Bites and Stings, Those Pesky Things

Bites and Stings, Those Pesky Things

Homeopathic Help for the Bumps and the Welts


Bzzzzz…. Bzzzttt…. Bzzt. Bzzt. Bzzzz… BZZZZZZZ!!

Oh, that dreaded sound of summer, especially as one tries to enjoy dining al fresco, and a pesky insect seems intent on doing the same thing!

Thankfully, if a bug does succeed in taking a nip out of you, homeopathy can help with the after-effects that can be as annoying as the critter itself.

Bug bites are one of those ailments that can be different for everyone. Some people barely notice them, while others have a tremendously bothersome reaction to the same type of bite. Besides the dreaded mosquito there are a wide variety of other critters that bite and sting – spiders, wasps, bees, ticks, black flies… the list goes on. And each will tend to elicit a slightly different reaction from the stung skin. So, as no two bite reactions are the same, so there are many different homeopathic remedies that may help.

The good news is that homeopathic remedies can be really effective at soothing stings. And this is a great malady to practice home prescribing on, especially if it’s a ‘classic’ bite with typical symptoms. (With a special note that if the sufferer is having any trouble breathing, or showing other signs of anaphylaxis head straight for emergency medical services as some bug bites can cause a serious anaphylactic reaction.)

Some Homeopathy 101: Focus on the symptoms when choosing a remedy. In other words – while it’s good to note which critter did the biting, choose the remedy based on the symptoms the victim is experiencing, regardless of the perpetrator.

Some useful remedies and when they might come in handy:

Urticaria Urens – For urticaria

This remedy is useful for urticaria or hives – a rash of round, red welts on the skin that are usually intensely itchy. This is often part of an allergic reaction to the saliva of the insect that bit and can be found in the area around the bite. Urticaria is also a common reaction to the irritation from brushing up against various plants, so keep it in mind for that summer ailment too!

Ledum – For puncture wounds

Ledum is the puncture wound remedy extraordinaire. As such, it has an obvious affinity for bug bites, especially those that involve a stinger or proboscis or ‘injection’ of venom. A bug bite wound needing Ledum will often have a bruised appearance; even if there’s a classic red swollen area, the appearance around will look mildly bruised. The wound area may be colder to the touch than expected also, but still feel good from a cold application. If in doubt – Ledum is a good place to start as the vast majority of bug bites involve some sort of a puncture wound!

Arnica – For injury

This may seem an obvious remedy, bit it’s often overlooked in bug bites, and they are a form of injury. So, if the reaction is quite intense – for example with the sudden extreme pain of a wasp or bee sting – you can always start with a dose of Arnica to help soothe the shock and trauma of having received an injury. Also good if the sensation of the bite is ‘bruised’.

Apis – For swelling

Apis is wonderful for puffy swelling, which is such a common reaction to insect stings. The area of the bite will usually be red and will have a ‘watery’ swollen look, also known as oedematous swelling. If you can press your finger into the swollen area and the indent stays behind for a second or two, this is a good indication that Apis will be of service. There can be a lot of discomfort with the bite, and typically Apis works a treat when that pain has a ‘stinging’ or burning quality. The person will also typically feel worse if the area gets heated, and so may desire cold compresses.

Tarentula Cubensis – For dark colour

When the venom has a mildly destructive quality, such as the digestive enzymes in basic spider bites do, this remedy can be useful. The area of the bite may be dark red or purplish, and slow to heal. The pains typically have a sharp, burning, stinging quality. The person might be a bit restless after the bite.

Staphysagria – For invasion

This remedy helps with the feeling of harassment that so many children, especially, feel when the bugs are overwhelming, or when one mosquito seems to be stalking you as you try to settle in to sleep. If this feeling of harassment extends to feeling harassed by the ensuing itchiness, then Staphysagria just might help. It also has a reputation for being good for preventing mosquito bites in the first place, making the person less tasty to mosquitoes if taken in a low potency before exposure.

Caladium Seguinum – For intense itch

This remedy is good for insect bites that itch and burn intensely. A person who is quite popular with insects, especially flies, may benefit from this remedy, as it is said their sweat has a sweet quality that attracts bugs. They may also have the feeling of insects crawling on their skin even when the bugs are no longer there.

Ferrum Phos - Tissue Salt

For general inflammation. If you only have tissue salts handy, no worries – Ferrum Phos can be of service in insect bites! This tissue salt is helpful in any inflammatory process, such as the reaction to a bite. And it’s especially well-indicated if the area of inflammation is red in colour, as is usually the case with bites and stings at first. Usually found in 6X or 12X potency, this tissue salt can be used along with the other indicated remedies as it is supportive to soothe the inflammatory process while other remedies are working also.

We hope this list helps you take a bite out of your summer insect woes and keeps you singing rather than stinging!



Photo by Jonas Allert on Unsplash


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