The ‘Acute’ Need for Homeopathy

The ‘Acute’ Need for Homeopathy

Using homeopathy for first aid conditions.

In many places around the world, the wait lists for allopathic medical services are longer than ever; funding, salaries and staffing crises are stressing all aspects of conventional health care systems. This means that people are looking for help from alternative natural medical systems, including homeopathy. And homeopathy is a great choice when you have an acute ailment and need help without the wait. If you are in urgent need most homeopaths will be able to help you in a few days, often on the same day.

Homeopathy has helped patients with ailments like coughs, colds, flu, bumps, bruises, sickness, falls, headaches, earache, burns, tummy upsets, period pains, strains – you name it, homeopathy can probably help it. Speak to your local homeopath to find out.

But don’t just take our word for it…there is a growing body of research on homeopathy and its efficacy in treating all kinds of conditions, including acute ailments. A 2004 study conducted in Belgium comparing the use of acetaminophen to a complex homeopathic medicine in children with fever, showed comparable effectiveness, and better tolerability in the homeopathic preparation. In a 1989 study on the use of a topical homeopathic cream for ankle sprain, swelling reduction was experienced by twice as many people in the treatment group vs. the placebo group. And a 2007 study found that homeopathic treatment was significantly more effective than placebo in acute maxillary sinusitis. (For more homeopathic research, visit Homeopathy Research Institute).

As people increasingly seek help for minor ailments outside of the conventional medical system, homeopathy is a wonderful choice for this! Homeopathy is safe to use at home, with no side effects and no risks of interfering with other medications that may be in use. From the young to the old, to everyone in between, homeopathy is a safe and effective, natural and gentle choice for acute conditions.

The book, Get Well Soon, by Misha Norland in collaboration with students and graduates of the School of Homeopathy, is a handy self-help guide to first aid using homeopathy. It includes an introduction to homeopathy, an index of common ailments with recommended remedies, and a brief symptom picture of common first-aid remedies. For a preview of the remedies in the book visit: Get Well Soon. If you would like to buy the book go to: The School of Health.

Get Well Soon

Here are a few ailments/remedies from the book to help you get started on your way to using homeopathy for acute ailments…

Food Poisoning – Arsencium Album is the main remedy, with diarrhea and vomiting occurring together. Arsenicum Album is especially well indicated if there is also weakness, chilliness, restlessness, and burning pains.

Burns – Cantharis is a great choice for first or second degree burns, and can relieve the pain wonderfully. Causticum is useful when the burning pains are deeper and there is extensive blistering; this remedy can help prevent scarring as the skin heals. Burn Ointment is available from many homeopathic pharmacies, and is a go-to treatment for burns.


– Euphrasia when eye symptoms are itchy, red with a sticky discharge with smarting or burning pain. Aconite for when eyes are red, dry, hot, and feel as if there’s sand in them. Aconite is especially useful if the conjunctivitis came on suddenly after being out in a cold wind. Apis is good when the eyes are burning and stinging with hot puffy swelling of the lids that feels better from cold compresses. This remedy is often useful when these symptoms come about as part of an allergic reaction. Pulsatilla is useful when there is thick yellowish discharge that may glue the eyelids together. The eyes may be sore and red, and more often than not there is a weepy needy mood in someone needing Pulsatilla.

Sprains and Strains – Arnica is the first remedy to use in these situations, as it can help with pain, bruising, muscle soreness, and the shock to the system. Bryonia is helpful when the pain is much worse for even the slightest movement, so the person holds the injured part as still as possible. Ledum works a treat for sprained joints where there is bruising and puffiness, and the area feels cold to the touch, but also feels better with cold applications.

Homeopathy for First Aid & Acutes - Arnica

Homeopathy can be of tremendous benefit in acute ailments, so call a homeopath, get a first aid guide and a kit, talk to a knowledgeable homeopathic retailer, or enroll in a course to get started helping yourself and your cherished ones with homeopathy for acutes!

Did you know that it is estimated that over 600 million people in over 80 countries use and trust homeopathy? In 2004, the World Health Organization stated that homeopathy was the second most used medical system in the world. Homeopathy is used regularly by 15% of UK citizens, and, in Europe alone, nearly 130 million people access homeopathic treatment. In Germany there are almost 9,000 homeopathic practitioners, and in Switzerland 23% of doctors in outpatient care prescribe homeopathy. For more aboit homeopathy visit: Homeopathy Awareness.

If you would like to study more about First Aid & Acute homeopathy why not enrol on our short courses: Each First Aid course comes complete with course study guide, tutor marking, books, movie lectures and options for remedies. They have been specially developed to provide a step-by-step guide to basic homeopathic philosophy and practice in first aid situations.

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