LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide -25)

Proving date: 1999
Proving completed by: Misha Norland and The School of Homeopathy
Common name:

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LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25)

About LSD

LSD is also known as lysergide, it is a psychedelic drug that is designed to alert your perception and cognition. It is part of the ergoline (chemical compound containing structural alkaloids) family, these are well known to have psychological effects, that alter the thinking process and can impact on closed and open eye visuals (seeing things that are not there) in addition to effecting your sense of time and spiritual experinces. LSD is mainly used as a recreational drug and as an entheogen. LSD can have quite substancial side effects by having adverse psychiatric reactions of anxiety, paranoia and delusions.   

Source and Description
Albert Hofmann discovered LSD in 1938 from ergotamine, a chemical derived by Arthur Stoll from ergot, which is a grain of fungus that grows on rye. LSD in its short form came from the term LSD-25 from the german name ‘Lysergsaure- dietylamid’.

LSD is very sensitive to oxygen, chlorine and ultra violet light, especially as a solution, the potency can last for several years if it is kept at a low temperature away from moisture and light.  LSD in its pure form is a colourless, odourless, tasteless solid.  It can be swallowed or placed under the tongue, in addition to its liquid form, which can be intravenously injected.

In 1943 Hofman discovered the psychedelic properties of LSD, this was commerically-introduced duing 1947 by Sandoz laboratories under the trade name of Delysid as a drug with various psychiatric uses.

During the 1950’s the US Chemical Intelligence Agency thought that LSD might be relevant to mind control and chemical warfare, the agency’s program MKULTRA (a mind control program) promoted the drug to students and young service men. The subseqent recreational use oF LSD led to its prohibition in the 1960’s.

Medicinal uses
LSD is known as the hallucinogenic party drug but in current studies at Harvard University and the University of California and San Francisco they have been studying the medical use for LSD in psychiatric applications and for treating chronic headaches. In turn Switzerland are investigating the possible therapeutic effects of LSD, by the intense anxiety experienced by patients with life threatenting illnesses. 

During the late 19th century LSD was used in psychiatric therapy, in the hope that it would be a cure for some forms of mental illness. This was felt that it would limit the need for patients to access psychotherapy and bring about changes in their behaviour and personality. In the years between 1950 and 1960 approximatley 40,000 patients were given Sansoz’s Delysid tablets these varied from patients with obsessive complusives disorders, depression and in addition administered to people who were considered to be mentally ill with sexual perversions such as homosexualtilty.

In Euorpe psycholitic therapy was common where psychartrists gave patients lower doses of LSD, and encouraged them to focuses on ther childhood and subconscious over several sessions. In America psychartrists used psychedelic therapy, where they gave their patients high doses of 200mg over a few sessions, hoping that the high doses would create a spiritual awakening where pateints would be encouraged to find meaning in their lives and want better for themselves.

Alberty Hoffman first sythessized LSD in 1938, as part of a reseach program that was searching for medically useful ergot alkaloid derivatives. After accidentally digesting LSD himself of an unknown quantity, Hoffman discovered the psychedelic properties.  He made his first intentional ingestion of LSD by taking 250millimonths, he found this dose to be too strong reporting he had hallucinations that were invasions like a demon . Sandoz laboratories first introduced LSD as a psychiatric drug in 1947.

CIA began a reseach program, as mentioned above in 1950 called MKULTRA these were expeienements that were carried out illegally on human subjects including CIA employees, military personal, doctors, goverments agents, mentally ill patients and members of the gerneral public, by which they could study their reactions. LSD became central to counterculture in the 1960’s and was supported by several figures on its consumption. In 1968 the possession of LSD was made illegal in the US.

LSD is illegal in the US, Austrailia, New Zealand and  for most of Europe, the enforcement for the extent of the laws varies from each country, Medical and scientific research of the drug in humans is still prermited under the 1971 UN Convention.

Within Canada LSD is classed as a controlled substance under schedule three of the Controlled Drugs and Subtsances Act. Any person who obtains the substance without disclosing authorisation to obtain such substances thirty days before another prescription from a practitioner is guilty of anindictable offence and liable for imprisonment.

