The School has an enthusiastic and committed team of teachers, offering a wealth of homeopathic experience. Each is a busy practitioner in their own right, and all are dedicated to sharing their knowledge, developing great homeopaths and improving the quality of life for students and their patients.


David Mundy

David Mundy, FSHom

Originally an acupuncturist and osteopath, David studied at the College of Homeopathy, London and with many leading homeopaths including Vithoulkas, Jan Scholten, Read more...

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Janet Snowdon

Janet Snowdon, RSHom

One of our most popular senior lecturers, Janet has been in practice for over 35 years. She has studied with many leading homeopaths including George Vithoulkas, Read more...

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Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor, DSH, RSHom

Nick graduated from the School in 1993 and set up practice from his home in Devon. Later he attended Jeremy Sherr's Dynamis post graduate course which helped him, Read more...

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Jo Daly

Jo Daly, CCH

Currently Dean of Education at the School of Homeopathy, New York, Jo began teaching in England in the 80’s and then moved to the US where she was a founder, Read more...

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Penny Stirling

Penny Stirling, DSH, RSHom

Penny started her practice in 1988 after graduating from the School of Homeopathy. She has worked with the School in many roles since 1998, as tutor, mentor, Read more...

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Bill Rumble

Bill Rumble, DSH, RSHom

 Bill has been practising since 1987 and has taught in various schools in England and Ireland since 1992. A graduate of our School, he founded the Welsh School, Read more...

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Karen Leadbeater

Karen Leadbeater, DSH, RSHom

Karen graduated from the School in 1998, and has since maintained a close link through mentoring and supervising students. More recently she has lectured, Read more...

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Geoff Johnson

Geoff Johnson, MA Vet MB MRCVS VetMFHom RSHom PCH

Geoff has been a vet for 20 years and until recently ran a busy mixed surgery treating everything under the sun on the edge of Exmoor! However the bug of, Read more...

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Jon Didymus

Jon Didymus, PhD, DSH, RSHom

 Jon Didymus originally trained as a research scientist studying the way crystals form in living organisms. Since graduating from the School of Homeopathy in 1999, Read more...

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Jenny Grist

Jenny Grist, DSH, RSHom

Jenny’s interest in homeopathy began in 1987 with much experimentation on her own farm animals and other friends. Jenny studied at The School of Homeopathy, Read more...

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Mani Norland

Mani Norland, BA (Hons), DSH, PCH, RSHom

Mani Norland is Principal at the School of Homeopathy. He is Misha Norland's eldest son and grew up with homeopathy all around him. He trained with the School, Read more...

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Bob Blair School of Homeopathy teacher

Bob Blair, LCH, PCH

Bob has done extensive training with Rajan Sankaran and Jeremy Sherr and delights in synthesising information from many sources teaching integrated approaches to homeopathy, Read more...

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Elaine Watson

Elaine Watson, LBSH

Elaine has been in in practice since 1994 and teaches medical science at the School. She was a research scientist in marine biology and microbiology. Read more...

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John Morgan

John Morgan, MRPharmS, RSHom

John Morgan qualified as a pharmacist in 1975 and made the move into homeopathic pharmacy in 1979. He qualified from the College of Homeopathy in 1985, Read more...

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Mary Sharma

Mary Sharma, DNMed, BANT, CNHC

Mary became a nutritional therapist in 2002 after training with the Plaskett College of Nutritional medicine. Since then she has trained in many disciplines including homotoxicology, Iridology and Ayurveda. Read more...

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Luke Norland Homeopath

Luke Norland DSH RSHom

Since completing his diploma in holistic massage in 2010, Luke went on to train in sports & thai massage and has been treating patients for a wide variety of health conditions for almost 10 years. Read more...

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Em Colley Teacher

Em Colley, MARH

Em undertook a BSc(Hons) in Psychology and Neuroscience, graduating in 2000 before returning to Manchester in 2003 to study homeopathy at the North West College of Homeopathy. Read more...

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Katja Behrens

Katja Behrens, DSH

Katja has long been interested in ASD and ADHD.  She focuses on helping people suffering from depression and anxiety, treating physical pathology as well as mental and emotional stresses. Read more...

