New Water  (Aqua Nova)

Proving date: 2006
Proving completed by: Misha Norland, Peter Fraser & The School of Homeopathy
Common name :
New Water

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About New Water

Fire and water, connection and dissolution,
losing identity.

This patient presents with watery qualities that are similar to Natrum muriaticum. Aqua nova patients are impressionable, open and sensitive. They effortlessly merge into their environment, as if they were dissolving. They easily lose their sense of self, feeling they are invisible, having no boundaries. There is a sense of 'being in the flow' and of oneness; an expansive and overflowing love for people and all creation. These characteristics are similar to shoaling fish remedies. Connection and disconnection feature strongly. They may feel they are in a limbo, waiting to take on any opinion to secure their identity. This remedy could be useful after psychosis, after a patient’s experience of who they are has dissolved. Surroundings seem not to exist, or existence may feel like a continuous déjà vu. They may become indifferent, estranged from themselves, everything having become meaningless. The lower half of their body seems not to exist. Their betrothal must be broken. They feel separated from their group. Persecuted. Goes off alone and weeps as if she had no friends. Cut, mutilate or slit; desire to, with a sharp knife.

Aqua nova is prepared from the steam generated by burning hydrogen and oxygen. The power of this combustion is exemplified by this being one of the fuels used to power space craft. There are sensations of expansion, and images of burning, delusion that he is tall, that his consciousness is expanding out of the top of his head, and he is high up, his feet scarcely touching the ground when he is walking. In this remedy there is exalted love for all creation. There are sensations of expansion and lightness as if he would float off, and the opposite of constriction, a band around the occiput, the visual field is contracted, the sides of the body are in a vise. There are also prominent sensations of prickling and tingling, physical heat and burning sensations in the nose and eyes. The colour red and peacock blue (Fire and Water) also appear.

New water

Water produced by the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen gas (made by the electrolysis of water) was used to obtain a sample of newly-formed water. As it was new, we decided to name it Aqua nova. Some scientists believe that water is older than the sun, as it was formed minutes after the Big Bang. Despite some differing beliefs about the origin of the Universe, there is growing agreement in science, as in genesis myths, that in the beginning, there was water. It is the medium for and the vital sustainer of life as it is known on this planet.  

In primordial water, in oceans and swamps rich in nutrients (Earth), life was nurtured in the womb of nature with light and heat (Fire). The French and Italian words 'le mer' and 'il mare' for sea, and 'la mère' and 'la madre' for mother, remind us of the etymological connection between sea and mother. As an element, water combines 2 basic qualities: moisture and fluidity. The fluidity of water and ever changing moods are symbolically representative of the anima, of feminine qualities – the salty tears of joy and sorrow – which nourish, heal and harmonise with mothering and being mothered. Water represents the emotionally ephemeral, ever-changing roller coaster of mother nature. The symbol that most vividly exemplifies the changeable element of water is the ocean in all her moods, reflecting patterns of clouds, light, sky, and being subject to wind and the moon's gravity. Unaffected by gravity, water assumes a perfectly spherical shape. It contains and circumscribes itself – it seeks itself. All rivers flow into the ocean. Water is containing and dissolving. In respect of the individual ego this brings about dissolution, merging the one with universality. Water leaches out tightly-held ideas, liberating feelings and seeking oneness by fraying boundaries. Sigmund Freud coined the expression 'oceanic feeling' to convey this quality.


Ancient Egyptians: Heliopolitan myth describes the sun god Atum, reposing in the primordial ocean. In Assyro-Babylonian myths, the gods and then all other beings are said to have arisen from the fusion of salt water and fresh water. The Babylonian moon goddess Ishtar is associated with sacred springs; her temples were situated in caves where springs originated.