The UK classes LSD as a Schedule 1 Class ‘A’ drug and has no recognised legitimate uses meaning that if your are found in possession of the drug without a license you could face a seven-year imprisonment. The Runciman report was issued in 2000, which recommended LSD, move from a Class ‘A’ drug to a Class ‘B’. However in the US LSD is a schedule one, according to the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 LSD is Illegal manufacture, buy, possess, process or distribute without a DEA (Drug Enforcement Adminstration) license, they deem it to have high potential for abuse, with no legitimate medical use in treatment and a lack of safety.

Allen Ginsberg wrote his poem (shown below), ‘Lysergic Acid’ in San Francisco in 1959. Ginsberg had taken LSD at the first international conference on LSD therapy at the Palo Alto Mental Research Institute, chaired by Dr. Paul Hoch. He had been financed by the U.S. Army and the CIA to study the effects of psychotropic drugs on human behaviour. Ginsberg experienced both terror and ecstasy during his inaugural LSD trip, and became an outspoken advocate of psychedelic substances for therapeutic growth and spiritual awakening.                                                                                                                              

Lysergic Acid
It is a multiple million eyed monster
it is hidden in all its elephants and selves
it hummeth in the electric typewriter
it is electricity connected to itself, if it hath wires
it is a vast Spiderweb
and I am on the last millionth infinite tentacle of the spiderweb, a worrier
lost, separated, a worm, a thought, a self
one of the millions of skeletons of China
one of the particular mistakes
I allen Ginsberg a separate consciousness
I who want to be God
I who want to hear the infinite minutest vibration of eternal harmony
I who wait trembling my destruction by that aethereal music in the fire
I who hate God and give him a name
I who make mistakes on the eternal typewriter
I who am Doomed
But at the far end of the universe the million eyed Spyder that hath no name
spinneth of itself endlessly
the monster that is no monster approaches with apples, perfume, railroads, television, skulls
a universe that eats and drinks itself
blood from my skull
Tibetan creature with hairy breast and Zodiac on my stomach
this sacrificial victim unable to have a good time
My face in the mirror, thin hair, blood congested in streaks down beneath my eyes, cocksucker, a decay, a talking lust a snaeap, a snarl, a tic of consciousness in infinity
a creep in the eyes of all Universes
trying to escape my Being, unable to pass on to the Eye
I vomit, I am in a trance, my body is seized in convulsion, my stomach crawls, water from my mouth,
I am here in Inferno
dry bones of myriad lifeless mummies naked on the web, the Ghosts, I am a Ghost
I cry out where I am in the music, to the room, to whomever near, you, Are you God?
No, do you want me to be God?
Is there no answer?
Must there always be an Answer? you reply,
and were it up to me to say Yes or No —
Thank God I am not God! Thank God I am not God!
But that I long for a Yes of Harmony to penetrate
to every corner of the universe, under every condition whatsoever
a Yes there Is . . . a Yes I Am . . . a Yes You Are . . . a We
A We and that must be an It, and a They, and a Thing with No Answer
It creepeth, it waiteth, it is still, it is begun, it is the Horns of Battle it is Multiple Sclerosis
it is not my hope
it is not my death at Eternity
it is not my word, not poetry
beware my Word
It is a Ghost Trap, woven by priest in Sikkim or Tibet
a crossframe on which a thousand threads of differing color
are strung, a spiritual tennis racket
in which when I look I see aethereal lightwaves radiate
bright energy passing round on the threads as for billions of years
the thread-bands magically changing hues one transformed to another as if the
Ghost Trap were an image of the Universe in miniature
conscious sentient part of the interrelated machine
making waves outward in Time to the Beholder
displaying its own image in miniature once for all
repeated minutely downward with endless variations throughout all of itself
it being all the same in every part
This image or energy which reproduces itself at the depths of space from the very Beginning
in what might be an O or an Aum
and trailing variations made of the same Word circles round itself in the same pattern as its original Appearance creating a larger Image of itself throughout the depths of Time
outward circling thru bands of faroff Nebulae & vast Astrologies contained, to be true to itself, in a Mandala painted on an Elephant’s hide,
or in a photograph of a painting on the side of an imaginary Elephant which smiles, tho how the Elephant looks is an irrelevant joke —it might be a Sign held by a Flaming Demon, or Ogre of Transcience,
or in a photograph of my own belly in the void
or in my eye or in the eye of the monk who made the Sign
or in its own Eye that stares on Itself at last and dies
and tho an eye can die and tho my eye can die
the billion-eyed monster, the Nameless, the Answerless, the Hidden-from-me, the endless Being
one creature that gives birth to itself
thrills in its minutest particular, sees out of all eyes differently at once
One and not One moves on its own ways
I cannot follow
And I have made an image of the monster here
and I will make another
it feels like Cryptozooids
it creeps and undulates beneath the sea
it is coming to take over the city
it invades beneath every Consciousness
it is delicate as the Universe
it makes me vomit
because I am afraid I will miss its appearance
it appears anyway
it appears anyway in the mirror
it washes out of the mirror like the sea
it is myriad undulations
it washes out of the mirror and drowns the beholder
it drowns the world when it drowns the world
it drowns itself
it floats outward like a corpse filled with music
the noise of war in its head
a babe laugh in its belly
a scream of agony in the dark sea
a smile on the lips of a blind statue
it was there
it was not mine
I wanted to use it for myself
to be heroic
but it is not for sale to this consciousness
it goes its own way forever
it will complete all creatures
it will be the radio of the future
it will hear itself in time
it wants a rest
it is tired of hearing and seeing itself
it wants another form another victim
it wants me
it gives me good reason
it gives me reason to exist
it gives me endless answers
a consciousness to be separate and a consciousness to see
I am beckoned to be One or the other, to say I am both and be neither
it can take care of itself without me
it is Both Answerless (it answers not to that name)
it hummeth on the electric typewriter
it types a fragmentary word which is
a fragmentary word,
Gods dance on thier own bodies
New flowers open forgetting Death
Celestial eyes beyond the heartbreak of illusion
I see the gay Creator
Bands rise up in anthem to the worlds
Flags and banners waving in transcendence
One image in the end remains myriad-eyed in Eternity
This is the Work! This is the Knowledge! This is the End of man!

