Clinical Training

Clinical Training is an integral part of our practitioner programme. It is a vital part in a student's journey towards becoming a homeopath. Any student of the School (beginner, practitioner, postgrad or CPD) is welcome to join in on Clinical Training events.

Student gain clinical hours in three different ways:

Clinical video - In-course video cases
Clinical observation - face-to-face clinical observation hours
Clinical Supervision - 18 months, 30 cases presented in a clinical portfolio

Clinical video
Each year of the Practitioner Course comes with video cases. Students gain over 250 hours of clinical observation through the video cases that are integrated into the course as assignments or example cases. Homeopaths that did not train with the School can also complete these video cases through out clinical observation CPD modules.

Clinical Observation

A minimum of 100 hours is needed on clinical observation. This includes either watching live cases via a video link on the attendance course, or working at 7-day summer schools and workshops if a correspondence or e-learning student.

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Clinical Supervision

This is an exciting time in your study, when you can begin to take actual cases yourself using all the knowledge you have gained through the course. You will be working with a supervisor who is there to help you develop as a practitioner and guide you through the process.

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The Clinic

The School has a clinic in the heart of Stroud. The clinic is for use by students, graduates and homeopaths. Students use the space for clinical training, pharmacy and cases. Graduates and homeopaths can hire the Clinic practice room to see their patients.

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I feel a lot of the development that I've experienced has been due to the Schools particular way of supervisor clinical practice.

Zahidah Dodwell, Student