Supervision Network

The Supervision Network is made up of dedicated homeopaths that have undergone additional supervision training to work with our students and help ensure they develop to the best of their abilities through our clinical supervision training.

All the supervisors on this list hold a training certificate from one of the six organisations listed below. The majority have done Sheila Ryan's course, which has been specially written for homeopaths and the School of Homeopathy. Every supervisor works differently. We recommend you contact at least two and meet or skype them before choosing one that suits you.

Sea Change - Sheila Ryan’s online supervision course
Temenos - Post Grad Supervision Training
Cascade - Supervision Training
Iron Mill Institute - Diploma in Supervision
CSTD Bath - Certificate in supervision

In addition all supervisors have:

  • At least 3 years in homeopathic practice
  • A willingness and ability to work with School guidelines
  • Supervision is part of your own practice
  • Will work with Society of Homeopaths ethical guidelines for supervisors (available online)
  • Will work with the homeopathic supervisors requirements in individual’s country
  • Read the Supervision book: The Compassionate Practitioner by Jane Wood.

'Starred' supervisors have worked successfully with students at the School of Homeopathy and are willing to, or have experience of, working by skype and email.  Students who do not have a recognised supervisor local to them, or a local supervisor who is willing to do our supervision training, can choose one of these.

India, Maharashtra, Pune
Swapna Potdar

Swapna Potdar Telephone: +91 98 8150 7104
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 22/02/2019

Dr. Swapna Potdar – MD (Hom), D (Hom) UK
Graduated in Homeopathic medicine and Surgery, from the University of Pune in 1997, and from the ‘School Of Homeopathy’ Devon UK, with D. (Hom) UK, an Advanced Diploma in Classical Homeopathy in April 2009.

She has done her MD (Hom) in Homeopathic Organon and Philosophy. from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, in 2011.

She has been the Sub Editor of ‘The Homoeopathic Clinical Case Recorder’ or ‘H.C.C.R’, a quarterly Homoeopathic Journal for 10 years between 2005 to 2015.

She is a Practicing Homeopath in Pune, Maharashtra, India since 21 years.

She is also attached to 'Prana the Homeopathy Yoga Centre', and 'Sanjeevan Multispeciality Homeopathy Clinic’ in Pune,India as a Renal care Homeopathy Consultant.She has a special experience in the Homeopathic treatment of children.

She has presented papers at various Homeopathic conferences, Seminars , in Homeopathic Journals, and is a Faculty member in training modules for Continuing Medical Education with Homeopathic Colleges and AYUSH- a multidisciplinary medical unit of the Government of India. She is also a Faculty of the Basic Course conducted by The Other Song Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

She has been invited on various occasions by organisations likeTHE IMA GPACon,( Indian medical association’s general practitioner’s Conference), The Rotary Club Pune North , and ‘Pune Homoeopathy Academy’ as Homeopathy Expert to speak on ‘Nephrology- Homoeopathic and Modern Approach’, Obesity and Homeopathy, and Facts and Myths of Homeopathy.

She is a passionate Homeopath, committed to the development and propagation of Homeopathy by excellent practices in Homeopathy.

Republic of Ireland, Waterford
Jude Wills

Jude Wills Telephone: 07999 584146
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 08/08/2011

I discovered Homoeopath in 1983 due to ill health, the minute the word `Homoeopathy` was mentioned to me I felt it resonate and knew I would be studying it even before knowing what it was. I began studying at the College of Homoeopathy in London in 84. I transferred to the full time course in Glasgow in 85 and followed this by studying with Sheilagh Creasy and joining the Darlington collective leading to two years studying with Dynamis in the late 80's.

I became a tutor for the school in 89 and have been joyfully sharing the passion and the journey with students from round the world ever since. I have had the huge privilege of teaching in colleges around UK and giving seminars in  UK, US, Canada and Spain meeting the people I have been working with.  One of the gifts my patients have given me is that of leading me into deepening a study of the spiritual dimension of health and life. In order to be of more service I trained and was ordained as an Interfaith/Peace Minister in 2002. This has underpinned all the philosophy of homoeopathy and equipped me with more tools to support the homoeopathic process.

For a long time I would wonder why these particular people sought me out, until the epiphany of understanding that we live out the laws of Homoeopathy. To see the Law of Similars in action when with a patient is to experience that giving and receiving are the same; that we say YES to the calling to homoeopathy as a YES to being healed ourselves and our patients are our medicine. They come and reflect our shadows back to us offering us huge gifts of expanded insights and self awareness if we choose to accept it.

I see my role as a supervisor as helping you see, understand  and accept the gifts you are offered. In so doing you clear the lens through which you perceive the patient and can see them in a greater context. This allows a cleaner vision of the other which refines the prescription.. I see supervision as a way to potentise our inner growth and learning.

Homoeopathy continues to inspire and stretch me in so many ways, it is a life long study and I am honoured to have found this and have the opportunity to share it

UK, Bath, Bathford
Jon Didymus
bio Distance Supervisor

Jon Didymus Telephone: 07522867377
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 30/11/1999

Jon first heard about homeopathy in 1990 from his then flatmate, Chris Aukland; a vet with a huge enthusiasm for the subject. He was then a curious patient for a few years before deciding to study at The School of Homeopathy in 1995.

Jon works from home in a village near Bath - The Holistic Family Practice is shared with his wife, Antonia, a former GP who now practices Lifestyle Medicine. He has been a regular lecturer at the School of Homeopathy since 1999 and a supervisor since 2005. Jon’s current interests include the Joshis MAP and Yakir plants systems.

Jon say’s teaching at the school is a day of sheer delight. I really enjoy spending time with groups of fascinating people who have a wide breadth of knowledge and such rich experiences to share.

Jon originally trained as a research scientist studying the sophisticated way that crystals of calcite are mineralized in living organisms such as plankton and molluscs. His journey since then has been to integrate his scientific background, with interests in meditation and counselling, into homeopathic practice. Jon took part in the provings of FalcoPositronium and Heroin and completed post-graduate training with The Joshis from 2004-2009.

When Jon is not practicing homeopathy, he is busy parenting two teenage girls and a teenage puppy called Milo. Jon is also a very keen rock climber and has a zeal for exercise and nutrition. In 2016, Jon and his family moved to Christchurch, New Zealand for a one year sabbatical and he leant to surf in the pacific ocean and cope with earthquakes! 

UK, Berkshire, Slough
Arunjot Mushiana

Arunjot Mushiana Telephone: 07708 937 374
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 21/05/2015

Arunjot Mushiana RSHom, Msc.

I qualified as a homeopath in 1995 gaining my license to practice from The London College of Homeopathy. I’m a registered member with The Society of Homeopaths, a founder member of Thames Valley Homeopaths and the coordinator of the local Arnica group (Parent's Support Network) in Slough and Windsor.

Since graduating from The College, I have travelled and worked in many different types of health clinics around the world e.g. The Maun Homeopathy Project in Botswana and since settling back in England I continue to volunteer whenever I can with local UK charities such as The Travelling Homeopaths Collective.

Prior to being a homeopath I worked in mental health services development and advocacy.  I also served as manager for a Women's Health Centre in which we employed a variety of therapists and health care practitioners to deliver complementary and alternative health treatments to a deprived inner city area for women on low income.

Presently I live in Slough, Berkshire from where I see private clients from my home and also from neighbouring South Bucks and Uxbridge from The Lotus Wellbeing Clinic in Iver. Slough is a culturally diverse town with many different groups and ethnicities residing here both old and new. I also continue to see and treat many of my international clients who live in places like India, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Africa through Skype, messenger and emails.

Along with my homeopathic clinical work and my commitment towards my own CPD, I maintain an active interest in Shamanism, Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation and playing the Sitar.

UK, Berkshire, Windsor
Anna Foxell

Anna Foxell Telephone: 01753 860539
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 01/04/2011

Trained at Purton House between 1994-1997, Registered with Society of Homeopaths 1998.

I have been in uninterrupted practice for 12 years and I am registered with the Society of Homeopaths.

My clinic is at home and works well with the other work I do as an antenatal teacher. I work as a homeopath about 2 full days a week. I have a general practice but I specialise in paediatrics and obstetrics.

My current homeopathic influences -  Repertory Murphy Materia Medica PRISMA one and two SYNOPTIC

10 years ago I gave up the academic work I was doing training antenatal teachers for the National Childbirth Trust/ University of Luton, working at degree level with students was too time consuming. I have been the carer for my mother-in-law until her death earlier this year. I now have more time and am very happy to expand my practice as a homeopath using the skills I developed as an antenatal teacher tutor for the NCT. I am still teaching but only a few courses a year. I taught the obstetric content on a homeopathic paediatric course for a couple of years and enjoyed that.

When I gave up being a tutor for the NCT I carried on offering supervision to local students and teachers. My heart and training is with the support of students, that is my role in my local teaching support group. The supervision I offer to my fellow ante natal teachers is as follows. Biannual supervision for each member and any adhoc supervision that is needed due to crises.

Supervision is an integral part of the course I was trained to deliver as an antenatal teacher tutor for the NCT University of Luton. During the 10 years I was a Tutor in the UK and Ireland in any one year I would have about 30 students each student had supervision from me twice a year and an observation of their teaching once from me and once from another tutor.

UK, Brighton, Kemptown
Anita Wicks

Anita Wicks Telephone: 01273 699075
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

I'm a Registered Insured Homeopath with the Society of Homeopaths, and a BANT Registered Nutritionist. I trained originally as a Registered nurse and am still practising part time working with people living with HIV & AID’s in a small community rehabilitation unit in Brighton.


I've been a practicing Homeopath since 1990, apart from my private practice, my experience includes running a clinic in a GP practice in NE London; & providing Homeopathy for women with chronic & enduring mental health problems in a Residential rehabilitation unit & weekly drop-in centre in Eastbourne, East Sussex.


Currently, I'm running a Homeopathy clinic for children and families in a Children's Centre in East Brighton for the Dolphin House Charity; as well as this I'm part of a multi disciplinary team of complementary health practitioners at Hoxton Health in Hoxton, London N1., Hoxton Health has been providing subsidised Complementary Health care for older people living in Hackney and the City of London since 1990.


I have a private practice in central Brighton, at the Albion Clinic, 1 Albion Street, 10 minutes walk from Brighton railway station, and in Hanover close to Queens Park. 

UK, Bristol
Chris Wilkinson

Chris Wilkinson Telephone: 07727130627
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 30/01/2007

Homeopathy is one of the hardest professions I know. It takes a lot to make it as a practitioner, including homeopathy skills, understanding of medical and psychological processes, business ability, people skills, general nous, life balance, and most of all a way of working that is yours, that you own. Nobody is perfect, so we have supervision with methods to help us tread that path towards our individual success.

I completed the School of Homeopathy training in 1987. I first trained in supervision in 1995, and have worked with students and other homeopaths in supervision since then. From 1998-2005 I worked with the SoH on the Registration Development Programme including mentoring, supervising, assessing,  as well as developing the programme and facilitating on the course days.

My personal style of homeopathy is not important here, this is about you. I am open to the many ways in which people work and what their personal aims are. Helping a fellow homeopath keep all of that grounded, conscious and dynamic with my feedback and your reflection, are my aims within supervision.

UK, Bristol, Clifton
Sue Brookes

Sue Brookes Telephone: 0117 927 3796
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 04/11/2013

When I left school in the late 1970s I became a bookseller. I took a special interest in customers who were vague about their literary needs. I would explore this with them until I had enough of a profile to recommend titles that would reflect the literary styles, genre and topics that suited the individual customer – none of my colleagues wanted to deal with these “difficult” customers; for me it was the most interesting part of my job, like being a detective…like being a homeopath…and I did sell a lot of books!

