledgeable homeopaths in the UK teach at the School. Their wide-ranging skills combine to provide you with the highest standards of teaching, assessment and support. They are all active homeopaths who continue to increase their already considerable expertise through many channels of Continued Professional Development as well as their everyday practice.

Attendance Core Team:
The core team is responsible for the major decision making and running of the School. As a student, you are encouraged to contribute to this team management via your elected group representative.

Mani Norland, Principal
Amanda Norland, Applications & Year Head
Penny Stirling, Clinical Supervisor
Sheila Gore, Teacher & Tutor
Karen Leadbeater, Clinical Teacher
Jenny Stickland, Administrator
Ed Humphrey, Finance

Teachers (On Site, CD & DVD)
Misha Norland FSHom Qualified 1973
David Mundy LCH FSHom Qualified 1978
Janet Snowdon LCH FSHom Qualified 1981
Nick Taylor DSH RSHom Qualified 1984
Jo Daly DSH CHC Qualified 1984
Penny Stirling DSH RSHom Qualified 1988
Bill Rumble DSH RSHom Qualified 1988
Sheila Gore DSH RSHom Qualified 1996
Karen Leadbeater DSH RSHom Qualified 1998
Geoff Johnson DSH RSHom Qualified 1998
Jon Didymus DSH RSHom Qualified 1999
Dr Dinesh Chauhan BHMS, Mum. Qualified 2000
Jenny Grist DSH, PCH, RSHom Qualified 2002
Mani Norland DSH RSHom Qualified 2009
Teachers (CD & DVD)    
Murray Feldman
Qualified 1977
David Curtin
Qualified 1978
Frans Vermeulen
  Qualified 1979
Jeremy Sherr
Qualified 1980
Alize Timmerman

Qualified 1980
Rajan Sankaran
MD (Hom)
Qualified 1981
Miranda Castro
Qualified 1983
Jan Scholten
Qualified 1985
Linda Johnston
Qualified 1986

Jude Wills
Qualified 1985
Carmel Searson
Qualified 1992
Nick Taylor
Qualified 1994
Elaine Watson
Qualified 1995
Sheila Gore
Qualified 1996
Karen Leadbeater
DSH RSHom Qualified 1998
Judith Mapleson BSc PDHom (UK) Qualified 1999
Jenny Grist
DSH RSHom Qualified 2002
Sally Tamplin
Qualified 2002
Beverley Nickolls
Qualified 2007
Machteld Erkelens DSH PCH RSHom Qualified 2012
Supervision Partner    
Sheila Ryan DSH FSHom Qualified 1988
Provings Partner    
Peter Fraser MIH Qualified 1998


Attendance Core Team

Mani Norland

Mani Norland, BA (Hons), DSH, RSHom
Mani Norland is Principal at the School of Homeopathy. He is Misha Norland's eldest son and grew up with homeopathy all around him. He trained with the School, and practices from his clinic in Stroud. He develops and manages the School in conjunction with members of the core team. Other responsibilities include interviewing students, the teaching timetable, preparation of teaching materials, hiring teachers and staff, running the School clinic. In addition, he is responsible for the School brand, marketing and promotion. Mani is also the Managing Director of The School of Health, a business that manages home study courses and books.

Mani is a founding member of Homeopathy Course Providers Forum and a founding member of the 4Homeopathy (the pro homeopathy group of 11 organsations in the UK). With this group Mani has been instrumental in the re-branding of homeopathy in the UK with the development of a new logo, the findahomeopath website, celebrity campaigns and media intervention. Mani also teaches students in the 4th year about setting up in practice. In his ‘other life’ Mani worked in London as a brand and business consultant for over 10 years. He advised board level directors on business creation, vision and image. Mani is passionate about the positive promotion of homeopathy to the general public and has written many consumer facing articles on homeopathy, lectured internationally and been interviewed on BBC radio several times.


Amanda Norland

Amanda Norland, BA (Hons)
Amanda Norland is Course Manager at the School of Homeopathy. In 1999, she started her homeopathic training alongside Mani at the School and they now both run In-Light Limited, which includes the School of Homeopathy and The School of Health. Amanda’s primary focus in the School is people, she looks after student and staff wellbeing and all course enquiries. Amanda originally trained in graphic design, qualifying with an honours degree in 1990 and she enjoyed fifteen years in the creative world, growing from magazine designer, art director, interior designer to design director. Her natural ability and love of coaching and nurturing people culminated in her becoming ‘Head of Talent’ at the design consultancy 20/20, where should looked after the extensive design team’s wellbeing. Her role involved hiring the best people, reviewing and managing their progress, with the aim of fulfilling each individual’s creative potential and life goals. This work continues at the School where Amanda is passionate about helping students and staff to get the most out of the courses.


Penny Stirling

Penny Stirling, DSH, RSHom
Penny started her practice in 1988 after graduating from the School of Homeopathy. She has worked with the School in many roles since 1998, as tutor, mentor, teacher and supervision assessor on the home study programme. In 2011 she joined the School’s Core Team and also took up the role of Clinical Supervisor on the School’s attendance course. Penny runs the clinical supervision programme and the annual workshops for clinical supervisors. She is fascinated by what makes people different and she enjoys the way that homeopathy values and encourages those differences. She always looks forward to working with students to help them develop their own unique gifts and style of homeopathic practice.


Sheila Gore

Sheila Gore, DSH RSHom
Having taught for more than 12 years before training as a homeopath, Sheila has played an active part in the school since studying here. As a student she suggested the adoption of a student representative for each teaching group which is still part of the School structure, she is a mentor, year tutor and occasionally teaches. Since graduating in 1996 she has been part of the core team and recently has taken up tutoring African Students working with Sheila Ryan on the Ghana Homeopathy Project supported by the School.


Karen Leadbeater

Karen Leadbeater, RSHom
Karen graduated from the School in 1998, and has since maintained a close link through mentoring and supervising students. More recently she has lectured regularly at the School with a focus on casework, and also works with students on the international home study programme. After establishing a busy practice in Bath, Karen relocated to Dartmoor in 2005. She now practises and supervises students from her clinic in Tavistock, Devon.


Jenny Stickland

Jennie Stickland (Administrator)
Prior to working at the School Jennie worked in administration as a Sales/Order Operational Advisor which involved looking after a large customer base, she stayed in the role for 14 years before joining the School. Jennie maintains the School databases and keeps all records up-to-date. She ensures all paper and electronic filing is completed and looks after and updates the attendance sign-in area of the website. She provide students with information and electronic versions of school documents, she also sets up meetings, organises agendas, takes minutes and circulates information after meetings.


When I embarked on this field of study, I had no idea of the profound effect it would have on my life in every regard. I have learned so much in a completely holistic sense and in so doing I have learned about myself and my own values. This course is not only about studying the fine art of homeopathy, it is about life. This course has led me to places I could never have imagined for myself, plus I have had a lot of fun in going there!

Susan Price, Graduate