In the Greek New Testament the Gospel Tare, Chapter 13:27 states that it is cited as Zizánia, a lolium rye which grows as darnel among good wheat, that hosts the parasitic fungal infection Claviceps tulasne (purpurea), the ergot mould, in which ergoline alkaloids, mainly derivatives of lysergic acid, can be found. The Latin name for darnel is Lolium temulentum, scientific and Latin ‘Druken’. Arabic words Zawan or Zuwan are loans words from Syriac (a dialect of Middle Aramaic) meaning ‘nausea’ or ‘sickness’ caused by a fungus infection of the rye kernels, containing ergoline alkoloids, mainly derivatives of lysergic acid where it is inadvertently ingested.

Read full proving here:  LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide- 25)

Sacred/Love/Peace<br>Connection<br>Truth<br>Merging of Senses/Music<br>Nature/Animals<br>Timelessness<br>Clairvoyance<br>Confusion/Distortion<br>Childlike/ Innocence/Giggling<br>New Cosseted<br>Unrestricted Space<br>Youthful Excitement<br>Music/Dance/Courtship<br>Romance<br>Expansion/Exploration<br>Journeys Restriction<br>Earthiness<br>Grossness<br>Materialism<br>Restlessness<br>Disorganized<br>Disconnection/Isolation<br>Desire to be alone/Numbness<br>Apprehension<br>Fear/Suspicion
Merging of Senses/Music
Childlike/ Innocence/Giggling
New Cosseted
Unrestricted Space
Youthful Excitement
Journeys Restriction
Desire to be alone/Numbness

Proving Themes
Systematic (IUPAC) name
(6aR,9R)-N, N-diethyl-7-methyl-4,6,6a,7,8,9-hexahydroindolo-[4,3-fg]quinoline-9-carboxamide

Clinical data
Pregnancy category
US: C (Risk not ruledout)

Legal status
AU: Prohibited(S9)
CA: Schedule III
DE: Anlage I
NZ: Class A
UK: Class A
US: Schedule I
UN: Psychotropic Schedule�I

Dependence liability Low
Addiction liability: None
Routes of Administration:
Oral, sublingual, intravenous, ocular, intramuscular P

LSD is known as the hallucinogenic party drug but in current studies at Harvard University and the University of California and San Francisco they have been studying the medical use for LSD in psychiatric applications and for treating chronic headaches. In turn Switzerland are investigating the possible therapeutic effects of LSD, by the intense anxiety experienced by patients with life threatenting illnesses.