Homeopathy for anxiety

Homeopathy for managing anxiety and stress

We’re living through challenging times right now and some people may be feeling more anxious than usual. Try homeopathy to help manage rising levels of stress and anxiety. 


Anxiety is a normal and natural response to stressful situations. It triggers our body’s inbuilt mechanism to help us get away from a threat and it can be helpful to understand what’s going on behind the scenes when we feel our stress levels rising.

As we start to become anxious, our adrenal glands release various hormones to help us cope with whatever stressor we’re up against. Cortisol increases the glucose levels in our blood stream to feed our vital organs when it’s needed the most. At the same time, it slows down some other bodily functions that aren’t so crucial in a fight or flight situation. Meanwhile, adrenaline increases the heart rate, elevates our blood pressure and boosts energy and Oxygen supplies to where it is most needed. Together this hormonal combination gives us the best chance of coping with the situation we’re facing.

But whilst this response can be a life-saver in some circumstances, a state of anxiety that becomes too intense or too prolonged can have a detrimental impact on our health and well-being. Symptoms can vary amongst individuals, but commonly include feeling nervous, restless or tense, trembling, rapid breathing and palpitations.

Conventional treatment for chronic anxiety usually involves a psychological therapy such as counselling or CBT which can help people to process their experiences and find ways to minimise and deal with their stress. In some instances, medication may be prescribed, but this often comes with unwanted side effects or concerns about drug dependency.

Homeopathy offers a safe and natural option to help us manage anxiety.

Here are three key remedies which may be useful during these difficult times.


This is a useful remedy when there are sudden feelings of intense panic. There is a lot of fear, even a fear of death, which could be triggered by a shock or a traumatic experience. There may be palpitations, shortness of breath and a flushed face. This remedy is also useful at the very early stages of flu, especially when there is pain, waves of chilliness and anxiety. Symptoms tend to be worse after midnight, in the early hours.


Arsenicum is a good choice for anxiety that is accompanied by feeling chilly and restless. The person may be exhausted, yet will still be fidgeting, pacing and anxiously moving from place to place. This remedy suits people who are concerned with order and security and who like to feel in control of everything. There may be a fear of impending disease or ongoing worries about health issues, bringing with it a desire for company and lots of reassurance. This remedy can also help with coughs that cause a burning sensation, constricted airways and difficulty breathing. There may also be digestive problems or burning diarrhoea.


This is one of the key remedies for anxiety and apprehension. It is accompanied by a feeling of great weakness, trembling and even dizziness. In extreme cases, the person might be almost paralysed with fear, incapable of doing anything and wanting to hide away in a corner. This is another remedy that is also useful for classic flu symptoms. There will be a heavy, lethargic feeling, with aching in the limbs and a thirstless fever. Headaches are also likely, and there may be difficulty focusing mentally.

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