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A change for the better

21 July 2021 at 23:17

A change for the better

Is it time for a new start, to work from home and do something you love? Gone are the days of life-long, single-tracked careers, of staying in the same job from leaving school to retirement. Why not make a change for the better and work in natural healthcare? 


According to research by the London School of Business and Finance1, almost 50 per cent of the UK workforce want to change jobs, citing work-life balance and job satisfaction as two key reasons for this. And with the backdrop of the global health crisis, even more people are reassessing their lifestyles and professional ambitions, putting health and wellbeing at the top of the agenda. It’s no  surprise then, that there is a growing interest in careers in holistic health. 

Changing profession is exciting, but may feel daunting too. Sarah Lamsdale, 49, a single mum, bravely decided to re-boot her career in September 2017 when she enrolled on the Homeopathy Practitioner course at The School of Homeopathy. Inspired to have a better understanding of health, she embraced the change and has never looked back. 

 "I’m a different person after studying homeopathy. As well as opening new doors professionally, it’s also helped me to grow as a person. I’m healthier, calmer and more confident now. Plus I’ve got an amazing new community around me; colleagues and peers who I know will be friends for life."

Sarah first experienced the gentle and healing qualities of homeopathy in 2015 when she suddenly became ill with a severe and constant headache, accompanied by loss of peripheral vision, a dramatic drop in weight and falling hair. Despite several blood tests and medical investigations, the doctors were unable to identify the cause of the problem, nor were they able to offer anything to alleviate Sarah’s debilitating symptoms. In desperation, she booked a consultation with a homeopath and soon after taking her first remedy, she felt her symptoms lifting and noticed her hair starting to regrow. Her journey back to good health had begun. 

Inspired by its powerful effects, Sarah felt compelled to better understand the art and science of homeopathy and soon realised that she had found her calling. She took the plunge, joined The School of Homeopathy and began the deep dive into the wonders of homeopathy. 

The monthly classes take place at Hawkwood College, a peaceful and idyllic setting on the outskirts of Stroud in Gloucestershire. The nourishing food, nurturing environment and beautiful setting give the study weekends the feel of a luxurious and wholesome retreat. Students have the time and space to fully immerse themselves in their learning, surrounded by like-minded people with whom they can explore this long-established and natural system of medicine. 

To qualify with practitioner status, students attend the monthly classes for four years, with an additional 14-16 hours of home study per week. It’s a rigorous course, but it is these high standards that give Sarah so much pride in her achievements. It hasn’t always been an easy journey. Sarah has battled with periods of depression since her illness in 2015 and was made redundant during the first lockdown. As a single mum, she has managed to juggle the demands of family life, finding the time to work and study, whilst also bringing up her two sons. Despite these challenges, Sarah successfully completed the course in June and is looking forwards to building her own homeopathy practice. 

 "There have been times when I felt like I’d never make it. But I would look at my two boys and know that I couldn’t quit. They both came to my graduation ceremony in June and I really couldn’t have felt more proud."

The school recognises that students join the course with many different personal circumstances, and it prides itself on offering exceptional pastoral care. For Sarah, the support and encouragement from her designated pastoral tutor, Amanda Norland, was critical to her success. 

 "Amanda talked me through each stage, showing me a way forward whenever I felt stuck."

It’s this caring, family atmosphere that is cherished by so many students at The School of Homeopathy. The graduates emerge with a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience, ready for a rewarding career in holistic and natural healthcare. As Sarah points out:

 "Not only have I found a new profession and a new way of living, I've also formed a precious new family that I've got for life."

We would like to congratulate all our 2021 graduates and wish them the very best as they start out. If you feel inspired by Sarah’s story and would like to know more about training as a homeopath, please visit: Or call Mani on 01453 765 956 for a friendly chat. 


Photo on Unsplash by Andreas Haslinger

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