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Homeopathy for Constipation

18 January 2024 at 16:00

Stuck, Slow, or Straining?

Homeopathy Can Help With Constipation...

Constipation is a common problem, but often not talked about as people get embarrassed about anal/toilet issues. However, you are not alone – it is estimated that about 15% of adults have problems with constipation, and that number is higher in both children and seniors.

Constipation has numerous presentations including: having less than 3 bowel movements per week; having to strain to get a bowel movement out; an ‘incomplete’ feeling or feeling that not all the stool has passed; or stools that are stuck and require mechanical assistance to pass. No matter the version of constipation one is experiencing, it can lead to discomfort, anxiety, irritability, and embarrassment.

This is one malady for which there are a lot of natural supports available. For example, it is widely understood that people who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from constipation than those who lead sedentary lifestyles. As well, a diet rich in fibre such as that from whole plant foods and whole grains contributes to healthy and regular bowel movements. Staying hydrated is another basic lifestyle shift that can go a long way to mitigating constipation woes. As well, there are a vast array of supports in the form of supplements and herbal medicines that can be explored alongside other healing choices, including physiotherapy or other manual therapies to help if musculoskeletal imbalances are part of the issue.

And, of course, homeopathy works beautifully as a standalone treatment or to compliment other natural supports available. So, let’s get moving and flow right into some helpful remedy notes and release some healing.


The worn out one. This remedy is often of use where dryness of mucus membranes is found, along with various forms of partial paralysis. When these conditions occur in the rectum, constipation can result. People who are quite aged or who are in a debilitated state at any age might suffer from this type of constipation. No urge at all for stool can be another clue to this remedy. There can be difficulty passing even soft stool, with the person sometimes resorting to mechanical interventions to help it pass, such as using a finger to help evacuate.

Calcarea Carbonica

The better one. The strangest symptom for someone who may benefit from this remedy is that they actually feel better when they’re constipated. The stools are often hard and large at first, followed by softer, even diarrheic stools. A sour smell to the stool is characteristic of Calc Carb, as is a pasty, light coloured stool.

Nux Vomica

The pushy one. Due to irregular peristaltic action in the bowels, this person can suffer from a feeling of never being done, or an almost constant urge to stool. It can feel like a piece of stool got left behind in the rectum. They are can be irritable and touchy, and try to force the completion of a bowel movement by pushing and straining.


The bashful one. ‘Timid stool’ or ‘bashful stool’ is a key indicator for this remedy’s use. Much as the personality in someone needing Silicea might be shy, their constipation has the feature of the stool beginning to exit the rectum, and then slipping back in when partially expelled. This is a type of constipation where the power of the rectum to expel the stool is deficient.


The unfeeling one. The urge or desire to pass stool may be completely absent, or there may be complete inactivity of the bowels. This is a state that sometimes occurs after a surgical procedure. There may also be an unfinished feeling once a bowel movement does occur. The stool itself often has a characteristic appearance of being like sheep’s dung – small, hard, black balls.


The dry one. Dryness is the theme to remember here. If the stools are dry and brown as if burnt, and are difficult to pass because of the dryness, think of Bryonia. A clue to the inner dryness is a high thirst level. They are often grouchy and grumbly with the physical complaint, and just want to be left alone. This can be thought of as being ‘dry’ on the emotional level, or as their ‘social niceties well’ being dried up.


The balled up one. There may be no urging for several days. The characteristic sensation is of a ball in the rectum. The stools themselves may be large and hard. There may be an inability to strain or ineffectual straining. Constipation of pregnancy or constipation accompanying menstruation often respond well to Sepia.


The upright one. If a person has an easier time passing stool when standing, Causticum is a remedy to think of. The stool might be difficult for them to pass even though it is soft. The rectum might also be sore with burning pains.

If you or someone you know is suffering from temporary constipation, we hope this article is of use in finding effective homeopathic support. Of course, if constipation becomes chronic, or you suspect it is caused by a more serious underlying condition, consider seeking out the help of a professional homeopath and doctor.




Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

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