I moved to Bristol in 1985 to train as a social worker. I was fortunate to have a homeopathic GP. Later when working as a stressed local authority social worker, a colleague who was studying at the School of Homeopathy asked me to consider treatment for a chronic problem I had – 3 months later I had changed my job to a more therapeutic role, and started studying homeopathy.

I graduated from SOH in 1995, and went on to study with Jeremy Sherr on the Dynamis course. I attended the first Mumbai conference run by Rajan Sankaran and his colleagues. Currently I study regularly with the homeopathic team from Bristol Homeopathic Hospital.

I have worked as a counsellor and a homeopath for 18 years. Homeopathy has enriched, informed and supported me through challenging personal and professional transitions in my life.

I would welcome the opportunity to support students of the School.

UK, Bristol, Compton Martin
Penny Stirling
bio Distance Supervisor

Penny Stirling Telephone: 07816880016
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 19/10/2011

Penny started her practice in 1988 after graduating from the School of Homeopathy. She has worked with the School in many roles, as tutor, mentor, teacher and Clinical Supervisor on the School’s attendance course and clinical assessor on the distance learning course. Penny has a diploma in supervision from the CSTD, having stepped back from these last two roles Penny has a very good understanding of the School’s supervision process.  

Penny’s homeopathic practice has developed over the years to include trainings with Sankaran, Scholten and in Michal Yakir’s plants system and she uses a variety of approaches depending on the patient. Penny like’s to support students to use the approach they feel most comfortable with, so they can find their strengths and, from there, develop skills to deal with the particular needs of their patients. Penny recognises that some students like more “teaching” from their supervisor, while others need encouragement to find their own way.

Penny is happy to work by Skype, to see students at her clinics in Bedminster, Bristol or in Wells, Somerset, she is also willing to travel to the student’s place of work if it’s within 20 miles or so from her home.

UK, Bristol, St Andrews
Gordon Adam

Gordon Adam Telephone: 0117 908 0494
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 21/09/2010

I have taught Homeopathy in my own classes and workshops since I graduated from The School of Homeopathy in 1988. I have also been involved in 1-1 supervision of students from various colleges for the last 15 years, and have run a supervision group for homeopaths and final-year students for the last 5 years at my home in Bristol.

I have been part of two long-term peer supervision groups in Bristol. The first from about 1989 for about 8 years; this was an in-depth group, relating practice issues arising to personal issues and psychological patterns. This group also provided a weekend on-call service for patients. The second group was initiated by a supervision day led by Sheila Ryan in Bristol in the late 90's. This group ran for about 7 years, until 2006 and included supervision and sharing on all aspects of homeopathy including a strong reflective case supervision element.

I have a particular interest in sea remedies and have studied these for the last 10 years. I taught a series of sea remedy workshops in Bristol in 2011-12 and recently co-edited and wrote an overview article for a sea remedies issue of the magazine InterHomeopathy. I am also interested in provings and most recently conducted trituration provings of Water Snake (Natrix natrix) and Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris).

I practice from home in Bristol and also co-run a multi-therapy holistic clinic in Newport, South Wales. I am also a qualified Focusing Practitioner and run Focusing groups, workshops and retreats in the Southwest.

UK, Cornwall, Calstock
Janet Taylor
bio Distance Supervisor

Janet Taylor Telephone:
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 19/08/2015

Like many others, I came to study homeopathy after finding it helpful with my own health issues and those of my children and I graduated from the School of Homeopathy in 2012. I am practicing as a homeopath in Plymouth and at the Calstock Therapy Hub in my home village of Calstock, Cornwall. I am a Member of the School of Homeopathy Core Team, I’m a tutor for the attendance and home study courses and I’m a clinical supervisor for students setting out in pactice in Years 3 & 4.  

In my own practice I use different ‘tools’, maps and methods to prescribe for my clients including repertory, thematic approach, SRP, kingdom, and sensation drawing on the firm foundation of my study at the School. I love the fact that my learning continues year in, year out! Since leaving the school I’ve particularly benefitted from being part of a study group for 3 years focusing on the Joshis’ approach to ‘Sensation Method’. I really like Sankaran’s 8 Box Method and feel my prescriptions are strongest when a number of different tools and maps point me to the same remedy.

My experience in education has spanned nearly 30 years and includes many different roles. My teaching career began in a wonderful, radical, successful and fairly unique mainstream secondary school that fostered my developing philosophy and ethos of education that it should be individualised and personalised and that it should foster independence and creativity (recognise any similarities with homeopathy?!). I next worked in ‘special needs education’ and then as a mentor in an online education system for young people who were unable to access mainstream education. I am now a tutor for the School of Homeopathy on both the Home Study and Attendance Courses. I love this work! I was fortunate, in my own homeopathic education at the School of Homeopathy, to experience a system of learning that nurtured me and encouraged my creativity and learning. I endeavour to pass this on to the students I mentor but continually find that I’m learning at least as much I’m giving!

How I see myself as a supervisor:

Moving into clinical practice is a challenge. After 2-3 years of study you are ready for it but it can still be a little bit scary (at least it was for me!). As a supervisor I’d like to walk your path with you: I’ll give you support when you need it but will blend into the background and enjoy watching you when you’re walking forward by yourself! My aim will always be to encourage you to develop your own style of case-taking and receiving and to grow confident with the tools of synthesis and analysis that suit you best. I see supervision as a collaborative process and will encourage you to explore your work reflectively.

Finally, I’m happy to supervise either face to face in Devon and Cornwall or by Skype further afield.


UK, Cornwall, Penzance
Kieran Linnane

Kieran Linnane Telephone: 0753 2060645
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 19/02/2015

I am available to work via skype if need be.

Homeopathic Training:
I attended the first “full time” course (3 full days) at the College of Homeopathy with Robert Davidson and Barbara Harwood. I received my Licentiate in 1988.

I am registered and insured with The Society of Homeopaths.

Years in Practice:
Sinse 1988 (25+ years)

My Mentors:
Mainly the Joshis and Dr Sankaran. I attended the “Sensation” conference in Goa about 10 years ago and went to Mumbai to sit in with the Joshis 4 years ago. I regularly attend the Pinnacle seminars especially those of the Joshis and Dr Sankaran.

Nature and Extent of Practice:
My practice is not big since I moved to Cornwall (10 years ago). I have a part time job and practice homeopathy part time, seeing between 5 and 10 patients a week.
I moved into practising the “Sensation Method” after going to the Goa conference. Over the past few years I have been more flexible and settled back into whatever method suits the case in front of me. My method is more synergistic now. 

Homeopathic Influences:
Mainly the Mumbai group and their books but also very much Jan Scholten whose books I have and regularly use.

Supervision experience:
I never had much one on one supervision myself back in the old days. However I have attended tutorial groups over the 25 years and also for the past 10 years I worked very closely with my colleague Bill Watson and we have supervised each other to a certain extent. I have taught at a couple of colleges over the years (Gordon Sambidge’s college in London and the New College) so have the experience of dealing with students.

Training in role as Supervisor:
I recently trained with Sheila Ryan – the 3 skype sessions with her  - which I found very helpful . I have read her book and hope to have more training in this area in the future.

Why do like Supervison:
I really enjoyed supervising students and I learn a lot from doing this. I liked to give what I felt I lacked in my own homeopathic journey as a student (apart from the Joshis later on) which is nurturing and guidance. Also from my own point of view, sometimes it is difficult to realise how much one has learned over the last 25 years (if you are not currently teaching homeopathy) and this is mirrored back to one in the supervision process and also the areas where one is still shaky and unsure.  So it is a very good mirror for my own practice.

UK, Cornwall, Truro
Linda Wicks

Linda Wicks Telephone: 01872 240585
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

Having initially completed Sheila Ryan’s supervision course in 1996, I have supervised students and practitioners and continued to take part in my own supervision, reflective journal writing and supervision training workshops.

I qualified as a homeopath in 1986 and since then I have practised part time in Cornwall. Registered with the Society, my Professional Development has continued for 26 years.  I have worked for the Society of Homeopaths since 1999 as an Education Advisor and have trained with them in registration assessment and mentoring.  Therefore, as well as being a practitioner, I am familiar with the requirements of many homeopathy courses and the leading professional body.

I have a Certificate in Counselling from the University of Exeter, which I feel has helped enormously in homeopathy practice and in supervision.  Recently, I have been focusing on personal development through Mindfulness Based Living practice, and I am currently participating in a Compassion Course through the Mindfulness Association.

UK, Derbyshire, Belper
Jo Hale

Jo Hale Telephone: 01332 299 133
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 30/01/2007


Jo Hale DSSH RSHom PCH DOB 26/11/1952
Professional Homeopath
Woodlands Natural Health Centre
Queen's Court
Woodland Road
DE56 0QJ
Work Tel 01332 299133
Home Tel 01332 841939
email: [email protected]

Professional Qualifications:
Trained at Soluna School of Homeopathy, Cromford, Derby.
*1989 - 1993, 4 year course, leading to Diploma in Homeopathy.

*1998 - 2000, 2 year postgraduate training with Dynamis and Jeremy Sherr, Postgraduate Diploma in Classical Homeopathy.

*1992 -1993, 1 year postgraduate training in the Transpersonal Aspects of Homeopathy, with Julian Carlyon.

*Professional status, Registered Member with the Society of Homeopaths.

I have taught homeopathy, and co-facilitated Transpersonal development with students at Soluna. Currently supervising homeopaths towards completion of professional training.

*1993 -1995, trained further in the transpersonal field with Hazel Marshall, at Rock Bank, Cropston,. Leicester.
Certificate in Transpersonal Counselling.

*2000 - 2003, pursued fascination with holistic forms of bodywork, which complement my other therapeutic interests.
Certified as a Zero Balancer.

*2001 - present, training and teaching with the United Kingdom Taiji Qigong Foundation, my teachers are Raymond and Gavin Towers. I run
weekly classes at Woodlands, and University of Derby, working with the core principles of Qigong training, looking at the development of open
awareness, the integration of whole body dynamics, and core postural balance and alignment. Currently embarking on Two Year Teaching Programme with the UKTQF, with regards to the deep healing and therapeutic aspects of Qigong. Very much a "Healer Heal Thyself" approach, aimed at facilitating self-healing in others. Training personally in Qigong, aspects of Taiji, and the martial arts aguazhang, and Xingiquan.

*2002 - present, engaged in Doctoral Research, on the Doctor of Religious Practice program, expected to finish in 2009. This is a practice based doctorate sitting within my own professional practice, and critiqued with respect to my own buddhist orientations. I am inquiring after the Nature of Well-being, with a
phenomenological research approach.

*As Associate Lecturer, I have recently taught on the undergraduate modules Developing Mindfulness of Movement, and Developing Mindfulness of Practice at the University of Derby.
*I am one of the Buddhist Faith Advisers at the Multifaith Centre at the University, where I am a member of the Program Action Team.

*In 1992, I co-founded the Woodlands Natural Health Centre, which goes well to this day, and works as a co-operative of like minded therapists.

Anyone wishing to find out about homeopaths in their locality can contact the Society of Homeopaths on 08454506611, or me if they'd like some informal advice and direction..

About me...Jo has a lifetime passion for movement, and has enjoyed partaking and competing in various sports - running, cycling, climbing, hill walking, and the martial arts. She has a fascination and love for the therapeutic arts, and a strong orientation towards helping others towards their own self-healing. Jo was born in Berkshire, and moved to Derbyshire in the early '80's, where she fell in love with the 'bare bones beauty' of the area, and natural down to earth nature of the people that she has met. She is a mother, and has a lovely daughter
called Paula. Jo lives happily with her partner Nige who is currently undertaking a professional training in Acupuncture, in Milford, Derbyshire.

