Spectrolite (Finnish Labradorite)

Spectrolite (Finnish Labradorite)

Proving date: 2016
Proving completed by: Misha Norland, Mani Norland & The School of Homeopathy, proving written up with the help of Luke Norland.
Common name :

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About Spectrolite

Spectrolite is a variety of Feldspar. Feldspars are a group of rock-forming tectosilicate minerals that make up at least 41% of the Earth's continental crust by weight. Feldspars crystallize from magma as veins in intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks and are also present in many types of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

In addition to being used as building stones, feldspars are an important component of aggregate in concrete. In economic terms these minerals are more important for what they become than what they intrinsically are. Water will react with feldspars to produce a host of clay minerals from which ceramics and pottery are crafted; the range is quite extraordinary, from bricks and tiles to the finest porcelain dinnerware and figurines. Without ceramics (fired clay) most human cultures would have had completely different histories. More recently, another weathering product of feldspar has had nearly as great an impact on our society as pottery. As feldspars break down under the intense weathering conditions of tropical climates, most is dissolved away except for some hydrous aluminium oxide minerals that remain.

Concentrated deposits of aluminium ores, collectively called bauxite, are our principle source of aluminium. This lightweight metal gives us aircraft, as well as enabling space travel. This has helped to midwife our modern age from which we can see ourselves from distant perspectives, noting that we are indeed a finite ecosystem set within the vast cosmos. This shift from micro to macro vision (ref. Charles Eames 1977 movie ‘Powers of Ten”) makes the point that the maxim ‘as it is above so it is below’ is a valid representation of the world in which we live. A metaphor that is in line with the experience of several provers of Spectrolite, where matter (that which is located below) is experienced as being eternally imbued with spirit (that which is located above).

• Caused by structural patterns occurring within the stone during cooling of magma flows, or in metamorphic intrusions.
• Due to repeated microscopically thin layers (lamellae) made up of varying minerals which shows some fracturing.
• These structures cause interference and diffraction of light when it passes through the stone, producing the characteristic luminescence.

Source & Description
Spectrolite was discovered in 1940 during the excavation works for the defences in Finland for the Second World War. The Finnish named it Spectrolite although it is a version of Labradorite, similar to others found in Madagascar, Canada and Norway.  The exceptional feature of the Finnish Spectrolite is it's luminescence that has a more diverse array of colours than other forms of Labradorite, including those from the red end of the spectrum.

“The Salpa Line (from where our piece of Spectrolite was mined) is a bunker line on the eastern border of Finland. It was built during the Interim Peace between the Winter War and the Continuation War to defend Finland against a possible Soviet invasion.” (Wikipedia). We are delighted that excavations for bunkers and gun placements revealed a stone of Spectrolite’s uncommon lustre, hidden light and healing potential.

The signature of Spectrolite
In the past the stone must have seemed very magical, with its glistening iridescent colours that shine forth from its dark surface. It would have seemed special and valuable (materialism, money, magic). When you split the stone it reveals its colours. It seems to hold onto traces of the fire of its igneous genesis. Looking at the glistening colours you feel you have found something special in nature (peace, calm, grace). You feel special, you use the stone for special ceremonies (medication, channeling, awareness, connection). Others are impressed by the stone; you have power, recognition and status.

Crystal healing properties
Labradorite is associated with the heart chakra and is believed to help dispel negativity and provide clarity to one’s thoughts. It is considered a grounding stone; helpful for accessing deep meditative states. It is also thought to boost the immune system and relieve pains associated with rheumatism.

Other authors write of Spectrolite’s use as a companion through periods of change, imparting strength and perseverance. It is used to enhance intuition and promote one’s psychic abilities. It is said that Labradorite banishes fears and strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe.

Themes of the Gemstone Family in Homeopathy
Sources: Peter Tumminello & Julie Geraghty.

Alignment & symmetry;
Groups of elements are transformed into a crystalline lattice structure.
under great pressure, shearing forces and extreme heat.
Perfection, clarity & purification; artifacts of beauty, rarity & power.
Depression; feeling locked away within the self.
Desire for spiritual growth; to transcend the material realm.
Their value & self-worth is hidden/ obscured.
Want to shine a light onto their own consciousness.
Deep states of grief arising from bereavement or loss.
Sensation of fracturing, splitting into shards.
Precious & valuable, formed by a slow process of metamorphosis.
(DD Insects which undergo a more radical, sudden metamorphosis)

