12 Reasons to study with us

1. Renowned Certification

You will be awarded The School of Homeopathy’s prestigious Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy, highly regarded by the homeopathic community in the UK and internationally and fully recognised by the Society of Homeopaths.

2. Longevity & Heritage

We are proud to be the oldest and most established homeopathy school in the UK. Founded in 1981 by one of the world’s most loved and respected homeopaths, Misha Norland, the School, (now run by his eldest son Mani Norland), continues to build upon its excellent reputation and its future is always financially secure.

3. Recognition You Can Trust

The School's courses (attendance and home study, UK and International) are recognised by the Society of Homeopaths. When you graduate you will be able to apply to become a member of the Society of Homeopaths. We are also recognised by QAVS and others.

4. Award Winning Courses

Don't just take our word for it, The School has won many Teaching Development and Teaching Innovation awards.

5. Great Teachers

Learn from over thirty of the world's finest homeopathy teachers with high quality lectures delivered through fifteen permanent on-site teachers, plus a wider network of movie lectures through the School's Online Learning System.

6. Online Access for All

Every student has access to our beautifully designed Online Learning System where you can watch movie lectures, download handouts, upload assignments, engage with other students, complete quizzes and more.

7. World Class Curriculum

Developed and refined over decades with input from many of the worlds leading homeopaths and our Patrons. A World Class curriculum that ensures you graduate as a competent and confident homeopath, ready to set up and continue into practice.

8. In-depth Clinical Observation

Sit at the feet of experts and watch and learn - then engage and get involved. Our superb Clinical Observation training is lead by the School’s most experienced practitioners and is provided on-site through our low cost community clinic and intensive clinical Summer Schools.

9. Pioneering Clinical Supervision

When you graduate you will be a practicing homeopath. The School of Homeopathy helped pioneer Clinical Supervision in homeopathy and has an incredible, well developed programme with over 60 trained supervisors. Through Clinical Supervision you will start your practice whilst still at School and establish your clinic, sound business skills and marketing before you leave.

10. Classical and Contemporary Teaching

You get the best of everything, innovation and heritage. Our courses blends the work of the old masters like Hahnemann, Kent, Clark, Vithoulkas etc. with the latest developments in homeopathy from contemporary teachers like Sankaran, Vermeulen, Scholten, Sherr, etc.

11. Student Support & Nurture

We pride ourselves in the highest levels of student support. The School office is open all week (Monday-Friday 9.30-5.30), for pastoral care and practical support. You will receive ongoing and individual care and feedback through our network of mentors, tutors and teachers with full written feedback for every piece of your work.

12. We Create Healers, Not Just Practitioners

The School’s course is well known for taking its students on a journey of discovery into self-awareness and self-reflection, using various teaching methods to bring this to life in class and at home. We aim to unravel the mysteries of life and health and help to integrate this into a wealth of homeopathic knowledge and practical skills. Our ‘home’ has always been a real retreat, a safe place to escape the outside world, develop self awareness and learn about homeopathy.

Our course blends many models and actively encourages each student to find their own self-expression through their work - their own unique style in the practice of homeopathy. We provide a 'toolkit' of approaches for you to select from; but ultimately you decide the type of homeopath you want to be.

We are here to help, please contact us and one of our friendly team will answer any questions you have.

Longest running homeopathy school in the UK.
Longest running homeopathy school in the UK.

Student care at the heart of everything we do.
Student care at the heart of everything we do.

Over 4,500 students in more than 80 countries.
Over 4,500 students in more than 80 countries.