UK, Devon, Ashburton
Anna Murray Preece

Anna Murray Preece Telephone: 01364 654044
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

I have practised homoeopathy for 25 years since graduating from the school of Homoeopathy in 1987, I was a tutor on the correspondence course between 1998 and 2007. I feel very rooted in and grateful for the depth and wisdom of homeopathic philosophy. It is a delight to observe how it manifests in practice helping people's lives to unfold into more health and vibrancy. I love to explore remedies in depth including using bodywork and movement to enhance my understanding and relationship with them. Learning in this way led me study Plant Spirit Medicine in 2003 which I now also practice as well as Rhythmic Healing, a movement based healing process.

I particularly enjoy supervising students and practitioners and feel very dedicated to the process of exploring what supports each individual to blossom in their own unique way.

UK, Devon, Ashburton
Nick Taylor
bio Distance Supervisor

Nick Taylor Telephone: 07340 772663
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 10/06/2011

It was through reading Vithoulkas's 'Medicine of the New man' and the Kents Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy that clinched it for me. I had signed up to the SOH correspondence course without really knowing anything about homeopathy, (as my decision to study this form of healing was more of an intuitive leap rather than a cerebral decision!),but as soon as I read these two books, the penny dropped, the light went on, and I became completely obsessed. Studying at the School of Homeopathy was a life-transforming process for me, and my work there continues to this day as a mentor, supervisor, and teacher, which I totally love. I am available to supervise students both in Devon and Gloustershire as I travel between the two. I also offer distance supervision to students by SKYPE so can supervise students from abroad too. My other passions include the study of human consciousness, neuroplasticity,  healing with sacred plant medicines, wild nature, kayaking, and taking people on amazing river adventures by canoe.

UK, Devon, Crediton
Graz Baran
bio Distance Supervisor

Graz Baran Telephone: 01363 877441
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 30/01/2007

Grazyna Baran FSHom

Available for Supervision in Devon as well as online.

Homeopathy - in regular practice since 1992 when I qualified at the School of Homeopathy. I have explored a range of different approaches in homeopathy and experienced a wide variety and depth of presenting complaints with patients.

I have extended my clinical toolkit to include the models of the sensation approach, having worked with this since 2003 and currently the Joshi Mapping system. I ran a regular study group, with a particular focus on the sensation approach, in North London and in Mid Devon. This led to the design and establishment of a post graduate training (Advanced Training in Clinical Homeopathy ACTH) currently run by Ilana Dannheisser, Grazia Gatti and Helen Dalton in collaboration with Shachindra and Bhawisha Joshi. 

Semi-retired, I live  on a 4 acre plot growing vegetables, editing homeopathic books for the Joshis (Mammals, Birds, Quickbook), occasionally supervising students and seeing a few patients.


Supervision – I continue with regular supervision for myself, something I have done since 1991. I have a Diploma in One-to-One and Group Supervision with Cascade Associates. I have supervised students and experienced practitioners since 1996. My aim is to work alongside supervisees with fun, support and challenge. 

Previous experience - I am a qualified and experienced teacher, having taught physics and chemistry in secondary education (11-18) for 17 years. Following that I was a member of the Post-16 Education Centre at The Institute of Education, London University, as a researcher and teacher in the Post Graduate Certificate of Education Programme.

UK, Devon, Exeter
Catherine Sleigh

Catherine Sleigh Telephone: 07443 504 822
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 28/01/2011

I was awakened to homeopathy in the 1980’s when I decided at the last minute to go to a natural health evening class rather than to one on pottery. I realised homeopathy was something amazing – more than just medicine - and have been endlessly interested
since then.

My training at the School is something I value very deeply. It allowed me to see wonderful connections everywhere and how to make sense of  seemingly impossibly complex pictures.  Most of all it allowed me to become a practitioner with my own style and with the support of all the wisdom and teaching of homeopaths past and present.

I graduated in 2005 and have been in continual practise in Devon.

UK, Devon, Exeter
Libby Clapham

Libby Clapham Telephone: 01392 412 767
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 05/06/2019

It can be both daunting and exciting to start seeing patients as you get to the end of your training. If you are looking for support, encouragement, someone to watch your back and help you explore issues that arise from your practice in a constructive and positive way - that would be me.

I’ve been in continuous practice since 1999 and completed the Dynamis  two year advanced course with Jeremy Sherr. Over the years Sankaran, Scholten, Yakir and many others have influenced the way I practise.

I trained in supervision with Jane Wood in London over 10 years ago.  I am also a registered hypnotherapist and hypno-birthing antenatal teacher which complements my special interest in pregnancy and all things birth related but I enjoy treating a wide range of patients.

Helping students into practice feels like giving something back to homeopathy which has given me so much.

UK, Devon, Exeter
Mo Morrish

Mo Morrish Telephone: 01392 214074
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 17/11/2008

Mo Morrish BSc, MCCH, RSHom is a practicing homeopath with over fifteen years experience. He lives, loves and works in Exeter from The Homeopathic Practice.

Since 1992 Mo has taught at the British School of Homeopathy and also recently at the sister college The Irish School of Homeopathic Medicine. He is Senior Lecturer for the colleges exploring the principles and philosophy of homeopathic medicine. He is committed to individuality, simplicity, clarity and fun. Mo is also the Supervision Coordinator for the BSH.

A microbiologist in a previous life and a poet by nature, out of 'work' Mo enjoys good red wine and relaxing with his wife and family.

UK, Devon, Exeter
Patricia Moroney

Patricia Moroney Telephone: 01392 966 599
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

Trish qualified from the London School of Classical Homeopathy in 1991. Having previously had a successful career in teaching, she took the opportunity of redundancy to establish a homeopathic practice. She has practised in a number of locations over the past 20 years and has combined practice with lecturing in homeopathy both in England and abroad, and in working in various roles for The Society of Homeopaths. These have included supporting CPD, Involvement in the registration processes, supervising registrands and most recently as a Professional Conduct Officer for the Society. Trish developed s postgraduate support group with input from the Drs' Joshis to sustain the learning acquired during their summer visits to England which she initiated in Gloucestershire. Trish's practice has been supported throughout by regular supervision.

UK, Devon, Exeter / Okehampton
Jenny Grist

Jenny Grist Telephone: 01647 281110
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 10/06/2011

Jenny’s interest in homeoapthy began in 1987 with much experimentation on her own farm animals and other friends. Jenny studied at The School of Homeopathy, graduating in 2002, and also completed the Dynamis Course of Advanced Homeopathy. She runs a thriving rural practice in the green depths of Mid Devon, but regularly takes herself away to teach Homeopathy at ‘Wellie’ Level. Jenny enjoys the magic of matching spirit to substance.

UK, Devon, Okehampton
Susanna Terry

Susanna Terry Telephone: 01837 840718
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

In practice since I qualified in homeopathy in 1989. I learned a lot from Misha Norland's live -case expert training, as a postgraduate. Rajan Sankaran, Alice Timmerman, Robin Murphy as well as my teachers at the College of Classical Homeopathy David Mundy, Jeremy Sherr (and more) have all been an inspiration to the way I practice homeopathy.

People with difficult to treat illnesses have often ended at my doorstep. One such case was that of of a 9 year old girl suffering from bad side-effects from the MR vaccine. I presented this case at a homeopathic conference and it was published in the Journal in 1996. Its title "Chorea the Link to Vaccination." Past generations homeopaths such as Farrington and Burnett, have also contributed a lot to the effective treatment of some of my more difficult cases.

Sheila Ryan's expert Homeopathic Supervision training is my guidance when I supervise students of homeopathy. Having a diploma in Person-centred Counselling and related Supervisory skills training has added an extra dimension to my supervision.
In 2011, I finished my advanced training as a Coach. I help holistic therapists bring their practice on-line.

I find supervising a student to the successful practice of homeopathy a rewarding process to all concerned.

UK, Dorset, Blandford Forum
Sohani Gonzalez

Sohani Gonzalez Telephone: 01258 839043
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 25/04/2012

1975-1978 N.I.M.H Medical Herbalism Course (Leicester & Tunbridge Wells)

1981-1984 London College of Homeopathy

Held tutorials for College in 1984

Practised from 1983 until now

Tutored and supervised homeopathic students at home and external clinics from late 1980’s till 2002, when I moved to Dorset from Sussex.

Late 90’s: Taught at Chichester College of Homeopathy a few times.

Late 90’s: Taught Homeopathy as part of a 4 x person team in Beirut, Lebanon for 3 years.

When in Brighton, worked at home, a variety of multi-disciplinary clinics and for 5 years in The Dolphin Clinic which specialised in treating children. I worked 1-2 days as required for 5 years seeing 12 patients a day.

In 2002 I moved to Dorset where I worked from home and in a clinic in Wimborne.

2004: Lectured once on the “Menopause“ at The Exeter College.

Remained a Tutor to many students in Sussex and a few in Dorset as I was still working once a month in Sussex. I no longer go to Sussex to work but am available for Skype/Telephone calls and supervision.

Am a Supervisor to the Salisbury College and Chichester College students and qualified homeopaths.

I have a history of giving talks to many groups over the years and 9 years to the WI in Dorset (to no avail)!

Apart from Homeopathy I have had a long interest in studying Nutrition and Supplementation and Diet and utilise this in my Practice.

UK, Dorset, Dorchester and Somerset
Zofia Dymitr
bio Distance Supervisor

Zofia Dymitr Telephone: 01305 265873
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

Zofia Dymitr. BHom Med, F.S. Hom, Dip. Supervision. 

Supervision opens a window to enable exploration of the often complex issues raised in day to day practice. I will work alongside you to facilitate your understanding, so you are more able meet your patients.
I completed my Homeopathic education at the Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine in 1985 and have been in private practice since then. Additionally, I have completed the  Society of Homeopaths supervision, assessor and mentoring trainings, and more recently, a Diploma in Supervision at Iron Mill Institute, recognized by the European Association of Supervisors. I ran a two-day workshop on peer supervision for Serbian homeopaths in 2010. I  also write on supervision and have had articles accepted by the BACP Journal, Therapy Today and Similime, the Australia Homeopathic Association’s Journal.

I also offer Skype and email supervision for distance learning students. Skype offers a the supervisee a sense of connection and support that bridges the geography well.

UK, Dorset, Portland
Sheila Ryan

Sheila Ryan Telephone: 07513550978
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 10/06/2011

Sheila is not available for individual student supervision.

Sheila has been in practice since 1987 after graduating from our School. She used to be the Clinical Supervisor at the School before Penny Stirling took over. She is now a Consultant Supervisor for the School and the Ghana Homeopathy Project. Sheila works with the School putting on advanced level training days for homeopaths and supervisors that want to work with us.

UK, Dorset, Shaftesbury
Carole Sanders

Carole Sanders Telephone: 01747 853766
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 02/02/2007

I qualified from the London College of Classical Homeopathy in 1993 and shortly afterwards moved to Dorset.

Since then I have established my practice here and have trained as a supervisor and been an assessor and mentor for the Society of Homeopaths.

Supervising is a great joy to me because I love understanding the process of homeopathy and the dynamic between practitioner and patient. I feel this plays a great part in the curative process and development or evolvement of both patient and student practitioner.

It also helps deepen my understanding of human nature.

I like the fact that supervision is one step away from prescribing and it gives us the ability to look upon a case or a situation objectively. As a supervisor I tend to be fairly relaxed. Students have freedom to prescribe safely so that they gain the maximum benefit from experience whilst still being supervised.

