Please call the number below to make a booking. It is best to call Mon-Fri 9.30am - 5pm, but you can call at other times and leave a message.

We have patients from all over the world. Most face-to-face bookings are from the local area: Stroud, Swindon, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Tetbury, etc. Almost anything you take to your GP you can bring to a homeopath, just call if you would like to discuss your options.

Step 1. Choose the type of clinic

  1. Low-cost clinic (online teaching clinic with a homeopath) £35.00
  2. School of Homeopathy Student homeopath under supervision £45.00
  3. Professional Homeopath £90.00-150.00

Step 2. Book your appointment

Appointments are available seven days a week in and out of office hours including evenings and weekends - simply ring the number above to book in with one of our homeopaths. Please see the homeopaths page for more information about the practitioners and their areas of expertise.

Call: 01453 766 556
Email: [email protected]

When you book you will make your appointment directly with the homeopath and you will have the opportunity to tell them about your case and ask them any questions.

Step 3. How much does it cost?

Payment is made direct to the homeopath after the consultation. Your relationship is with the homeopath. If you are booking our low cost clinic then the first 2 or 3 appointments will be £25.00 per appointment. If you book to work with a School of Homeopathy Student homeopath under supervision appointments are £35.00 each. If you book to see one of our Professional Homeopaths consultation fees vary from homeopath to homeopath – see the clinic homeopath's page for more details.

What to expect

When you see a homeopath it's their job to get a thorough understanding of your health and the exact symptoms you are experiencing. Questions about your: lifestyle, eating habits, preferences, temperament, personality, sleep patterns and medical history all help the homeopath to form a complete picture of you. A homeopathic medicine will be chosen based on this information, not just your symptoms.

As a guide, your first appointment could take up to 90 minutes. A follow-up visit is usually needed to check you have the correct remedy and that it’s working as expected. Follow-up appointments typically last 30-45 minutes.

Choosing a homeopath?

Selecting the right homeopath for your needs is important, after all you ideally want someone who will be working with you for a long period of time - perhaps your whole life! If you have a good homeopath you can trust with your health needs then you have someone you can work with preventitivley, not just when you are ill. You can check in with them a few times a year to make sure you stay healthy and to keep sickness at bay before it arises.

Each of our homeopaths is highly qualified with lots of experience, but choosing the right person for you may seem daunting. Here are some pointers to help:

  • Read our homeopath's biographies
  • Select two or three homeopaths that appeal to you
  • See which ones have experience relating to your need (this is not a determinating factor as each homeopath will have been trained to deal with any health issue - however, some will have had more experience in certain areas than others)
  • Call them for a chat, ask about their training, registration, insurance, experience and availability
  • Find out more about their practice hours and, if price is a determining factor, ask about fees
  • Most importantly, see who you feel you have a good rapport with


School of Homeopathy Clinic


The therapeutic relationship is with the homeopath. You book with them and pay them direct. If you have any questions we can put you in touch with one of our homeopaths so you can have a chat prior to making a booking.

Call now to book an appointment at the Clinic.<br><br>01453 766 556
Call now to book an appointment at the Clinic.

01453 766 556

70 percent of patients report improvements

The largest service evaluation of homeopathic treatment reported that 70 percent of 6,500 follow-up patients experienced an improvement in their health. With 70 percent of patients reporting improvements in health and with little cost to the NHS, homeopathy is a medicine for today.

6 year study at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital, 2005
Is it just placebo?<br><br>Homeopathy has been used successfully on babies, young children and animals. In these cases the patients have no idea what medication they are taking and so the placebo argument can't be used.
Is it just placebo?

Homeopathy has been used successfully on babies, young children and animals. In these cases the patients have no idea what medication they are taking and so the placebo argument can't be used.