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Homeopathy and Headaches

09 October 2023 at 08:58

Homeopathy and Headaches

Headaches come, headaches go,
Some throb fast, some pulse slow.
When a headache comes to stay,
And stops you from your work and play.
Look at detail, cause, and see,
You might find your remedy.

Headaches can run the gamut from minor nuisance to completely debilitating. They might be a one-off event or a chronic or recurring condition. With such wide variations, along with an absolute plethora of possible pain sensations, we have a multitude of homeopathic remedies that can be of service depending on the details. This is wonderful news for someone who is suffering from headaches, as there is likely a remedy that can help. However, it does make selecting the remedy a bit more challenging, especially for the home prescriber.

Headaches are a great ailment on which to practice home treatment with homeopathy (provided the cause of the headaches isn’t cause for further medical treatment). However, if the problem is chronic or recurrent, or you get lost amongst the large selection of remedies, then you might be best served by visiting a professional homeopath for some additional help.

Given the vast array of symptoms and remedies, this list isn’t exhaustive (we don’t want to give you a headache reading it!), but we’ve touched on some of the most common remedies, as well as some lesser thought of remedies with distinct headache features. Happy remedy reading! (And if you do get a headache from eye strain, reach for some Nat Mur or Ruta.)

Natrum Muriaticum – The classic feature of this headache is a pain like tiny hammers pounding away in the head. Made from salt, this is a remedy to be thought of when the headache arises from electrolyte imbalance, commonly caused by dehydration or overheating in the sun. Nat Mur is also useful in headaches occurring regularly in mid-morning or during the school day, headaches resulting from eye strain, or that arise from grief, especially if accompanied by sleeplessness due to the emotional strain.

Bryonia Alba – The classic feature of a Bryonia headache is that the pain is worse for any movement, even the movement of the eyeballs in the socket. This sufferer tends to be very grumpy and usually wants to be left alone (and you will likely want to oblige as they are so irritable). One notable feature is that the person might be thirsty at long intervals, but for large quantities all at once. You can think of this as assisting them in their goal of staying as still as possible – they avoid having little sips frequently and just get the drinking (and the movement) over and done with all at once.

Belladonna – These headaches may come on quite suddenly and can be very strong, to the point of violent pain. Throbbing pain is a key feature, and the person may be almost beside themselves with it, often pacing or walking in a vain effort to ‘escape the pain’. A hot head, red face, and dilated pupils may accompany this headache. Belladonna headaches are often made worse by external sensory stimuli, such as noise, light, strong odors, and jarring.

Nux Vomica – Useful in what may be called ‘gastric headache’, a headache resulting from disorder in the digestive system. Often the cause will be overindulgence of some kind, whether alcohol, stimulants such as caffeine, rich food, overeating, or overworking. The headaches are often at the back of the head, with a sense of heaviness. Digestive system symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, retching, and constipation may accompany. Often irritable and angry, the person with this type of headache will often be annoyed by every little outside stimulus, including words of comfort, and there may be tension in the muscles and body to match.

Glonoinum – Headache from sun exposure is the key feature here. The person who has a headache after a hot day frolicking outside in the sun may respond well to this remedy. Interestingly, headaches that come and go with the rising and setting of the sun, regardless of direct exposure may also do well with Glonoinum. The pain is often bursting in nature, with heat and redness in the face and eyes.

Gelsemium – Droopy eyes and a dull look with an energy level to match stand out here. The pain can also have a dull, heavy quality to it. Dim vision, double vision, or dizziness can be present; it’s almost as if the dullness is so extreme that even the vision doesn’t have the energy to work properly. These headaches tend to come on slowly, and may be part of a flu or general malaise, or occur after a flu or illness. Originating in the nape of the neck and travelling over the head to settle around the eyes is a common pattern. A band-like pain around the head is another common feature.

Zincum – Useful if the headache is a result of drinking wine.

Argentum Nitricum – Headaches that are better for binding the head up tightly – you may catch this person wearing a scarf tied tightly around their head.

Cocculus Indicus – Headaches that result from sleep deprivation, or sleep disruption. There can also be a sense of dizziness from the sleep loss. One to think of in headaches from jet lag, due to the sleep pattern disturbance.

Pulsatilla – Headaches after eating ice cream. Comfort, cuddles and fresh air might be requested from the sufferer.

Ruta Graveolens – Eye strain as a cause of headache. Especially if the sufferer has been doing a lot of close, fine work or reading, this remedy may do the trick.

Phytolacca Decandra – Headache accompanied by backache with a sore, bruised feeling.

Of course, there are many more remedies that might be useful in this common condition, but this list will hopefully be a great starting point the next time you have a headache that you want to treat at home, naturally, with homeopathy.

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