Ancient Greeks and Romans: Deities and nymphs were associated with certain rivers, springs and wells by the Celts and Romans. Shrines were built at sacred springs and icons placed nearby. Mythology describes 3 worlds: Sky, Ocean and Underworld, each with a powerful god – Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Poseidon became the master of wells and rivers. He wished to be protector of Athens, one of the most prosperous Grecian cities and, in competition with Athena – the goddess of wisdom – quarrelled for Athenian worship. In anger, he struck his trident into the ground and a hot spring bubbled forth. When the Athenians drank the water, they spat it out for it was salty seawater from the god of the sea.  

Astrological: Water is associated with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The signs are sensitive and nurturing; they sense undercurrents and must work hard to maintain their personal boundaries. They are susceptible to oceanic mood swings.


Survival: Water plays a crucial role at the start and continuation of life. Without water there would be no life. Major civilisations settled around large water sources – seas, rivers, lakes, streams and wells – for agriculture, trade, transport and defence, enabling population and economic growth. Aristotle reported Thales' hypothesis (660 bc) that nature originated from a single material substance, this being water.

Religion: Scriptures are based on morals about what is right and wrong. Many religions have beliefs that water has the power to cleanse impurities. In Christianity, children are baptised with holy water as a symbol of purity and cleansing. In the Old Testament, God punished man for his wickedness, violence, corruption and evil, with a world-engulfing flood. Hindu scripture describes all inhabitants of Earth emerging from the primordial sea. Across the globe, sacred water from wells, springs and rivers associated with deities, is believed to bring life, health and abundance. For instance, the River Jordan is sacred because Jesus was baptised in it, the spring in Lourdes is said to have miraculous healing properties as it is connected with the Virgin Mary, the well of Zamzam in which Ismaël quenched his thirst is sacred, the River Ganges is a holy place personified as the goddess Ganga, and in Japan, pilgrims perform purification rituals and pray to deities at waterfalls.

Brown's gas: In 1974, Yull Brown patented a gas generator, which separated hydrogen and oxygen atoms by running an electric current through water that was infused with an electrolyte. A characteristic of Brown's gas used in a blowtorch is that the flame, upon application to an element or compound of elements, changes its temperature due to its unique interactive combustion properties. The gas flame is capable of drilling holes in high-temperature refractory products. It generates
a massive temperature range and it is possible to weld aluminum sheets at 660° C and vaporise tungsten at about 6,000° C. Even in their molecular, non-nascent form, these gases unite with great exothermic vigour to power fuel cells, internal combustion engines and rocket engines such as those used to boost the Challenger space shuttle into orbit. The 1986 shuttle catastrophe serves as a reminder of the highly explosive nature of the gases.

Genesis of Aqua nova: Oxygen and hydrogen atoms were produced in an electrolytic cell from distilled water with sodium hydroxide acting as an electrolyte. In the event of the sodium hydroxide being dissociated, the sodium ions would stay in the cell, while the OH ions, being composed of the same atoms as water, would not taint the gasses being produced. The electrolyte is necessary because purified water does not conduct electricity. The electrodes were energised with 12 volts at 20 amps dc. At the surface of the electrodes the gasses, being newly formed, were momentarily monatomic. In this state they ?are highly chemically-active, each hydrogen atom having an unpaired electron that it can share in a covalent bond with oxygen, to reform a water molecule. This property gives the Brown’s gas blowtorch its unique properties. The gases were passed through a water trap to ensure their purity. After washing, they entered a thick-walled glass vial, two-thirds filled with distilled water where they bubbled vigorously. The bubbles were ignited by a high-voltage electrical discharge causing a series of sharp explosions. After one minute, the apparatus was switched off, alcohol was added and the vial was stoppered to create the mother tincture.

Masaru Emoto: from 1994 until his death in 2014, demonstrated that freezing water exposed to loving intention displays beautiful molecular formations whilst water infused by toxins or hateful intentions exhibits disfigured shaping. Emoto said that water was a 'blueprint for our reality' and that emotional energies and vibrations change its physical structure.