UK, East Sussex, Eastbourne
Sue Josling

Sue Josling Telephone: 01323 430025
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

I trained at the first full time 3 year course graduating in 1988, and I have been in practice ever since. Since then I have taught in London, the Midlands, Iceland, Malta, Tunbridge Wells and Eastbourne. I ran my own college from 1997 to 2006 in Eastbourne and I run supervision groups in Uckfield and Brighton. I love my job and really enjoy helping people reach their potential. I believe Homeopathy will bring people to a place they can see the choices they have in life.

Healing/ counselling:
I have a diploma in holistic counselling and am a healer trainer for the H.P.A.I. I enjoy facilitating meditation groups and I teach the healing module at the Holistic Training college.

UK, Gloucestershire
Gwenyth Mafham

Gwenyth Mafham Telephone: 01608 663 713
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 21/09/2010

SUPERVISION: Currently on Society of Homeopaths list of supervisors. I have 4 supervisees all qualified and practising [not students]. 2005 - bi-monthly supervision with my line manager in my N.H.S. job [she comes from a social work background]. 2001- intermittent Triad work with a group of colleagues in Bristol, Sheila Ryan's 4 day 2 part course in Dynamic Supervision in London 1999-2004 Personal Supervision with Clare Long R.S.Hom. 2000 Peer Supervision with a group of 3 R.S.Homs. in the Midlands

PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL HISTORY: 2005 -2009 On a panel member for disciplinary hearings for Society Of Homeopaths 2005 - 2007 Week long seminars in Painswick, Gloucestershire with Drs. Joshi on the Sensation Method 2004 2 week seminar in Mumbai with Sankaran and his colleagues 1997 Registered as an R.S.Hom. 1988 - 1993 Studied Homoeopathy : Misha Norland's correspondence course then attendance at the School of Homoeopathy. 1985-1994 Analytical psychotherapy. 1980's Community health worker for Bristol City Council and sessional worker for Wellwomen Information. This work included : running workshops in - coming off tranquillisers; assertiveness training; stress management; low self esteem, confidence; research into safe methods of contraception; training in counselling provided by The Women's Therapy Centre, London. 1979 Traumatic birth of first child awakens interest in personal health and politics of health. 1978 Newcastle University : Spanish and Latin American Studies.

UK, Gloucestershire
Hazel Rank-Broadley

Hazel Rank-Broadley Telephone:
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 19/10/2010

I trained at the College of Homoeopathy, London during the 1980s, qualifying in 1989. During the same decade my daughter and my son were born; brought up with homeopathy, they are now independent adults. My practice and my family grew up alongside each other. I have experience of treating many children's problems; and now after two decades in practice I find that I treat a wide spectrum of disorders. In addition to my training in homeopathy, I hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the Institute of Education, University of London, and soon after obtaining my LCH I did a Foundation Course in Counselling. From early on in my practice I have taught classes to keen beginners. Having attended many Society of Homeopaths and other conferences I have heard many of our most eminent homeopaths lecture. From 2000 onwards I have been most influenced by the Bombay School. I have made four trips to study homeopathy in India. I attended the Millenium Seminar at Mumbai Central Hospital, and twice I have attended the November Masterclass with Rajan Sankaran; at the Goa seminar I benefited from learning from a group of masters of the Bombay School. In addition I have attended seminars with Jan Scholten who has a strong influence on my practice. Aside from homeopathy: I am highly involved in the professional life of my husband who is a figurative sculptor, and, for my own creative work, I have a passionate interest in making silver and gemstone jewellery. As practice is a journey made side by side with my patient; so with supervision. I will listen to your needs mindfully and together we will reveal new ways.

UK, Gloucestershire, Stroud
Sue Baker

Sue Baker Telephone: 07939 058 126
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 15/07/2014

Sue Baker MSc RSHom

Sue began her training to be a Homeopath in 2002 at the London College of Classical Homeopathy, followed by the British School of Homeopathy in Bath and is presently engaged in postgraduate studies with the Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathic Study. She has been practicing Homeopathy in stroud for 7 years. Sue has a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Clinical Neuroscience which have provided her with an understanding of how physical health is bound up with our health and well being on many other levels. Sue discovered Homeopathy as a first time mother looking for a different way of treating her childrens complaints and she continues to be amazed at the scope and depth of this form of medicine. She is a member of The Society of Homeopaths.

UK, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath & Oxford
Katja Behrens
bio Distance Supervisor

Katja Behrens Telephone: 01285771334
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 27/06/2016

Katja has had a special interest for the last 10 years in in ASD and ADHD. In her work she focuses on helping people suffering from depression and anxiety and treats physical pathology as well as mental and emotional stresses. She practises with her husband David and is a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths.

Katja graduated from the School of Homeopathy in 2012 and went on to do 2.5 years of advanced training with Dr Rajan Sankaran.

Katja studied physiotherapy in Berlin and is also an experienced craniosacral therapist. In the past she has also worked as an actress and singer, and tutored young people


UK, Hampshire, Lymington
Sue Leach

Sue Leach Telephone: 01590 624020
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 07/06/2013

When I graduated in 2004 from the London College of Practical Homeopathy I was the one who thought I didn’t need supervision. How wrong I was! Supervision enriches and enlivens your work, and for me has brought inspiration and challenge while also keeping me grounded and focused (it’s actually enabled me to double my practice in five years). I particularly relish the reflective side of practice, with yoga, meditation and a reflective journal.

I’ve always attended supportive peer groups, but now have regular supervision with a doctor homeopath, work in collaboration with two other homeopaths treating people for fertility, and hold two monthly discussion/teaching groups for patients. I also lecture on media skills to further your business (I used to be a journalist), am an online trainer for a correspondence homeopathy course and am conducting a research study with a group of local practitioners.

I am not wedded to any particular methodology: while I trained as a ‘practical homeopath’ I embrace the work of Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Tinus Smits, Colin Griffith and Liz Lalor. It takes all sorts, and the right supervision offers all sorts of support to enable you to be your own homeopath. Sheila Ryan’s Sea Change training inspired me to extend outside my comfort zone, and that’s the kind of supervision I offer. Check out my video on

You’re welcome to come to my clinic in the New Forest (a peaceful pause from the day-to-day) or to talk on Skype.

UK, Hampshire, The New Forest area
Amanda Jones
bio Distance Supervisor

Amanda Jones Telephone: 01590 682399 / 07948583233
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 29/09/2010

My first experience of homeopathy was as a child, when I had arnica and hypericum for a gymnastics injury.  Later I found homeopathy was the only effective support for my first child, who I eventually discovered had a dairy intolerance.  From then i was hooked.  I started training with the school in 1999, which took some time as my family continued to grow.

My first experience of supervision was on the proving during my 3rd year, and then supervised practice.  The 2 experiences could not have been more different.  After starting work with my amazing supervisor Andrea Rogers, i knew that I wanted to be involved in supervision.  From then on, developing my supervision, skills, knowledge, understanding and experience has always been part of my CPD, along with receiving regular supervision for my practice and supervision work.  So far, i have completed Sheila Ryan’s basic kit, in supervision, attended the schools networking days for supervisors, and had the opportunity to work with qualified practitioners and students from the school of homeopathy and other schools.  I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some small groups of practitioners in other fields.  Last autumn, 2012 i met the criteria for inclusion onto the society’s list of supervisors, and will work with my first NRM.  I have witnessed the enormous benefits of the reflective approach to supervision, which encourages us to look at our experiences going on to influence our individual development.  

UK, Herfordshire, St Albans
Rowena Ronson

Rowena Ronson Telephone: 01727 840162 / 07795 366386
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 28/05/2013

I first discovered homeopathy twenty years ago when I nearly died from a very serious infection and then discovered I was allergic to all antibiotics. Homeopathy saved my life. So of course I then changed direction from teaching communication skills, and devoted myself to homeopathy and my fascination for it never ceases. I trained at the London College of Classical Homeopathy full-time back in 1998 and post-qualification immediately registered with the Society of Homeopaths. I loved every moment of Jeremy’s wonderful Dynamis training and graduated in 2013 with many of the School’s homeopaths at Hawkwood. And an impressive bunch you are!
I have always been dedicated to my practice, to my continued learning, to teaching and to supervising students and young practitioners. I have run a full-time practice since qualifying, and see patients at Chase Lodge Hospital in Mill Hill, London and from my home in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

In 2015 I became a PhD researcher at UCLan with my focus on holistic mental health and more specifically autism, ADHD and childhood mental disturbances. I also recently qualified as a CEASE therapist.
I was module leader for Practitioner Development for Purton House at Thames Valley University a few years back and have lectured at several other colleges around the country as well. I worked for the Society of Homeopaths as an education adviser and have trained as a supervisor with Jane Wood and also with Purton House.
In 2007 I published a book, Looking Back Moving Forward, after a two and a half year process of interviewing 34 of the UK’s great teachers and practitioners of homeopathy. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I personally learned from that process and how much I enjoy sharing their vast collective experience with our community.
One of the skills I like to share in supervision is the art and many benefits of journal writing. The process of reflecting through writing (or simply ‘creating’ by some other means) supports practitioners and their patients in so many ways.
When I supervise students, I do so in a supportive and empowering way, so I am told. I encourage students to learn from all the experiences around them and to grow personally and professionally. It has been said that I am approachable, encouraging, open minded and very supportive. I am accessible to Londoners, and to those living in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas, in person, by skype, by phone and by email.
You are welcome to get in touch and see if you think we might work well together. It would be my pleasure.

UK, Kent, Tunbridge Wells
Sarah Hemesley

Sarah Hemesley Telephone: 01892 537 254
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

I qualified at the School of Homoeopathy in 1991 and am a registered member of the Society of Homoeopaths. I have been in practice since this time. My time is divided between my home practice in Crowborough, E. Sussex, and my work and practice at Helios Pharmacy in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I have always been much inspired by Jan Scholten and by Sankaran, and other teachers who follow in the same vein. Over the years I have also been involved in many remedy provings.
I have supervised students for a number of years now and find it a very rewarding experience - always a learning curve for myself as well as the students!

UK, Lincolnshire, Stamford
Annie Hall

Annie Hall Telephone: 01780 767667
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 07/10/2008

I first came into contact with homeopathy while living in France. It felt like a coat that had been waiting for me for years on a hook, and as soon as I tried it on it fitted like a glove. It's been my life ever since. I brought up four children on it and now help out with tips for my ten grandchildren. So I've been involved now for over 30 years.

I now only run a practice from my home in Ketton, Rutland (4 miles from Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire). I am happy to do supervision by Skype once we have met once in the flesh.

In 2002 I started my training in Supervision, part of this with Sheila Ryan, finding it a huge asset to my own professional work, and continue to go to as many training days as I can.

I am a pragmatic homeopath, and work in rather the same way with students, and other homeopaths who come to me for a different angle with their cases or their work environment. One learns by doing, so not getting things right first time is part of the process, but help to see another way to get them right next time can be a great lesson learned.

Listening to the variety of people’s stories and helping them make sense of them is for me a great joy and privilege.

I know how much one can benefit from supervision as a homeopath, and how helpful it can be to have another pair of eyes to help us see how we are looking at our work, at our cases, at our practice. Therefore helping you to find the best way for you to relate to your clients, and so get the information you need to process in order to get the desired outcome is integral to supervision. I just love helping homeopaths find what is important to them, and by doing so they become stronger, more efficient, and better homeopaths.

UK, London
Ilana Dannheisser
bio Distance Supervisor

Ilana Dannheisser Telephone: 0207 223 5631
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 30/01/2007

I have been practicing Homeopathy in South London since graduating in 1996 from the London School of Classical Homeopathy, and completing Jeremy Sherr’s Dynamis course.. Since 1999, I have taken a special interest in the work of the Mumbai group of homeopaths, led by Rajan Sankaran, now known as the Sensation method. I’ve attended a number of his intensive clinic seminars held in Mumbai, as well as regular UK seminars with other members of the group. I run a monthly study group to support homeopaths in their development of applying this method to their practice.

