Back to School

Back to school

September ushers in the start of the new academic year. And after almost six months out of the classroom, there will be a range of different emotions; from excitement and enthusiasm to anxiety and trepidation. Homeopathy can help support children as they find their feet and settle back into the rhythm of school life. And don’t forget, parents also struggling with the transition could benefit from a well matched remedy, as well as university students or indeed anyone facing a big change or new challenge.


This is the number one remedy for panic attacks and can help when there are sudden feelings of fear and terror. People needing this remedy are likely to be restless and often feel worse in crowds and from the cold.

Argentum Nit

A helpful remedy for apprehension and anticipatory anxiety in the lead up to any big event. Someone in need of Argentum Nit is hurried and impulsive, with a strong desire to perform well which can lead to a fear of failure. They tend to be warm blooded and crave fresh air. Physically, they may experience diarrhoea or flatulence, brought on by the dread of the upcoming event. 


Consider this remedy when there is anxiety accompanied by feeling chilly and restless. Someone who could benefit from Arsenicum may be exhausted, but can't rest as they are fidgety and struggle to relax. They like to feel in control of everything and will try to manage their anxiety by being meticulously organised in advance of their return to school, such as packing their bag, preparing their school uniform and double checking that everything is just right. This remedy may also help those who are worried about health issues and feel scared of contracting Covid. They will feel better in company and from lots of reassurance. 

Calc Carb

The child who could benefit from Calc Carb doesn’t enjoy change, preferring to stay at home rather than embarking on new adventures. Naturally cautious, they have a strong need to feel safe and secure and might be stubborn as they try to maintain the status quo and avoid risks.


Pulsatilla can be helpful for young children who need lots of reassurance and support starting, or going back to school. They will cry easily and cling to their parent, feeling abandoned at the school gate. They will feel better from company, fresh air and sympathy and may seek out a 'replacement' adult inside the classroom for comfort and reassurance.


A key remedy for anxiety and apprehension, Gelsemium could help those feeling overwhelmed about the return to school or university. The anxiety is often accompanied by a feeling of weakness, trembling and even dizziness. And in extreme cases, the person might be almost paralysed with fear, incapable of doing anything and unable to think straight. 


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