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What do our graduates say about us?

11 September 2019 at 12:30

What do our graduates say about us?

Thinking of studying with us?

Good news: you're not too late to enrol for this year's Attendance Course- beginning September 21st.

Hear from our graduates speaking about their unique learning experience and journey with The School of Homeopathy.


The tutors are all phenomenally experienced, clearly successful in their art and have a gift of conveying Homeopathy to you that makes it stick... Homeopathy is an amazing way to understand yourself, nature, human nature and other people, but specifically at the School of Homeopathy, as it builds it in to its curriculum... I admire the way that they allowed me and everyone else that comes to the School to find their own way, yet be taught all the right grounding and the right basics, but allowing us to go on our own path...Amelia

I feel like we're on the front line of where its all happening, so that feels really exciting to be here, as well as in this really nurturing, incredible environment. Every weekend when we come its like being back with one's own tribe, we speak the same language and it's just a joy...  I feel as though the creativity, the philosophy, the spirituality is all very present here which is really important for me and my learning. So I feel very enriched by, and very blessed to have had the opportunity to study here, with teachers that are respected all over the world... Each year group has somebody who is responsible for them on the faculty, and that has been really rewarding. I know that there is someone that I can go to who can sort it out for me, who can deal with my problems, so I feel as though the pastoral care here is brilliant, as well as the academic learning... I feel as though the technology here is very advanced as well, the fact that I can be in clinic now and the senior practitioner Janet Snowdon is in another room and we're getting this live link-up to the case that's being taken. It all feels as thought it's very technically sound and, on every level its just well held I think here...Sophie

I found the particular strength of the School of Homeopathy to be the incredible diversity of the School. Obviously the school is fundamentally teaching classical homeopathy, so we do have a core of classical teachers, but we also have teachers that bring their own experience of new methods & cutting edge homeopathy, from a very international perspective... Peter


Debs, graduate-

Some of the words used to sum-up the School of Homeopathy:

• Discovery, development, perseverance.
• Innovation, heritage, and rigour.
• Vibrant, dynamic and forward looking.
• Embracing, inclusive and nurturing.
• Constancy, integrity and quality.
• Integrity, depth and scope.
• Inspiring, heartfelt, and effective.

To read up on more reasons to study with us, please head over to this page.

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