In 2009 I completed an MSc in Homeopathy, as a distance learner with UCLan (University of Central Lancashire). My journey in this course took me deeply into the territory of critical investigation of our beloved Homeopathy, into its philosophy, science, therapeutic relationship, supervision and education. What I am most fascinated by is the nature of receiving the case, and what happens between the practitioner and the patient. My thesis focused on the homeopath’s experience of the homeopathic consultation.

I thoroughly enjoyed my teaching at Purton House (now closed) where I was module leader for Practitioner Development, and the College of Naturopathic Medicine. I love to work with students, share ideas, empower and encourage intellect and intuition.
As a supervisor, I see the supervisory relationship as another extension of all the values of person-centred teaching and practicing, where the working alliance is at the core. I have supervised/mentored several students from the School of Homeopathy since 2008, and cherish the deep level of engagement we achieve. It is extremely rewarding to be part of the students’ development at this most critical time of Clinical Practice, and to watch their growth and maturation into competent practitioners.

Visit my website for more details: 

UK, London, Brockley
Sarah Kent

Sarah Kent Telephone: 0208 314 1785
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

My degree was in Developmental Psychology. After graduating I worked in a therapeutic unit with children and teenagers experiencing emotional problems, and then as an Education Social Worker for 7 years, undertaking counselling and family work.

I have been practising homeopathy since I graduated from the College of Homeopathy in June 1993 and am registered and insured with the Society of Homeopaths 

While I was the London CPD Consultant for the Society of Homeopaths, I set up and facilitated two regular regional forums for homeopaths. 

At the New College of Homeopathy in Greenwich I developed and taught the Reflective Practice module for homeopathy students. 

I am an experienced supervisor of homeopaths and homeopathic students, and have completed both a Supervision Skills and Creative Supervision Skills for Homeopaths training.

I am a graduate of Coach University, and a 4th Generation NLP Practitioner accredited with the International Holigral Foundation

I completed my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 training with Chris Massey at

I hold the Association for Systematic Kinesiology Certificate in Balanced Health, and a certificate in Advanced Applied Kinesiology.


UK, London, Finchely
Jane Wood

Jane Wood Telephone: 0208 346 2939
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

Homoeopathy started for me at a local evening class, and I began studying when my children were small. I went to two colleges, and graduated in 1990 from the School of Homoeopathy in Devon. I'm fully registered with the Society of Homoeopaths, and I'm a classical Homoeopath, working according to the principles laid down by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796.

I've got 20 years experience as a homoeopath and 15 years as a supervisor, as well as having a diploma in supervision. I have a lot of experience working with supervisees on the Internet, as well as working face-to-face and running supervision groups for graduates in London. Together with my colleague, Caroline Schuck, I have written a book on supervision (Inspiring Creative Supervision) and I'm currently writing a book on self reflection.

When supervising students I am always interested in getting them to see the bigger picture, and learn about the practitioner-patient relationship and practice management - as well as finding a suitable remedy for the current patient.

UK, London, London
Caroline Schuck

Caroline Schuck Telephone: 020 7722 1924
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 30/11/1999

Supervision and reflective practice have always formed an invaluable part of my own homeopathic practice. This inspired me to train as a supervisor first with Sheila Ryan then at Revision and later on at the Tavistock. I have been in practice since 1989 and have supervised students and CAM practitioners for over twenty years. From 1996-2014   I taught supervision and reflective practice on a Bsc and Msc programme at the University of Westminster where I also ran supervision groups. I teach supervision skills to doctors and consultants in the NHS. Together with Jane Wood I have written Inspiring Creative Supervision.  Since 2004 I have set up a supervision training scheme for the British Association of Nutritional Therapists BANT and have to date trained three groups of Nutritional Therapists to run groups. I am also a consultant to the organisation and supervise the supervisors. I work on a supervision module for the Northern College of Acupuncture.

I believe that effective supervision needs to be collaborative, creative and fun.  Do contact me if you would like more information about how I work.


UK, London SW, Teddington
Phil Edmonds

Phil Edmonds Telephone: 0208 977 1370
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 22/02/2009

Since training with Misha Norland from 1985 to 1988, Philip Edmonds is one of just a handful of Homeopaths in the UK (and the only one in Sussex) who has trained extensively with George Vithoulkas.

He continues to study regularly in Greece at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, and has sat in with, and assisted George Vithoulkas in analysing cases over many years since 1995.

See for more info.

Philip has also attended the seminars of: Rajan Sankaran, Paul Herscu, Chaim Rosenthal, Jeremy Sherr, Sheila Ryan, Joe Kellerstein, Will Taylor, Farokh Master and many others, and likes to think of himself as being open to anything that can help his patients.

Philip is currently reconnecting with his meditation practice, and finds this helps him tune in to the energy of each day afresh. He may start a meditation group in the near future, let him know if you are interested.

He has treated thousands of cases homeopathically, for many widely ranging problems, and last year completed a teaching diploma.

Philip has 3 grown up children, the youngest of whom Steve is an excellent drummer, currently studying at BIMM and performing in 3 bands in the Brighton area, 900spaces, Bertie & the Others & Pablo and the Paint Set - all available for hire at a reasonable price - hear their tunes on

Visit his website:

UK, London SW/Surrey, Surbiton
Penny Edwards

Penny Edwards Telephone: 020 8399 4291
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 28/01/2011

Penny Edwards completed a module on supervision in 2009, as part of her MSc studies at the University of Central Lancashire. In a previous module on the Therapeutic Relationship, Penny studied Carl Rogers work and saw parallels between homeopathy and his Person Centred Approach to counselling, and utilises the PCA philosophy in her style of supervision. She has also completed a supervision course with Sheila Ryan, a registered homeopath, and respected supervisor, teacher and writer. With her experience in practising the Sensation Method, as formulated by Dr Rajan Sankaran and the teachers from the Bombay Group, Penny offers support to both students and homeopaths who would like to extend their knowledge and understanding this system. She has also studied with Massimo Mangialavori for 3 years in Italy, gaining his Diploma Koin. She offers supervision both in person and by Skype.

UK, Middlesex, Hampton
Caroline Ross Harper

Caroline Ross Harper Telephone: 0208 979 9006
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 08/12/2009

Homoeopathic Studies
1996 -1998 London College of Classical Homoeopathy, Welbeck Street, London W1.
1998 - 1999 Academy of Classical Homoeopathy, St. George's Hospital, Tooting, London, SW17.
1999 - 2001 School of Homoeopathy, Uffculme, Devon.
2001 - 2002 School of Homoeopathy, Devon. (Postgraduate Year).
2002 - 2003 Society of Homoeopaths (R. D. Programme)

Homoeopathic Qualifications
DSH (Diploma - School of Homoeopathy - 2001)
R.S. Hom (Registration - Society of Homoeopaths - 2003)

Further Training/CPD
1999 & 2000 Society of Homoepaths Conference - Keele.
2001 Homoeopathic treatment for addictions in survivors of abuse (Maggie Whittle)
2001 Opiate Remedies (Rajan Sankaran)
2002 - 2003 RDP - as shown above.
1999 - present On-going supervision - monthly
2003 - present South West London Homoeopaths Group

Homoeopathic Experience
1996 - 2002 I had the opportunity, during this time, to participate in regular clinic sessions. These included sitting in with individual homoeopaths, attending clinics at The College of Classical Homoeopathy, The Academy of Classical Homoeopathy and latterly at The School of Homoeopathy.
2001 - 2002 I worked for a charity providing homoeopathy to the homeless and/or those suffering from mental illness and/or addictions in and around the London area.
2001 - present I have been developing my own private practice.
2002 - present I start and am still developing a homoeopathic clinic attached to a Community Drug and Alcohol Team within a hospital setting.

UK, Middlesex, Hampton
Doy Dalling

Doy Dalling Telephone: 020 8969 0497
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

UK, Norfolk, Sedgeford
Sue Crump

Sue Crump Telephone: 01485 570377
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 30/11/1999

Having qualified from the College of Homeopathy in 1986, I moved to Norfolk and have practised homeopathy there ever since.

For many years, I supervised students at the College of Homeopathy in preparing their final year projects and occasionally supervised their casework. For the past ten years, I have been involved with the Society of Homeopaths' CPD and Registration department in various roles, including facilitating workshops and mentoring newly-registered members.

My current work includes teaching and supervising students at the Homeopathic College of East Anglia.

I have participated in supervision training courses with Sheila Ryan in London and on Portland and attended the Society of Homeopaths' Supervision Conference. For nearly 20 years.

I have attended a local peer supervision group, which meets about once a month.

UK, Northants, Kettering
Shusha Walmsley

Shusha Walmsley Telephone: 01536 516220
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

Shusha has been practising Homoeopathy since June 1991, Shusha has gradually developed her skills to include; Reflexology qualified in 1995, Allergy Testing qualified in 1996 and Indian Head Massage qualified in 2001.

Shusha has her own therapy centre in Kettering, Northants and also works in Medical Centres in and around the Northamptonshire area and also Rutland.

Shusha also runs day courses on a Saturday every two or three months, to help people in all walks of life to develop their intuition. In particular she runs courses for business people which aid the corporate world to understand their employees and customers better.


Shusha's particular interests include: Infertility, children’s ailments, and the problems of special needs children.

UK, Oxfordshire, Oxford
Lucinda Torabi

Lucinda Torabi Telephone: 07768717159
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 01/10/2010

I trained at the School of Homeopathy, qualifying in 1990. Since then I have practiced homeopathy firstly in Manchester where I also taught and supervised students from the North West College of Homeopathy, and then in Sarajevo, Bosnia where I lived for two years, running a training program in classical homeopathy. I was responsible for supervising all forty students during this period. I have since had a quieter time, raising my two children and practicing part time. More recently I have received a post graduate diploma in homeopathy and a diploma in clinical nutrition from the British Institute of Homeopathy. I love to supervise, to make a good connection with a supervisee and allow their own homeopathic process to unfold. I attended the Sea Change supervision course in 2010. My influences are many and I do not follow any system in particular, though Misha's School was highly formative.


UK, Shropshire
Mike Andrews

Mike Andrews Telephone: 01588 660793
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 13/03/2008

I graduated from the School of Homeopathy in 1990 (TG7) and have been in practice ever since. I have clinics in London and South Shropshire and worked in Madeira for a short while.

I have been passionate about homeopathic supervision for many years now and supervised many students and practitioners over those years. In addition to supervising individual students I also run practitioner supervision groups. As homeopaths we so often talk about cases on an intellectual level, I have found that it can be very helpful to look at cases or practice issues in a more intuitive way. This can be done by using creative supervision techniques, working in this way can bring about deeper insights into the issue more quickly than conventional supervision techniques.

I was a Clinical Supervisor at the University of Westminster on the BSc (Hons) Health Sciences: Homeopathy degree course from 2001 to 2009. In the past I have taught at the London College of Classical Homeopathy and run college clinics there, and at Purton House Homeopathic Centre. I have been supervising homeopathy students since the early 90s from the above schools and also from The School of Homeopathy.

As well as a classical approach to homeopathic case taking and analysis I have also supervised students working with the Sensation method and attended many workshops and seminars over the years with many great teachers.

I have experience in both email and Skype supervision as well as face-to-face supervision. I have supervised students in Japan and worked with homeopaths on the Maun Project.

I was one of the first homeopaths to complete the Principles of Dynamic Clinical Supervision for Homeopaths Modules 1 and 2 with Shelia and have also studied with Jane Wood and took part in a three year Supervision through Action Research project.