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These teachers are also available in the course via audio and/or movie lectures in the Online Learning System.

Alistair Gray

Alistair Gray, DSH, PCH, PCHom

Alastair has run a natural medicine practice for nearly 30 years and currently practises in Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. He has developed an international speaking profile, lecturing around the globe since 1998, and is known for his solid reputation and entertaining style. Grounded with a degree in History and a fascination with medical and homeopathic history, Alastair is a prolific writer of books and articles in natural medicine and is passionate about e-Learning and educational technology in his academic and teaching work. He has conducted a number of provings, worked with the Homeopathy Research Institute and is currently researching for his PhD. Trained in the UK at the School of Homeopathy, Alastair completed his postgraduate work at the Dynamis School in 1995 and a Masters in Science in 2008.


Alize Timmerman

Alize Timmerman

Alize trained as a research biochemist and was involved in genetic research at the University of Amsterdam, Holland. Alize studied Naturopathy and received her degree from the school of Natural Healthcare in Amsterdam in 1980. She specialized in homeopathy and has studied with George Vithoulkas and Vasilis Ghegas. Alize has been in homeopathic practice since 1980 and began teaching in 1986. She established the Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands in 1988. Since 1992 Alize has lectured and taught throughout Scandinavia, the European Union, North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Israel. She works closely with other teachers, including Jeremy Sherr, Jan Scholten, Corrie Hiwat and Alfred Geukens.

David Curtin

David Curtin, MD, MB, BS, MFHom, PCH, MCH

Sadly David passed away in 2009. However his teachings live on through his wonderful contribution to our CD lectures on the home study homeopathy course. David studied medicine at Guy’s Hospital, and then homeopathy at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. He taught homeopathy for over 30 years, and studied widely with key influences from Vithoulkas, Sherr and Sankaran. He was a founder member of the Homeopathic Professionals Teaching Group where he was Director of Education. David drew on his extensive experience of homeopathy with particular emphasis upon its philosophy, the Organon, and his knowledge of medicine.


Dinesh Chauhan, MD (Hom)

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan is one of the influential figures in today’s Homeopathic world. Distinguished as a lecturer by his ability to captivate his listeners’ attention as he makes Homeopathic theory come to life. He has the capacity to take participants with him step by step. Dinesh has delivered seminars in various countries: Denmark, United Kingdom, South Africa, Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Israel and conducts three-year clinical courses in Homeopathy in Japan, Serbia, and Israel.


Frans Vermeulen

Frans Vermeulen

Frans Vermeulen is recognised throughout the homeopathic world as an author, lecturer and authority on materia medica. Each of the many books he has authored makes a contribution of major significance to our understanding of substances and materia medica. His lectures are inspiring and appreciated for their liveliness, depth of knowledge and breadth of factual information.

Jan Scholten

Jan Scholten, MD

Dr. Jan Scholten was born in Helmond, the Netherlands, and since 1985 he has been practicing homeopathy. Jan is famous for being one of homeopathy's pioneers. His is synonymous in homeopathy for the enormous advances and insights he has made with the periodic table and mineral kingdom. This groundbreaking work has been done with the categorisation of materia medica into characteristic groups and endeavouring to find their 'essence'. This way of thinking about remedies as having 'essences' was first brought to prominence by George Vithoulkas.

Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy Sherr, RSHom, BA

Jeremy began his studies at the College of Homeopathy, London, in 1980 and completed a degree simultaneously in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Jeremy rekindled the science and art of provings after a century of near silence. He is a brilliant and creative thinker who is well grounded in the philosophy and writings of Hahnemann. His lectures are an inspiring blend of classical homeopathy and original thought, delivered with vitality and humour. Jeremy was awarded a fellowship from the Society of Homeopaths and a Ph.D. from Medicina Alternativa.

Dr Jonathan Hardy

Jonathan Hardy, MD

Jonathan read Zoology at Oxford University before studying Medicine at Southampton University. He qualified as a medical physician in 1984 and has been in full-time practice as a homeopathic doctor since 1988. He currently practises in Hampshire, UK. Jonathan is a Wessex Regional tutor for the Faculty of Homeopathy, organising postgraduate training in homeopathy for doctors in the region and gives seminars on homeopathic practice throughout the UK and internationally. He has a particular interest in remedies from the mammal, bird, reptile, mollusc and spider families and has published the book, ‘Spider and Scorpion Remedies in Homeopathy’. He is a Fellow of the Faculty of Homeopathy and serves as the Independent Practitioners’ Representative on the Faculty Council.


