We launched our International program in 1987, over 25 years ago. We enrolled our first Japanese student in 1997 and our first Chinese student in 2006! We have worked with partners in Japan and China to develop and translate the courses especially for those markets. The courses are identical to the UK program and maintain the same high standards of quality and course material. To find out more about these courses or to enrol please visit our partner website and contact them for more information:
School of Homeopathy Japan

School of Homeopathy China

When I embarked on this field of study, I had no idea of the profound effect it would have on my life in every regard. I have learned so much in a completely holistic sense and in so doing I have learned about myself and my own values. This course is not only about studying the fine art of homeopathy, it is about life. This course has led me to places I could never have imagined for myself, plus I have had a lot of fun in going there!

Susan Price, Graduate