Do give me a call or email me, if you do not already know me, I have some great testimonials from previous supervisees on my website.

I look forward to working with you,

Mike Andrews DSH RSHom Registered Homeopath
Consultations and Supervision in Ludlow and Church Stretton and online with Skype.

UK, Somerset
Janet Snowdon

Janet Snowdon Telephone: 07727223798
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 03/09/2011

One of our most popular senior lecturers, Janet has been in practice for over 25 years. She has studied with many leading homeopaths including George Vithoulkas, Jayesh Shah and Rajan Sankaran. Sankaran has provided her with an insight into practice which she has made her own and with which she enchants us as she teaches cases. She has a busy practice in Bath, England and has also been involved in proving new remedies. Practical and with a deep appreciation for the mystery of healing, Janet offers many insights into the topics of her teaching, and is an inspiration in her readiness to be amazed and delighted.

UK, Somerset
Suzy Parker

Suzy Parker Telephone: 07795280473
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 29/09/2010

I studied at the London College of Practical Homeopathy, under Robert Davidson, Robert Duddell, Ian Watson,graduating in 1994. Post grad 1995. I have attended a two day Supervisors course with Sheila Ryan. Since graduating I have had regular peer supervision. I have studied flower remedies, and been to Australia to make and study Bush flower remedies with Ian White. I have been in practice for over 18 years, prior to which I have always been involved in healing in some way. I have worked with students as a teacher and mentor, which I thoroughly enjoy.When I left college I worked extensively in the area of HIV. I have also worked at a drugs centre, run a successful children's clinic, and have a diverse practice. My approach to homeopathy and supervision are similar. I believe in empowering the client/supervisee, and supporting them through their current experiences. I am a sensitive listener, and believe in keen observation. I am very interested in the dynamic between homeopath and patient, and also our resonance to all things around us, doctrine of signatures. I am well versed in, and use, various methodologies in my practice. One of my passions is flower remedies which I use in my practice. I am also an artist, love nature, and animals.I have two daughters,1dog, and 3 cats. I am available for supervision in Somerset. My website can be found at

UK, Somerset, Highbridge
Andrea Rogers

Andrea Rogers Telephone: 01278 794848
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

Born Dec 26th 1953,

A disenchanted nurse….(asking about maternity leave being offered a termination with my first child, thought it was time to leave)

Went on to have 4 children,,,(now 6 grandchildren).

Studied with the Open University while children small, gained Ba hons in humanities in ’83.

Came to homeopathy when Misha Norland gave a talk to our local NCT group (I was a teacher with them for ten yrs) ……I signed up to study with him immediately…..

Qualified from the school of homeopathy in 1985, in practice ever since.
Main interest is in families, their stories and unique patterns.

Did Sheila Ryan’s course in supervision back in 89……love supervision. I enjoy watching the transformation from apprehensive student to confident vibrant homeopath.

I do not do this just as a job, homeopathy is in my bones.

UK, Somerset, Stogumber, Taunton
Elaine Watson

Elaine Watson Telephone: 02920 884 968
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 04/06/2014

Elaine Watson BSc MSc LBSH Cert Ed has been practising homeopathy for over 20 years in west Somerset and south Wales and teaching medical sciences, materia medica and case work (including supervising case work) in several colleges of homeopathy in the UK. Recently she wrote two courses – ‘Anatomy and Physiology for Homeopaths’ and ‘Pathology and Disease for Homeopaths’ in response to the generally negative and fearful attitude of students studying Medical Science. Elaine wanted homeopathy students to appreciate the wonders of the human body at the same time as integrating their other knowledge of materia medica and homeopathic philosophy in a meaningful way to suit a homeopath’s unique perspective.  Elaine felt she had a huge advantage when starting out because she studied Zoology, Botany and Microbiology at University in Scotland and Fine Art and English literature in America so the essential strands of the Art and Science of Homeopathy were beginning to be woven into place when she studied at the British School of Homeopathy. However, her greatest teachers have been her three children and faithful patients who have shown her the power of this beautiful, elegant form of medicine. Elaine also learned a lot from working with the children of Chernobyl and witnessing their return to health and vivacity after homeopathic treatment. As well as supervision training she has recently completed CEASE training in order to work more deeply with people on the autistic spectrum.

UK, Somerset, Street and Taunton.Wellington
Sue Drew

Sue Drew Telephone: 01823 216500 / 07957 881325
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 01/10/2010

I studied Homeopathy at Purton House, graduating in 2004, registering with the Society of Homeopaths in the same year. I also moved to Somerset in 2004 initially living and working in Wells and now in the Wellington/Taunton area. As an experienced GP Practice Manager I work part-time in the NHS (I like to see what is going on!) and am a member of the Society of Homeopaths’ Committee for Access and Funding Opportunities which is aiming to offer members examples of different ways of funding homeopathic work. Other qualifications include NLP Master Practitioner (awaiting award) which I studied as part of an awareness of our use of language within the homeopathic conversation – whether this be between homeopath and patient or homeopath and supervisor.

I attended a 2 day student supervision course at the School of Homeopathy in Stroud in September 2010 and a further 2 days with Sheila Ryan in September 2013 to complete the Seachange Homeopathic Supervision Basic Kit. I have also supervised a Newly Registered Member through the Society’s registration process.

I am a firm believer in supervision as a safe place to explore our feelings about all aspects of our work (in addition to the technicalities of remedy selection etc) and its place in our lives. It provides support and partnership without judgement or criticism in good times and bad, allowing us to gain experience and develop at a personal pace. It can be hard picking a supervisor so please feel free to contact me for a chat if you would like to.

UK, Somerset, Taunton
Carol Zeal

Carol Zeal Telephone: 01823 331686
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

UK, Somerset, Weston-Super-Mare
Beverley Nickolls

Beverley Nickolls Telephone: 07792783713
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 29/08/2012

Bev originally worked in Further and Higher Education on therapy training courses for adults returning to study. She qualified with the School of Homeopathy via both the home study and attendance courses and found the flexibility and support invaluable. Homeopathy has always been in the foreground of family life and Bev has used it with her own children from young adults! Bev runs a busy clinic alongside health professionals, treating all ages and specialising in antenatal and postnatal care and working with families. She is passionate about multi-agency work with homeopathy at its core. She now increasingly sees patients through Skype as well as in person. Bev loves the opportunity of supporting students from diverse backgrounds with so much to bring to the profession. She is currently involved in the web forum to facilitate student support through the online community.  

UK, Suffolk, Woodbridge
Emma Dalton

Emma Dalton Telephone: 01394 388234 or 01473 831273
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 21/09/2010

I work full time as a homeopath. I practice a number of therapies but my 'top 3' are Homeopathy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (Karuna Institute) and Reflexology. I have a special interest in fertility, maternity and children and have worked extensively with other therapists in this field. A number of Fertility Clinics, Osteopaths, Midwives and Health Visitors all refer people to me as well as consult. I have a wide range of experience on all levels from physical to mental and emotional as well as spiritual. I offer my therapies individually or integrated into the best support for that person as I take my lead from the patient. I work within a Complementary Health Centre (around 30 therapists of all modalities but includes 3 other homeopaths) on Tuesdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays and from my home clinic on occasional Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I see around 30 to 45 patients a week (depending upon the Saturday clinic and the number of children) but I have around 250 to 300 persons on my books. I run a waiting list from 2 to 4 weeks and have 11 years worth of experience of working in a multi-disciplinary clinic. My homeopathic practice is based on holding the patient in a safe space in which they can explore their health, their dis-ease, their fundamental basis for be-ing, their comfort or disconfort being in the present and their way forward into the future. I approach each patient individually and tailor my practice, including prescribing techniques, according to their needs and vital force. I undertake regular supervision with Hugh Harrison as well as local peer-group work and self-reflective practice. I continuously undertake self-development work as well as professional development work. I am happy to discuss any aspect of my practice with you and welcome the opportunity to do so. My main Materia Medica and Repertory used in day to day practice are Robin Murphy?s (both 2nd and 3rd editions). I have been taught by some great teachers over the years and deeply value the generosity of their wisdom. They include: Robert Davidson, Tony Hurley, Hilery Dorian, Myriam Shivadikar, Mike Bridger, Colin Griffith. As a result I am fully conversant with many methods and models of prescribing including Classical and some of the newer techniques including Sensation/Bombay, Jan Scholten's (Periodic, Element and Lanthanides) and Dr Sharma's intuitive approach. I am also keen to explore new remedies and have been involved in a local group that undertook meditative provings. I also refer to a wide variety of sources including (in no particular order) Vermeulen, Madeline Evans, Dr Yubraj Sharma, Boericke, Farokh Master, Jan Scholten, Rajan Sankaran, Naryani Remedies, Bartram's Encyclopaedia of Herbal Medicine, Roger Dyson, Misha Norland, Sandra Perko and any other I have on my bookshelves. I have an extensive range of books and resources as I am a book-a-holic and my books have to be insured separately as a result! I find that I learn and grow with the person I am working with as well as passing on knowledge and clinical experience. I enjoy helping the student grow in their confidence and abilities as a practitioner. I have been a mentor and supervisor for the College of Practical Homeopathy London for the last 6 years. I have helped many students from a number of different colleges over the years as well as qualified homeopaths in practice. I can work individually or in groups and find that by listening to their needs I am able to help them find their own way of working in practice. I am a supervisor at the College of Practical Homeopathy and with Sheila Ryan (Basic Toolkit Course). I am a registered supervisor for the Society of Homeopaths.

UK, Surrey, Haslemere
Carolyn Tilson

Carolyn Tilson Telephone: 01428 641 664
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 12/06/2011

UK, Surrey, Haslemere
Dominic Upton

Dominic Upton Telephone: 07973 181483
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 09/03/2017

I am delighted to be able to offer compassionate and empathetic supervision to students of the School of Homeopathy, either in person, from the comfortable and confidential clinic I have built above my health food shop here in Haslemere, Surrey, or at a distance on Skype or Google Hangouts.

I have been professionally involved in the UK homeopathic community for more than 30 years, finally registering as a full-time homeopath with the Society of Homeopaths in 2014, with a Diploma from the School of Homeopathy. I live in nearby Hindhead with my wife Rachel and our two teenage children.

The essential qualities we bring to our homeopathic practice, of observation, that is discovering what is present during our exchanges with patients; active listening, both to oneself and to others, as well as what is in between; reflection, without prejudice or attachment to an idea; and a clarity in communication, feeding back to our patients through our compassion and understanding, all are central to the process of supervision. And this is what I am able to offer in our supervision sessions, as you prepare to incorporate the skills you are developing into the professional practice that is forming before you! 

You can contact me by email, [email protected] and I will try to respond to you within 24 hours. Haslemere is an hour on the train from Waterloo Station in London, and Haslemere Health Foods is a 10 minute walk from Haslemere Station. If you prefer to travel by car, there is free parking right behind the shop, and the post code is GU27 1HN.

I look forward to meeting you!