Linda Johnston

Linda Johnston, MD

Linda qualified as a medical physician in 1979, after studying Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine. In 1981, she established a private medical practice in Los Angeles, California and has been an active member of the homeopathic community worldwide since the inception of her homeopathic practice in 1986. Linda has given seminars and lectures for medical professionals and homeopaths internationally and written numerous articles and books including ‘Everyday Miracles’ and ‘The Child’s world’. In addition, she has co-authored, with her husband Frans Vermeulen, a comprehensive work on plants. Linda has made hundreds of radio and television appearances and is Board Certified in Homeopathy by the American Board of Homeotherapeutics.


Linda Gwillim

Linda Gwillim

Linda qualified from the London College of Homoeopathy in June 1991 and has been practising homeopathy ever since. She runs a busy practice in Machynlleth, Wales and, along with Bill Rumble, established the Welsh School of Homeopathy. Linda also teaches at other colleges, postgraduate groups and CPD events around the UK. She ran the proving of Placenta in 2000 and has been involved in the provings of the other Matridonal remedies – the gifts of the mother – noticing their benefits at the beginning and end stages of life. She was recently awarded a Fellowship of the Society of Homeopaths in recognition for her work with the Matridonal remedies.


Massimo Mangialavori

Massimo Mangialavori

Massimo lives and practices in Modena, Italy and grew up in Milan. He qualified as a medical doctor in 1984 and then specialised in Food Science at the University of Modena, gaining a diploma in 1987. Massimo has been practising homeopathy since 1985 and is an internationally renowned homeopath. He is known for the 'Method of Complexity in Homeopathic Medicine' and divides his time between his practice, writing books and articles, researching and teaching around the world. In 2008 Massimo helped develop the website Homeovision. He has assisted in the development of MacRepertory and Reference Works, and developed two databases, Consulta and Tesi. Massimo is affiliated with a number of associations and is a Patron for the School of Homeopathy.


Miranda Castro

Miranda Castro, RSHom (NA), CCH

Miranda Castro is a British-trained professional homeopath who has been in practice since 1983 and writing and teaching about homeopathy since 1988. She is a Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths (UK) and past President of the North American Society of Homeopaths. Miranda has a background in acupuncture, iridology, healing, supervision and humanistic psychotherapy. She has been teaching and talking about homeopathy to the lay public and interested health care professionals since 1988, including groups of midwives, nurses, counsellors, doctors – and homeopaths.

Mikal Yakir

Michal Yakir PhD, RCHom

Dr. Michal Yakir teaches homeopathy in Israel as well as a sought-after international speaker. For many years she was the chairman and consultant of the Israeli Society for Classical Homeopathy (IACH). Yakir has done a large body of work with homeopathy and the plant kingdom. From her many years of rich experience as a homeopath, as well as her knowledge and research as a former botanist and systems ecologist she has developed 'The Homeopathic Plant Table'. Her new evolutionary approach and systematics give a clear overview of herbal medicines in homeopathy.


Misha Norland


Misha Norland

The School’s Founder, Misha Norland was a Fellow and a founding member of The Society of Homeopaths and was the first editor of its journal. A practitioner now for over 40 years, he was Head of Homeopathic Research at the first UK homeopathic college. Widely respected for his teaching and practice skills, he provides numerous lectures and over the years has taught many of the world’s leading homeopaths. He is also an international clinical facilitator, lecturer and author, and is well known for his contributions to journals, conferences and new materia medica. He also teaches and is the principal clinical teacher for the School’s International Study programme. Misha loves to blend old and new ideas, and to weave information together in a noteworthy and memorable way.

