Homeopathic Help for Earache

Hear Ye Hear Ye!

Homeopathic Help for Earache

When earache calls, let homeopathy answer the door, and see if you can’t send it on its way quickly!

Earache – a condition that puts dread into parents’ hearts. It’s at once common and all-consuming… when you or your little one has an earache, there’s not much else that can be focused on.

There are many causes of earache, but it often involves catarrh of the middle ear that causes pressure to build up and pain to ensue. Although other possible causes are listed in the remedy section below, the majority of earaches in children (and many in adults) come with or at the end of a common cold. There are also inner ear infections and outer ear issues, but whatever the source of the pain, homeopathy can help with the dreaded cry: “My ear hurts!”

Here are some remedies that might shut the door on the problem… 


Cause: being out in cold weather; wind exposure, especially if it’s a cold wind; receiving a shock or strong fright
Ear: hot and red and painful, possibly swollen, better for warm applications
Features: sudden onset of condition, restless, anxious, often an element of fearfulness or even panic, pains often come on or are worse at night, especially around midnight.


Cause: teething; or toothache might accompany
Ear: pain is experienced as unendurable; may not be more painful than other earaches but acts like it is; frantic when the ear is touched or examined; pain is worse for placing warmth near the ear, and worse in the wind
Features: angry, demanding, petulant mood; touchy and oversensitive; wants things then throws them away; one cheek may be red and hot while the other is normal; child wants to be carried.


Cause: often occurs along with teething; getting the head wet
Ear: red and hot, looks inflamed; throbbing pains, sometimes experienced in time with the heartbeat
Features: may be accompanied by a high fever; sudden onset; might be angry and try to ‘run away’ from the pain; radiating pains from ear to throat or face; skin dry and flushed in general.


Cause: damp, changeable weather; getting chilled
Ear: may be yellow-green pus discharge with a foul smell; ear feels blocked; pain might extend to teeth or face
Features: bad breath; sensitive to both hot and cold; swollen glands around ear or neck; lots of saliva; sweaty; flabby tongue showing teeth indentations.

Ferrum Phos

Cause: general beginning stage of ear infection – vague symptoms coming and going
Ear: might be pink and a bit warm
Features: intermittent ear pains; perhaps low grade fever with few other symptoms; face alternating pale and flushed, or just flushed; generally flopped out.

Hepar Sulph

Cause: catching a chill
Ear: very strong pain; pain as if there’s a splinter poking the ear, stitching pain
Features: hates wind, even the breeze from a gentle fan across the room will be noticed and unbearable; very cold, wants to cover the ear and wrap up the head; irritable and grumpy, complaining and critical; and wants to be left alone, doesn’t want to be touched; swollen glands with it are common; often with sore throat.


Cause: at the tail end of a cold
Ear: feels stopped up; pressure in ear; might feel like something is crawling out of the ear; pulsating pains; shifting, darting pains; thick yellow discharge; bright red outer ear
Features: wants lots of gentle comfort and cuddles; tendency to weep to express the discomfort; cold compresses might help; craves fresh air – wants windows open.


Cause: traumatic causes (loud noises, blow to the ear)
Ear: bruised pain in or out, aversion to having it touched
Features: says ‘I’m fine’ and wants to be left alone.

Kali Mur

Cause: lingering effects after the earache has subsided
Ear: stuffed up sensation, ear feels closed; diminished hearing
Features: crackling noises in ear, especially when swallowing and blowing the nose.

We’ll be ‘earing’ you on to health next time you have an earache!


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