Dominic Upton BA RSHom

UK, Surrey & Berkshire, Weybridge Bagshot Slough
Marilene Metzler

Marilene Metzler Telephone: 08700 20 36 36 or 07785 772 912
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 21/09/2010

In practice since: 1997 (Purton House School of Homeopathy) Originally from Switzerland, I moved to England to study homeopathy and graduated from Purton House School of Homeopathy in 1997. Since then I have enjoyed establishing my homeopathic practice in Surrey and Berkshire. I have been very fortunate to have been closely linked to Purton House School of Homeopathy for the last ten years by working for them part-time. My roles have included running the administrative side of the College, supporting both the Head of School and Programme leader, liaising with students (such as running regular tutorials), setting up student clinics and marking homework. I was also very much involved in the process of converting the Diploma course into the BSc(Hons) and was given the opportunity to start lecturing for Purton House in 2006, which has been a source of much enjoyment for me. Last year, I completed my teacher training (PGCert) and I am currently Materia medica leader and a lecturer on the BSc(Hons) course. My approach to supervision: My interest in supervision dates back to my first year of practice when I set up an 'apprentice' clinic for student homeopaths. In 1998 I received my first supervision training from Ian Townsend and in 2001, I attended a 4-day course with Jane Wood. Since then, I have been involved in student supervision for Purton House and have developed this area over the years. Last year I facilitated the supervision training day for Purton House. I am currently in my second year of training in systemic constellations which has added another valuable tool to my supervision approach. I receive supervision and healing once or twice a month for myself and my practice and I participate in systemic constellations workshops on a regular basis. Combined, these two forms of support and enquiry have very much contributed to my development, both personally and professionally, over the last year. Other interest: My big love is dancing. In 1998 I set up my own dance company, Jive Bug, which became very successful very quickly. However, in order to dedicate more time homeopathy, and Family Constellation (systemic approach), I have sold most of it and enjoy dancing in my spare time, but just for fun! I have also trained with a very gifted healer in Belgium in 2001-2003. I am very grateful for all the love and learning I have received from my beloved family, teachers and friends. It is through all of them that I have grown on my own journey into the person I am today.

UK, Warwickshire, Leamington Spa
Felicity Rock

Felicity Rock Telephone: 01926 774583
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 05/10/2010

I graduated from the College of Practical Homeopathy (Midlands) in 2002 and run a busy full-time practice in Leamington Spa. My clients come from all over Warwickshire, Coventry, South Birmingham and beyond. In 2007 I completed a one-year Diploma in Homeopathic Paediatrics and about 40% of my practice is treating babies, children and women in pregnancy and post-natally. I have a specialist interest in vaccination issues and run monthly talks for parents and other healthcare practitioners. I am a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. I thrive on networking and integrating my work and learning with that of other homeopaths and health professionals. I teach at The Homeopathy College in Birmingham and regularly supervise the College's student clinic. I have always considered supervision a vital element of my practice. After graduating, I searched in vain for homeopaths with training and skill in supervision and eventually chose to have regular supervision sessions with a psychotherapist. This really encouraged me to think 'outside the box' and was a key ingredient in combining a successful practice with self-care. Now I have regular peer supervision. I have supervised students and homeopaths for some years and was thrilled to have the opportunity of attending the School of Homeopathy/Sea Change Supervision course in 2010. This has enhanced my skills and confirmed me in my approach to supervision which I would describe as individualised and creative. I came to homeopathy after 20 years in the public library service where my work included staff and organisational development. I have always been passionate about supporting and inspiring people to grow and change. I also enjoy reading, singing in an acapella choir, spending time with children and by the sea and working on a local community supported farm.

UK, West Midlands, Birmingham
Melvyn Smith

Melvyn Smith Telephone: 01684 562371
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 30/11/1999

My interest in Homeopathy was awakened by personal health problems and I initially studied with The College of Homeopathy in London, later transferring to The School of Homeopathy in order to be taught and influenced by Misha Norland. I graduated and became a member of the Society of Homeopaths in 1992 and have been a full time professional Homeopath since that time. I have studied with Jeremy Sherr and attended numerous seminars with well known Homeopaths. I appreciate that we all stand on the shoulders of the great masters of Homeopathy both past and present, and continue to study their works which inform my practice.
My approach to practice tends to be determined by the patients state rather than by a particular method but in general I stay with the principle of prescribing the individualized single remedy in a dosage which is also individualized. I am sympathetic to an integrated approach to well being and use my knowledge of nutrition and diet in practice. I have been influenced by various schools of spiritual practice which have assisted me to experience a deeper connection with myself, others around me and that which connects us all.
I still love the practice of Homeopathy and am grateful that it has provided the means to provide for my family of 3 children who are now all grown up. I have attended supervision days with Sheila Ryan and engage in peer group supervision frequently.

UK, West Sussex, Chichester
Lesley Suter

Lesley Suter Telephone: 07931 373874
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 16/06/2020

I first became interested in homeopathy when my then husband became ill and allopathic treatment was ineffective. We then had a two year old daughter and a newborn baby. A friend suggested we try homeopathy; we only tried it because we decided we had nothing to lose, but didn’t think we would get anywhere with it. Much to our surprise and delight, homeopathy worked wonders and restored my husband to full health.

My background was working as a medical microbiologist in a hospital pathology laboratory for 9 years.

From 1987-1991, I trained at the College of Homeopathy, Regent’s Park, London, and have been in practice since then.
(I was then known as Lesley Cooksley).

In February 1992, I started working at Littlehampton Natural Health Centre, West Sussex, and remained there for 16 and a half years.

In January 1993, I was awarded LCPH from the Practical College of Homeopathy after a one-year part-time course in further studies.

In October 1993, I was awarded MCH from the College of Homeopathy after further studies.

In December 1993 I became registered with the Society of Homeopaths.

In February 1995, after further studies with the Practical College, I was awarded MCPH.

Between September 1997 and June 2016, I was a tutor, supervisor and lecturer at the South Downs School of Homeopathy, Chichester, West Sussex.

In June 2005, The South Downs School of Homeopathy awarded me a Fellowship, FSDSHom.

I have also been involved with meditative provings since 2006 with the Guild of Homeopaths.

It has always been a privilege to be able to take people’s case histories and watch them grow. I have always enjoyed interaction with students as they are so positive and enthusiastic, and watch them gain confidence and develop their own practices.

Phone: 01243 543477
Mobile: 07931 373874
Email: [email protected]


UK, Wiltshire, Chippenham
Alison Fixsen

Alison Fixsen Telephone: 01380 850941
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 04/06/2014

Alison Fixsen, MA, RSHom, DipNN, PGCE.  

I live in Wiltshire where I work as a Homeopath and Nutritional Therapist, where I run the Homeopathic Practice with my husband and fellow homeopath, Chris. I run a regular practice and also give talks and presentations in the local area. I have partaken in many society CPD activities, including twice presenting at the society conference. I have taught at a number of homeopathy colleges and have worked as senior lecturer and clinical supervisor at the University of Westminster for 8 years. I also teach, supervise and head the research department at Salisbury Homeopathic College. I also am External Examiner for the MSc Homeopathy at UCLAN and the Bsc Homeopathy, University of West of London. I have a long-standing interest in research, particularly in the field of otitis media and endocrine problems, and I am an active member of the Society of Homeopath’s Research Committee. I have conducted research and written three papers on the treatment of glue with homeopathy, the most recent being a literature review, which is awaiting publication. I have published and presented a number of papers and articles on homeopathy and the emotion work and challenges of CAM student practitioners with co-researcher Prof. Damien Ridge, one of which is about to be published in Qualitative Health Research.  


UK, Wiltshire, Chippenham
Jess Wilks

Jess Wilks Telephone: 0771 2797621
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 24/06/2010

I enjoy a creative and flexible approach to my homeopathic practice as a science and an art. With ten years experience working in the public and private sectors I have a keen awareness of the various issues that we may encounter in practice, with our patients and ourselves. Having always engaged with regular supervision one-to-one, in peer groups and web forums, I understand the benefits of working in a self-reflective practice and welcome the discipline and commitment that this demands. My love of homeopathy has grown with my three children. In 1994 a brief encounter with a homeopath, a single dose of a remedy and my baby daughter convinced me that homeopathy was my preferred treatment for her eczema and she has remained free from that 'incurable' condition for the past 15 years. This inspired me to begin my studies with the Devon School of Homeopathy as a correspondence student and I have never escaped! Supervision has enormously helped me to lay the foundations of a solid, ethical, personal code of conduct that still sits firmly at the root of what I do. I would be happy to share my experiences with new homeopaths and welcome the opportunity to share their exploration of this fascinating work. Before qualifying from DSH in 2004 I spent three years in closely supervised practice and during this time signed up as a volunteer with the Travelling Homeopaths Collective. Working in their acute clinics has been a great education for me and I am still a regular volunteer joining other homeopaths from various colleges and parts of the world to provide an acute clinic for summer festival goers whilst raising awareness of homeopathy and 'taking homeopathy where it is needed.' I now have a private practice in Chippenham, Wiltshire as part of a multi-discipline clinic of osteopaths, acupuncturist, podiatrist etc... I spend a lot of my clinic time making home visits in the local area covering local villages and also Bath, Bristol and Nailsworth when called upon to do so. I volunteer one morning a week at the Bath Drug and Homeless Initiative where homeopathy is offered free to their service users. I appreciate different styles of practice Sankaran, Scholten, Kentian intuitive etc. depending upon the case and the circumstances, carefully adhering to philosophical principles of ethical practice whilst allowing the freedom for creativity and exploration of the self that is so relevant to what we do. I am also interested in using ceremonial space to explore our inner and outer worlds, working with the four directions, shamanism and healers journey workshops has helped me to navigate my practice and my life. I love Indian music, rock and roll, flying kites, making cakes, building yurts, working at the local organic farm and being a mum

UK, Yorkshire, Leeds
Jacqueline Beattie

Jacqueline Beattie Telephone: 0113 274 7063
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 01/10/2010

I trained with the Sheffield college of classical homeopathy and qualified in 1999. I became registered in 2001. I've worked solely as a homeopath for quite a few years. I have always had ongoing supervision - for a long time with Andrea Bartig and Gill Scott, now I have peer group supervision with Nette Humphreys and Clare Walters. We do triad work. I have done a small amount of work as a supervisor in the last 2 or 3 years. I would like to increase the amount of work I do as a supervisor. I did a couple of days with Sea Change in Sept 2007 and participated in the School Sea Change course in September 10 in readiness to supervise School of Homeopathy students.

UK, Yorkshire, Skipton
Em Colley
bio Distance Supervisor

Em Colley Telephone: 07734 861 297
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 18/08/2015

After graduating in 2007 from the North West College of Homoeopathy in Manchester, I continued to study homeopathy, initially on the NWCH CPD course. Subsequently I studied with Jackie McTaggart, focussing on Scholten’s work around the Periodic Table and latterly with Jeremy Sherr on his Dynamis course which I completed in 2013. My latest learning endeavour has been with the Evolving Sensation team, working with the Joshi's mapping system and have hugely enjoyed this study, completing their Year 2 course in 2020.

Having studied with Clare Walters on her Focussed Mindfulness course, I went on to undertake the supervision course she runs and completed this in the summer of 2015. I have always had regular supervision and found it a valuable key to being in practice. Working with the person centred techniques that were a part of this training took my understanding of supervision to another level where I appreciate it even more.

I work from Embsay, North Yorkshire as well as all over the world by Skype and offer supervision at distance if desired. My practice is predominantly focussed on homeopathy although I do also enjoy working with food and mindfulness. I am involved with the North West College of Homoeopathy in Manchester working with their communications as well as some teaching and supervision of students there also.




UK, Yorkshire, Wetherby
Angela Zajac

Angela Zajac Telephone: 01937 541418
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 31/10/2012

I have been in practice in Leeds and Boston Spa in Yorkshire since 1990 and have been teaching homoeopathy in colleges since 1994. At present I am a core teacher at the North West College of Homeopathy and am the supervision coordinator there.