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Murray Feldman

Murry Feldman, MCH, RSHom

Murray Feldman teaches through our audio lectures. He has been studying, practising and teaching homeopathy since 1977. He studied in India for three years then graduated from the College of Homeopathy in London. He has studied with homeopaths such as George Vithoulkas, Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Jayesh Shah and Roger Morrison. During the many years that Murray lived in Devon, he was a popular lecturer, as well as friend and inspiration to many of us – a voice for best practice and deep compassion. Murray is the director of the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy and practises at the Vancouver Centre for Homeopathy in Vancouver, Canada.


Rajan Sankaran

Rajan Sankaran, MD (Hom)

Dr. Rajan Sankaran is a world famous homeopath. He is renowned for his groundbreaking ideas and for his visionary way of thinking in homeopathy. Whether it is in the domain of philosophy or materia medica his deep insights have profoundly affected the way many homeopaths think and practice today. He is globally renowned as a clear and innovative thinker and is best known for his original and inspired concepts in homoeopathy. His ideas and lucid style make him very popular as a teacher amongst homoeopaths worldwide. His seminars and teaching courses have been widely attended internationally.


Shachindra Joshi

Shachindra Joshi, MD (Hom)

Shachindra and his wife, Bhawisha, both homeopathic doctors, have earned the reputation of ‘The Dynamic Duo of Homeopathy’. They set up their practice after graduation from medical school in 1997, in Mumbai, and more recently a satellite office in London, UK. The Joshis have written books and articles, and are acknowledged as inspirational and effective teachers. They are widely known for their work in the Sensation Method and as leading interpreters of in-depth materia medica and kingdom differentiation. The Joshis have also served as honorary physicians at Mother Theresa’s Home for the Dying and the Destitute, and worked with The Other Song. Shachindra has a particular interest in diabetes and completed a Masters degree in homeopathic medicine in 2011.


Steven Cartwright

Steven Cartwright, PhD, DSH, RSHom

Steven’s background is in molecular biology with a PhD from Edinburgh University, followed by fellowships and positions in medical research at the Universities of California, Santa Cruz and Oxford. He trained at the College of Homeopathy, London and the School of Homeopathy before setting up a practice in 1988, in Oxford. Since 2009, Steven has been carrying out experimental work on homeopathic medicines at the Cherwell Innovation Centre in Oxfordshire, with the aim of providing an explanation about how homeopathy works. He has delivered seminars about his research findings and written many papers over the years.


Bhawisha Joshi

Bhawisha Joshi, MD (Hom)

Dr Joshi graduated in Homoeopathy from one of the top Homoeopathic colleges in Asia and attained her Masters degree in Homoeopathy from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. She has been running her practice in Mumbai since 1998 and is closely associated with Dr. Rajan Sankaran. Dr Joshi is the author of  Homoeopathy & Patterns in the Periodic table- Part 1, published in 2008, and co-author of Nosodes & Imponderables Come Alive!, published in 2011. She and her husband, Shachindra, have practiced as independent Homoeopathic consultants at Vile Parle since 1997. They have a further practice in London and both served as honorary doctors at Mother Teresa's Home for the Dying and Destitute (at Santacruz, Mumbai) from 1996 to 1999.


Farokh Master

Farokh Master, MD (Hom)

Farokh is a professor, homeopath and medical physician. He trained at the Bombay Homeopathic Medical College and obtained an LCEH certification in 1979. He completed his MD in 1994 at MPK Homeopathic Medical College, India. Farokh became an Honorary Fellow of the UK Homeopathic Medical Association in 1990. He has been awarded an honorary doctorate in homeopathy and a Bombay Parsee Association Achievement Award. In 2008, Farokh was honoured with the title ‘Master of Homeopathy’ at the House of Lords in London, UK. He has been teaching for more than 30 years at home in India and abroad. Farokh has written more than 50 books and has a particular interest in acute and chronic neurological illnesses. Farokh has completed a PhD in ‘Management of Cancer and Homeopathy’.

The School has an enthusiastic and committed team of teachers, offering a wealth of homeopathic experience. Each is a busy practitioner in their own right, and all are dedicated to sharing their knowledge, developing great homeopaths and improving the quality of life for students and their patients.
The School has an enthusiastic and committed team of teachers, offering a wealth of homeopathic experience. Each is a busy practitioner in their own right, and all are dedicated to sharing their knowledge, developing great homeopaths and improving the quality of life for students and their patients.

Mani Norland, Principle