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Summer remedies

30 July 2020 at 12:35

Summer remedies

School’s out for summer! After this extraordinary academic year, lots of families are looking forward to a well-deserved rest. And whilst many uncertainties and restrictions remain, we can still make the most of the holidays with days out to the countryside, camping trips or simply playing in the garden and barbecues. Here's our pick of the top ten homeopathic first aid remedies for summer, ideal to keep on hand over the next few weeks. Good for bumps, bites, burns and so much more. So... whatever you get up to, enjoy a happy and healthy summer. 


The number one first-aid remedy! Best known for its healing action for bumps and bruises, Arnica can work wonders to help relieve the pain and swelling after almost any injury. It’s also useful for the shock and trauma associated with accidents, as well as easing sore and aching muscles from over-exertion and sprains that involve bruising, swelling and stiffness. And for anyone braving long-distance air travel this summer, use Arnica to help cope with the effects of jet-lag.


Consider Apis for insect bites, stings and allergies that result in hot, red and puffy skin. The affected area will be inflamed, sensitive to touch and may be stinging or itchy. It is likely to be aggravated by heat and pressure and relieved by cool applications.  As well as being a must-have remedy for bee and wasp stings, it is also useful for hives, shingles and even sprains and strains where joints are swollen, hot and fluid-filled.


Ledum is the top remedy for puncture wounds, especially when there is swelling and a sensation of numbness around the site. Insect bites and stings are of course a type of puncture wound and this remedy can relieve pale, itchy, swollen bites that are relieved by cold applications. Also consider Ledum to accompany Arnica for bruising, particularly when the injuries affect the eyes.


This is the remedy of choice for most burns. Whether they are caused by too much sun or burns and scalds from cooking, Cantharis helps relieve pain and can speed up the healing process. It can also take the heat out of cystitis and urinary tract infections, especially when there is a frequent and painful urge to urinate with a burning sensation.


One of the best remedies for travellers’ tummy and food poisoning where there is nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting. Someone who will benefit from Arsenicum is likely to be anxious, chilly and restless. Despite feeling cold, they may complain of burning pains and will be very thirsty. As symptoms progress, the anxiety and restlessness give way to exhaustion and the patient can appear more depleted than expected. They feel better from warmth.


Consider using Hypericum for injuries involving nerve damage, where there are sharp shooting pains. It’s ideal for trapped or crushed fingers, injuries to the neck and spine or toothaches that stem from the nerve.

Nux vomica

Too much of a good thing? Think of this remedy for nausea, headaches and vomiting, especially when brought on by lack of sleep and an overindulgence in food or alcohol. The stomach may feel heavy and bloated and there may be constipation, heartburn or diarrhoea too. When this remedy is indicated, there’s likely to be irritability, impatience and a sensitivity to the slightest noise, draught, or light. Warmth and naps help.


A must-have for parents of young children, this remedy can relieve symptoms associated with the early stages of infections and inflammations. The Belladonna patient will be hot and red with a fever, throbbing pains and sometimes sore and swollen glands too. It's also a great remedy for sunstroke, where there is severe headache, dizziness and hot, dry skin. Symptoms tend to come on rapidly and are made worse by touch and sudden movements.


Keep Cocculus to hand for anyone suffering with travel sickness. It can help relieve nausea on any journey, but is particularly useful for symptoms made worse by the up and down motion of boats and aeroplanes. It’s also another good remedy for jet-lag, relieving the sense of over-tiredness and disorientation after a long journey.

Rhus Tox

Another important remedy for sprains and strains where joints are swollen and there is tearing pain in tendons and ligaments. It can also soothe muscles that are stiff from overexertion, especially when the initial movement is painful but eases after continued motion. Rhus Tox is also good for itchy skin rashes that burn and get worse the more they are itched. Rhus Tox symptoms will be worse from the cold and better from warmth.

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