The King of Homeopathy

The King of Homeopathy

The Royals and Homeopathy - A Long and Enduring Friendship

Homeopathy has been keeping members of the royal family vital and well for generations, and this tradition continues with King Charles III.

The royal family have long chosen to use homeopathic treatment as part of their daily lives. King Charles III is a supporter of homeopathy, among other natural health therapies. He comes by this naturally, descending from a long line of royals who did the same. His mother, Queen Elizabeth II, always travelled with her little leather medical kit of more than 60 homeopathic remedies. It is said that her father, King George VI, named one of his racehorses Hypericum after the useful remedy of the same name. The Queen Mother was the principal royal patron of the British Homeopathic Association until her death in 2002, at the ripe age of 101. And this passion and support of homeopathy continues with King Charles III, who wrote a personal letter of congratulations and support to The School of Homeopathy on the occasion of our 30th anniversary in 2011. He is also Patron to the Faculty of Homeopathy.

King Charles III’s relationship with homeopathy has been lifelong, with his maternal grandfather and other ancestors using homeopathy since the days of Hahnemann. As the story goes, Queen Adelaide, wife of King William IV, had an ailment that the court physicians couldn’t cure, and so she sought homeopathic treatment in the 1830s from a student of Hahnemann’s. King Charles III’s great grandfather, King George V, was very fond of sailing but suffered from terrible seasickness, a malady that the remedy, Tabacum, helped him with tremendously. And the Queen Mother apparently praised the remedy, Arnica, to anyone who would listen, also using it on her dogs whenever they injured themselves. Her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, followed suit, treating her beloved Corgis with homeopathy.

A proponent of many forms of complementary and natural healing, King Charles has been recently quoted as praising yoga as an accessible practice that promotes resilience and healing. And in April 2018 he inaugurated the Ayurvedic Centre of Excellence in London, aimed at creating a first-of-its-kind global network for evidence-based research on Yoga and Ayurveda.

The King is also a passionate environmentalist. His work on behalf of nature conservancy and environmental causes spans more than 5 decades and is still going strong. He actively supports causes related to organic farming and renewable energy. He also lives his principles, implementing organic gardening techniques at his private residence, and having the vehicle he’s owned for more than 50 years modified to run on biodiesel made from surplus white wine and whey. He also has the trailblazing practice of publishing his annual carbon footprint, including his unofficial travel. He has served as president of WWF-UK since 2011, and patron of Surfers Against Sewage, a UK marine conservation charity, among many others. He is outspoken about the importance of making business and industry more sustainable, serving as a founding patron of the Cambridge Institute for Sutainability Leadership. Some are beginning to refer to him as the ‘Green King’, and are optimistic about the spotlight that might be shone on conservation and environmental issues and causes under his reign. And of course, homeopathy is well known to be a sustainable and earth-friendly form of medicine.

King Charles III Coronation

The royal family are well known for using an integrated approach to their healthcare and wellness, with homeopathy being prominent among the natural medicines they utilize. They are also well known for living long and healthy lives. With the wealth and education to access almost any form of healthcare they like, it surely says something that this spry longevity is achieved by choosing an integrated approach to health and wellness, a tradition that is carried on by King Charles III.

On the event of his coronation, we offer our congratulations to King Charles III and praise him for his continued support and work in natural medicine, the environment and agriculture.

Homeopathy at Highgrove

2017, The School of Homeopathy was invited to an event to celebrate integrated medicine at HRH’s home in Highgrove, Tetbury. Mani led the Homeopathy group that comprised of faculty from the School: Misha Norland, Janet Snowdon, David Mundy and Aaron To.

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