Trick or Treat, Take Care of Your Teeth

Trick or Treat, Take Care of Your Teeth

It’s that time of year when costumed kids go around asking that famous question, “Trick or Treat?” Inevitably, the answer is, “Treat!” Which leads to gleeful giggles from glad goblins, but also to large piles of candy waiting to be consumed. We all know that sugar is linked to cavity formation in teeth, so besides regular brushing and flossing, what can be done to ensure good dental health?

Homeopathic tissue salts (also known as cell salts) can be a great support for healthy tooth development, and for avoiding and addressing any issues that do arise. Sometimes described as ‘homeopathic vitamins’, tissue salts are homeopathically prepared mineral combinations. These mineral compounds are part of the make up of our tissues and cells and sometimes referred to as building blocks for our bodies. As such, they can be hugely supportive in the care and maintenance of the structural components of our bodies, including, you guessed it – our teeth.

So, what tissue salts would we consider for (soon-to-be-candy-coated) teeth? Here are some to start with:

Calc Phos is the great strengthener. It is the most abundant tissue salt in the body, and therefore could be considered the most fundamental building block. It helps build strong teeth and bones, especially during the developmental years. It can help in the repair of fractured and cracked teeth, and can help to fortify teeth that are prone to cavities or have weak enamel.

Calc Fluor has a particular affinity for strengthening tooth enamel. Strong tooth enamel means less places for sugar to get in and start cavities. It is also a great connective tissue remedy, which means any unnatural looseness of the teeth in their sockets can be aided with this cell salt.

Silicea addresses general weakness in the teeth, especially at the level of the inner structures – the dentine and the root. So if a cavity has already taken hold, this cell salt can be of use. Also think of this tissue salt if the teeth are slow to develop or slow to heal.

Mag Phos is the first choice tissue salt to try if toothache hits. Sometimes referred to as ‘homeopathic aspirin’, this is a great gentle pain reliever to turn to in the case of a toothache. It can also be considered for the pains of teething, or for teeth that are particularly sensitive to cold. It is often suggested to take this tissue salt dissolved in a little warm water.

So, if you find yourself dreading the weeks after Halloween and fretting about the damage a bucketful of candy might do to little (or big) teeth, consider homeopathic tissue salts as a tool in your healthy teeth toolbox.

If you’re interested in further reading, Miranda Castro provides a great introduction to the tissue salts on her website:



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