Summary of the experience from the provers ‘speaking-as-one’
“Coming on like waves; each wave dug deeper into me and under my skin. I found it intense and very painful at times, yet as it went on I felt I am learning, I am changing, I am allowing…
Strong enough to be vulnerable, to allow pain, to face pain…
Letting go of the fears drives us to face our truth, to find our deep treasures, our purpose, a true way of being, true to ourselves…
It was like being in a cocoon, safe, warm and fulfilled. My husband was very much affected by my state too. He pointed out that I was drawing far away from him, I was not communicating with him, and he was missing me. I didn’t want to confirm what he was feeling but I was feeling the same, I had no interest for any physical or emotional contact…
I had this sense of bliss, love and connection with the source. I was feeling on top of the world, in a blissful state especially the first moth of the proving. I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be and that filled my heart with pleasure, I felt gratitude and connection with my higher self; I was my higher self…
I could feel my heart spiritually connecting with everybody in a very profound level and that experience has affected me deeply. It took my spirituality to a whole other level, one I didn’t know I could reach and that was truly amazing.”

Overview of Key Themes

Peaceful, acceptance, clarity, calmness, grace
Feeling complete, content, silence, connection with life, stillness, pleasant nothingness, rested, slept well, pain free. “It was like being in a cocoon, safe, warm and fulfilled”.

Spiritual, awareness, magical, meditating, channeling
Clairvoyant, spiritual, magical, transformation, lots of dreams, meditate, imagination, religious, sensations from dreams, witches, supernatural.

Love, happiness, togetherness, connection, fun, sexuality
Love, happiness, bliss, connection, feeling connected, high spirits, honest, truthful, submissive, laughter, happy, sex.

Focused, energetic, alert, assertive, strong
Energised, connecting, feeling the strength, feeling the energies, success, inner strength, brave, strong, Coping, able/ability, confident.

Heightened senses & emotional sensitivity
Sensitive to light, car lights, sunlight, emotional, moved to tears, sensitive to noise, smells, sensations.

Floating, lightheaded, vertigo, visual effects
Light headed, like being on a fairground, hectic, being on drugs, on a high, dizzy, strange vision – seeing colours: pink, fast, speed, euphoria.

Water, liquid, urinary
Period light, red water, spillages, waves, sea, runny nose, phlegm, mucus, leucorrhoea.

Dryness, bitterness, itching
Cracked soil (meditative imagery), dry mucus membranes, bitter taste in mouth, dryness of vagina, itching, dry cough, thirsty, dry perspiration.

Indifference & withdrawal
Own space, not interacting, left alone, alienation, withdrawal, very much with myself, craving solitude, detached, no feelings emotionally or physically, vulnerable, indifference to intimacy.

Attacked, threatened, danger, confrontations
Hurt, violated, pain, fearful, lonely, feeling exposed, darkness, destruction, attacked.

Fire, smoke
There was a dream about a house on fire, thick clouds of smoke in industrial landscapes, imagery of wood burning.

Red, blood
Blood was mentioned, some provers had nosebleeds, and one had blood in stools. Red wine. Someone ordered a coat that came red instead of blue, another prover bought a red wedding dress, someone went into a café where everything was red.

Power, status, recognition
Dream themes: competitive… hierarchy… working in order to get some recognition for myself… movie director- atmosphere is oppressive… Feeling that I am special, I feel like an important person… I want to aggrandise myself… The competition behind the scenes is fierce.

Materialism, money
Squandering money. Worried about not having enough money. Counterfeit money. Gambling. No money…overwhelmed. Posh hotel… I am in a department store, it is high end… Pilfering/ Hoarding money in an attic… My work isn’t very highly valued.

Impolite, rude, direct
Come up against an arrogant person who I find insulting… I conveyed my thoughts, especially what I disliked, in a very direct manner… Irritation, I voiced directly what I thought in a very direct, abrupt manner… "Fuck you all."- in a very matter-of-fact way, not malicious, emotionless.

Anger, irritability, indignant
Annoyed at children, irritable, challenging myself.

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Peaceful, acceptance, grace
Spiritual, awareness, magical
Love, happiness, togetherness
Focused, alert, assertive, strong
Heightened senses, sensitivity
Floating, lightheaded, vertigo,
Water, liquid, urinary
Dryness, bitterness, itching
Indifference, withdrawal
Attacked, threatened, danger
Fire, smoke
Red, blood
Power, status, recognition
Materialism, money
Impolite, rude, direct
Anger, irritability, indignant

Labradorite, Finnish: Labr-F
Origin: Finland
Alternative names: Labradorite
(feldspar group)

Spectrolite, and its less colourful but more commonly occurring relation labradorite, are prized for their inner spectral light. This is caused by diffraction and reflection in a manner similar to light glancing off oil floating on water. The displays of colour appear within the stone, shining as if charmed into magical existence when the stone is illuminated.

Misha Norland