Medicinal uses: Hydrotherapy provides pain relief; water temperature and pressure stimulate the blood to ease symptoms and rich mineral baths help prevent and treat disease. Mineral water comes from natural sources and can provide the body with important minerals. Water high in calcium and iodine is effective for inflammatory respiratory complaints, rich in sulphur it is useful for degenerative joint and skin complaints, and if high in dissolved carbon dioxide is beneficial for heart and circulatory problems. Salty water is useful for a myriad of complaints.

The proving

Water is laden with paradox: as well as being the best solvent at a chemical level, it is also a 'solvent' at a subtle level, being exquisitely impressionable to influences: it carries memories. Is it possible to find water that is untainted by the reminiscences of where it has been or what it has touched? Given the genesis of Aqua nova, it was likely the proving would convey the exothermic and explosive nature of Brown's gas, thus carrying its 2 formative memories: electrolysis (dissolution) and combustion (reformation). The high-voltage electrical discharge that occurred in the creation of Aqua nova, which caused  a series of sharp explosions, was echoed in the proving symptoms as electricity, confusion, being squeezed and a stabbing sensation. Themes of power and force, explosions and chaos emerged. One prover had short bursts of being manic, feeling expanded and massive, as if the top of her head had dissolved and she was merging into the atmosphere and becoming a calm observer. The proving was likened to a roller coaster with huge ups and huge downs that were cyclical in nature, lasting a few days at a time and quite brief. There was churning and nausea in the stomach and, 'At the end of it I was left shell-shocked – a sort of, "What the f**k was that?" like I had been catapulted back through the emotions of the last 4 years. Like I had been taken apart and put back together again but didn't really know where or who I was'.

Provers took on the pathology of people and circumstances around them. There was a sense of 'being in the flow' and of oneness; an expansive and overflowing love for people and all creation. Connection and disconnection featured strongly, and provers reconnected with partners on an emotional and sexual level, and got in touch with old friends. Aboard the roller coaster, on the ups sex was plentiful, spontaneous and fun, but on the downs there was complete isolation. The cyclical nature related to lunar influence, tides, giving birth and the passing between light and dark periods. Sadness about the homeland emerged that was overwhelming and deep. Water appeared as tears of joy and sadness, also in discharges and dreams. There was an obsession with the colour peacock blue. Disconnection related to joylessness, eating without pleasure, being unable to manage or understand time, desiring solitude, feeling isolated and different – an outsider. One prover felt de-sensitised and blank – as if in a bubble – and conveyed an image of a barren landscape covered in snow – blank and muffled – as though their personality had been wiped clear with no connection to the past or the future.

Tremendous physical heat and the colour red were significant, with flashes of anger and burning sensations in the nose and eyes. The fire aspect ignited the dormant revolutionary nature in one prover, enabling them to speak with clarity in an inspired and direct way. Provers were fluid, clear-headed, creative and able to follow new directions but rebelled against routine and drudgery. There was a powerful ability to solve problems fast and efficiently with waves of inner connection – 'kind of cut the bullshit and go to the source', and, 'on my journey ... no meandering ... determination.' Dryness featured as a hot, dry fever, dry cough, extreme dryness of mouth, dry eyelid linings, thirstlessness, along with voice, emotions and energy being dried up. One prover was 'drier than the driest desert', evoking powerful imagery of the absence of water in drought-stricken deserts and dry riverbeds.

Download: Full proving New Water (Aqua Nova)
Download: Proving rubrics

Merging - Outsider - Power - Electricity - Stabbing - Peacock blue - Confusion - Cyclical - Revolutionary - Squeezed
Merging - Outsider - Power - Electricity - Stabbing - Peacock blue - Confusion - Cyclical - Revolutionary - Squeezed

Proving Themes
Density: 999.97 kg/m3 n m
Boiling point: 100C n m
Molar mass: 18.01528g/mol n m
Formula: H2O n m
Melting point: 0C n m
IUPAC ID: Water, Oxidane

Kingdom Taxonomy
The fluidity of Water, oceans and lakes with their ever changing moods are symbolically representative of all our emotions, our tears of joy and sorrow, and especially of our tender feelings, those which harmonise with mothering and being mothered.