Marvellous May Event 2024

Spirit of the Gems - Peter Tumminello
11th - 12th May 2024 - £180.00

Special guest speaker Julie Geraghty - Sunday 2.00 - 3.30pm

Each year in May we open the School up and invite past graduates, students and homeopaths to join us for a special weekend of teaching with renowned international speakers. 

This year we are delighted to have Peter Tumminello in person all the way from Australia! He will be teaching:

  • Gem remedies - ‘the precious ones’… Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby etc.
  • Gem remedies - there are many semi-precious which can now all play a part in practice.
  • Gem remedies and pandemic.
  • Crystals and crystallisation in homeopathy - an introduction to its relevance and power in practic.
  • The world of the colour affinity - an open door for the future of homeopathy.

On Sunday at 2pm Julie Geraghty will join us in-person, she will present two Black Opal cases linking into Peter's work providing a fresh perspective from another homeopath.

Fees & Booking

Dates: 11th - 12th May 2024
Location: In-Person and Online Via Zoom
Course fee: £180.00
Book now: Online here or Call +44 (0)1453 709 709

The event is being held in person at the School of Homeopathy in Stroud and on Zoom and will also be recorded so if you can not come to the live event you can watch it afterwards. The recordings will be available a few days after the event and then for 30 days.

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We will also have a book stall from The Homeopathic Book Company and Radar Opus and Synergy onsite with stands at this event.


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Peter TumminelloAbout Peter Tumminello

Peter is homeopathic clinician and researcher of over 35 years, based in Sydney, Australia.

Early in his practice he decided to integrate his passion for precious and semi-precious gems into homeopathy. To this end he engaged in proving and clinically applying medicines prepared from gemstones over many years. In 2005 he completed his major printed work on the gems - ‘Twelve Jewels’. He commissioned an inspired artist to complement the work by creating images of the essence of each of the medicines.

Twelve Jewels     Psyche and Substance

More recently, he undertook research on the nature of crystallization and its relevance to homeopathy. The result of this work is now available in his printed title ‘Psyche and Structure’. The outcome is a remarkable milestone in understanding and prescribing gems, minerals and organic compounds in homeopathy.

Peter has now prepared well over 250 medicines sourced from crystals and minerals. He has also become a professional gemmologist in order to ensure the highest quality of gem medicines and regularly mines them in remote locations.

He has carefully applied these medicines in his clinical work over the last 28 years. His work is underlined by regularly seeking out gemstones in remote locations and by daily meditation. He continues to consolidate his work in that marvellous laboratory of life - the homeopathic clinic.

Peter has conducted seminars in the UK, Europe, USA, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

About Dr Julie Geraghty

Julie is a homeopathic doctor with 30 years of experience, working in private practice in Bristol. She trained as a GP but no longer work in general practice. She also trained in management of chronic pain and related conditions, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression.  Julie also uses techniques from the psychotherapeutic approach Internal Family Systems (IFS) developed by Richard Schwartz.

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These events are a great way to connect with the School, meet like minded people and get some high quality teaching from a world renowned homeopath! I hope you choose to come.
These events are a great way to connect with the School, meet like minded people and get some high quality teaching from a world renowned homeopath! I hope you choose to come.

Mani Norland, Principal