Here is a brief history -
1972: BSc hons Biological Sciences, University of Birmingham
1972-4: Teaching science, Redefield School, Oxford
1975-6: Post Graduate Certificate in Education University of York
1977-80: Post graduate biochemical research, University of Leeds, Dept Medicine, MSc
1980-94: Teaching health studies and science in schools and FE colleges
1980-95: Short courses in homeopathy      
1987-91: Professional training course in homeopathy, NWCH and MCCH, Dip Hom
1990-present In practice
1994-close in 2007: Teaching at YSH, core philosophy and clinical studies , setting up and supervision of student clinic, tutor for Sheffield School, clinical supervisor
1994-present: Guest lecturer for other colleges e.g. Purton House, NWCH, Lakeland College, Soc Homeopaths, Womens Conference, THC Summer Camp
2002-present Facilitate monthly casework and study groups for practitioners

1994-8 Founder member of Health for Children – a low cost clinic for children of low-income families in Leeds
2002-present – Supervisor and northern co-ordinator for Travelling Homeopaths Collective
2002-present Supervisor for registration to Soc Homeopaths
Supervision Training
1996 Sheila Ryan (2days)
1997 Ian Towndend(2days)
1998 Keith Tudor
1999 Miranda Castro
2003 Val Wosket
2004 Val Wosket
2011 Sheila Ryan
Written several articles and book reviews for The Homeopath and Homeopathic Links. Articles for Homeopathy Action Trust
Regular CPD in supervision, attend seminars e.g. Sankaran, Vithoulkas, Scholten, Sherr, Madeline Evans, Ian Watson, Soc Homeopaths Conferences etc.
Details of CPD 2011-13
1. Monthly CPD at Yorkshire Casework and Study Group
2. Monthly supervision
3. Supervision course (3 days) with Sheila Ryan
4. THC Homeopathic Summer Camp Aug 10-13, 2011. Lectures attended daily. Speakers - Carol Boyce, Geoff Johnston, John Morgan, Jerome Whitmey, Peter Adams.
5. Jonathon Hardy June 16th 2012
6. THC homeopathic camp Aug 9-12 2012. Lectures by Peter Chappell, Andrew Ward, Ellie Chappell, Hillery Dorian.
7. July 2013 Jonathon Hardie
8. THC Sumer camp with Janet Snowdon, Jerome Whitney and Janita Verema

UK, Midlothian, Musselburgh
Lyssa Clayton

Lyssa Clayton Telephone: 07906 312 332
Email: [email protected]
Join date: 07/03/2019

I am a Homeopath living and working in and near Edinburgh and in East Lothian.

I offer Supervision sessions in person and by Skype for any students and Homeopaths in the UK and also internationally with appointments to fit with your time zone.

Having first seen a Homeopath as a teenager, going along to a Homeopathy evening class 35 years ago sparked my interest some more. Homeopathy made sense to me immediately and I love the philosophy and ideas and ways to look at the world. Homeopathy is exciting. The potential to enhance our health both in acute situations and for deeper, long term well being fascinates me. Homoeopathy was my first choice for my three children. It was invaluable during pregnancy, though their baby and childhood years to teenage and adult life.

I completed a 4 year Homeopathy training course in Edinburgh in 1998. I continue learning through attending a wide range of Continuing Professional Development seminars, courses and study days along with personal study and professional supervision. Regular consultations with my homeopath are vital to my own practice, learning and well-being.

Studying with Louis Klein and Jan Scholten through seminars and webinars is invaluable to me and my practice. I attend Masterclasses run by the National Centre for Integrative Medicine with Elizabeth Thompson, Julie Geraghty, Jonathan Hardy, Geoff Johnson and Annette Sneevliet.

I’ve learned from Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi and Rajan Sankaran’s work and am currently exploring and using Michal Yakir’s Plant system and Mahesh Gandhi’s work.

With my clients I explore cases Homeopathically by whichever model or means of case analysis and exploration works best to find their remedy. I meet with clients in person or via Skype or my meeting room.

I previously trained as a Childbirth Educator and was involved in setting up and running the first Scottish Birth Teachers Course.

Along with my constant explorations in homeopathy I spend as much time as I can singing, travelling, learning to grow food - using homeopathy in my gardening efforts - and spending time with my feisty grandchildren and getting to as many good plays and films as I possibly can.

I am a Registered member of the Society of Homeopaths and have completed the Sea Change Supervision and Mentoring Course.

I look forward to working with you.

[email protected]
+44 (0)7906312332
0131 629 0435

Skype: lyssa.clayton

UK, Scotland, Edinburgh
Lesley Munro

Lesley Munro Telephone: 0131 225 2012
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My professional background prior to Homepathy was in Social work. During my training I undertook to participate in a pilot supervision course run by the counselling service in which I was on placement. The framework of this course and work practice was Person -Centred and this was the approach I chose to study in more depth during my practitioner development modules. During my social work practice I managed a small team of staff within a large organisation. My approach was, as far as possible within the constraints of the organisation, a person - centred approach - enabling team members to identify and work from their strengths and to identify ways in which they could develop areas in which their skills were less well developed. As a student of Homeopathy my supervision was initially case analysis focussed but I found this very limiting as it did not allow me the opportunity to reflect on my process within the patient-homeopath relationship ( and therefore how this might be influencing my prescriptions). A change of supervisor facilitated this shift and I gained increased confidence in my prescribing. During the last 11 years of practice I have, at different times, been a personal tutor and case supervisor for homeopathy students. My main approach has been to encourage students to identify what they really see/feel in their interaction with their patients. Over recent years my own supervision process has included working with a psychotherapist / supervisor looking at my process and how this influences my relationship to my patients. Currently I work with a peer supervision, support and meditation group. My style of practice is influenced by my background in social work - listening, observing, assessing and noticing my response to what I am receiving during a consultation. I have quite an eclectic approach to prescribing although my classical training is always at the heart of this. I am as likely to use Sankaran's miasmatic maps and a classical repertorisation process as I am to using a chakra approach to enable me to analyse a case. I use both conventionally and meditatively proved remedies in my practice.

UK, Scotland, Edinburgh
Rachel Murphy

Rachel Murphy Telephone: 0131 315 2130
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I graduated from Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine in 2005 and have since then slowly but steadily build up a practice in Edinburgh. Two years ago, I completed a supervision course with Liz McConnell who was the Director of the Northern College until its very recent demise and I have supervised a number of students through their clinical practice. This is an area of my homeopathic experience which I have enjoyed enormously and would like to be able to develop it and pursue it further. I participated in School - Sea Change student supervision course 2010. I am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths.

UK, Wales
Bill Rumble
bio Distance Supervisor

Bill Rumble Telephone:
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Bill has been practising since 1987 and has taught in various schools in England and Ireland since 1992. A graduate of our School, he founded the Welsh School of Homeopathy in 1995 and is particularly known for his practical interpretation of homeopathic philosophy and his artful case-taking. Bill is an inspiring presenter, gleaning methods from recent developments in psychotherapy to give students new approaches into ways to widen and deepen their understanding.

United States, Illinois, Brookfield
Sally Tamplin

Sally Tamplin Telephone: 651 399 3966
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In June 2002 I graduated from The School of Homeopathy after fulfilling all the criteria for their four-year program. During my first year at the school I was living in the UK but when I moved to Minnesota with my husband, Cliff, and two sons, James and Giles I commuted to the UK for the school weekends for the next three years so that I could finish my studies as an attendance student at Yondercott. I completed course work in homeopathic psychology, philosophy, materia medica, repertory and case analysis. For eighteen months I undertook carefully supervised clinical practice, based both in the Twin Cities and in the U.K. In order to graduate I had to present ten cases with follow up consultations. I have also completed courses run by Alternative Training in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Disease.

I was fortunate enough, as a student and during my early days as a graduate, to have had the opportunity to observe, on a regular basis, Jacob Mirman MD and Sujata Owens RS Hom. They are both highly educated and experienced classical homeopaths who work in Minnesota. They have been instrumental in my growth as a classical homeopath. Their dedication and support have helped me to develop further insight and on the job experience. In addition, I have received valuable support and education from my clinical supervisor in Minnesota who has been Carey Rudick N.D. and in England from Ursula Somers RS Hom.

New homeopathic remedies are being “proven” all the time and I realize how important it is to continue my education and understanding beyond that of a four-year school diplom a. With this end in mind I enrolled in a fifth, post graduate, year at The School of Homeopathy. In October 2007 I completed three years of advanced study with Jeremy Sherr at the Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathy in the Twin Cities. I have also attended a number of School of Homeopathy seminars since my graduation in 2002. In May of 2005 I spent a week in Toronto studying with the well known Indian Homeopath Dr. Rajan Sankaran. I have also attended a seminar taught by Jan Scholten and Dr Farrock Master.

In January 2003 I fulfilled all of the criteria to become a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, UK. I practice by their code of ethics. My homeopathic practice is based in Minnesota where I work with Jacob Mirman MD at the Homeopathic Medical Clinic (Life Medical.)

I am a member of The National Center for Homeopathy and The Minnesota Homeopathic Association. I served for over four years as The Executive Director of The Minnesota Homeopathic Association. For the past four years Dr.Jacob Mirman and I have developed the Minnesota Homeopathic Association Influenza project. I am co – author of the informative web site and Dr.Mirman and I designed a pandemic influenza kit currently being sold by Washington Homeopathic Pharmacy we have also written a pandemic survival manual using homeopathy.

I love to teach, I started out in life as a school teacher, I have an education degree and teaching certificate from Sussex University and I have offered many homeopathic classes to my local community over the past seven years. Just recently I worked with Mani Norland to develop The School of Homeopathy First Aid Course into an attendance seminar. I taught the first seminar recently in Minnesota and it was a huge success. I am hoping to offer many more School of Homeopathy First Aid Course seminars around America in the coming years. Two seminars are already scheduled in the fall for Minnesota and Wisconsin. I will be teaching the First Aid Course this July in Boulder at Hanna Kroeger’s Peaceful Meadow Retreat Center.

I am a Registered Bach Flower Essence Practitioner and a Certified Australian Bush Essence Teacher. Over the past few years I have taught many flower essence classes to the Minnesota professional homeopathic community in order to raise funds for Jeremy Sherr’s Tanzania Homeopathy Project. I have helped to financially support the Tanzania School Of Natural Health and Clinic for several years now. I firmly believe that it is important to support homeopathy in third world countries where the need is desperate and our remedies have so much impact. I have also done a lot of fundraising for Frontline Homeopathy and Homeopaths without Borders. I led the Minnesota initiative to raise a considerable amount of money to help a homeopathic doctor who lost his practice and remedies in the Asian tsunami.

I have been resident in the U.S.A. for approximately thirteen years. I live in Western Springs, Illinois with my husband Cliff. My older son, James, now lives in California and my younger son, Giles has just finished his second year at Arizona State University. When I am not busy with homeopathy and flower essences I also practice reflexology and massage (I am nationally certified in both) I love to garden, bike, hike and paint (watercolors) .Currently I am a student at Dr.Christopher’s School of Natural Healing and learning to become a herbalist. I wanted to know more about the plant remedies that are so powerful as homeopathic remedies.

I completed my CEASE Training (spring of 2013 in Minnesota, USA with Kim Kalina) for the Tinus Smits CEASE Practitioner course for autism and I also completed my training Dec 2012 to become fully certified as a homeoprophylaxis practitioner.

I continue to study with Dr. Jose Issac and Dr. Dinesh Chaudran (sensation method) and attend their seminars. This year I also studied with Dr. Sunil Anand in San Francisco. I have homeopathic practices in Illinois, Wisconsin and Chicago. I also see people in the UK when I am there and mentor students in the SOH distance learning program.

I  continue to raise funds for Tanzania Homeopathy and Homeopaths without Borders, I will return to Haiti in 2014 as a field volunteer.

It is an honour to help students blossom through supervision as they grow into homeopaths.
It is an honour to help students blossom through supervision as they grow into homeopaths.

Karen Leadbeater, Clinical Supervisor