It is part of the School's UK Programme that students take part in the Proving of a new remedy. Participation in this process provides invaluable insights into the philosophy of healing as well as the action of homeopathic remedies. The results of these provings are made freely available to anyone, along with details of other provings undertaken by some of the School's faculty.

The School of Homeopathy believes in the spirit of sharing freely this germinal data of homeopathic practice. All of us who are involved in carrying out provings at the School are therefore delighted to present the fruits of our labours to the profession.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

Anti-Matter (Positronium)

Atlantic Herring (Clupea Harengus)

Badger, European (Meles Meles)

Buckminsterfullerene (Carbo Fullerenum)

Goosegrass (Galium Aparine)

Holly (Ilex Aquifolium)

Ghost Pipe, Ice Plant (Monotropa Uniflora)

Kauri (Agathis Australis)

Latex, Condom (Latex Vulcani)

Lava, Flagstaff (Arizona Lava)

Lightning, Fulgurite (Fulgurite)

Locust, Desert (Schistocerca Gregaria)

LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide 25)

Meadowsweet (Filipendula Ulmaria)

Mole, European (Talpa Europaea)

New Water (Aqua Nova)

Oak Galls (Andricus Quercuscalicis)

Orchid, Southern Marsh (Dactylorhiza Praetermissa)

Peregrine Falcon (Falco Peregrinus)

Red Campion (Silene dioica)

Reindeer Moss (Cladonia Rangiferina)

Serotonin (Serotonin hydrochloride)

Slate (Welsh Slate)

Sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni)

Sparrow, House (Passer Domesticus)

Spectrolite (Finnish Labradorite)

Swordfish (Xiphias gladius)


Most of the provings presented on this page stem from work of the School of Homeopathy. They have been conducted with students from Year Three as provers while students from Year Four acted as supervisors, and all have been co-ordinated by experienced members of the School's faculty. For the most part, these provings are full and detailed, and have been schematised. You will also find some provings with lesser details, which, none-the-less, are included, because the emerging picture is clear and characteristic. Protocols used for these provings are also given. Wherever possible, verified clinical experiences are also included (and will be developed), in order that the proving picture is enhanced by the evidence of their practical application.

Proving data are in constant preparation, and will be steadily added to our presentation as and when they are sufficiently ready. Below are some provings that are either already published or which will be published over the coming months, including some by School faculty outside of the School.

To view provings conducted outside of the school please select from the following

Proving database by Jeremy Sherr, Radar Opus and Archibel

Proving database by Jörg Wichmann

Provings by Peter Fraser and the School of Homeopathy

Provings by Jeremy Sherr and Dynamis

Provings by Louis Klein & Homeopathic Master Clinician Course

Provings by Patricia Hatherly

Provings by Linda Gwillim and Bill Rumble

Studying, teaching and thinking homeopathically has allowed me to understand myself, the world and what true health is in a way that I can only describe as miraculous.

Judith Mapleson, Tutor