Homeopathy Works For Me: Arlene Phillips CBE

Arlene Phillips, CBE, choreographer, Strictly Come Dancing star and former dancer regularly uses homeopathy to self-prescribe and she considers that homeopathy has helped her to maintain a generally good level of health in a profession which is very physically demanding.

Arlene Phillips CBE Celebrates Homeopathy

To show her support for homeopathy, Arlene celebrated homeopathy on the red carpet last night at the National Television Awards wearing a “living” dress decorated with real flowers that are all used for homeopathic remedies, including Clematis, Hydrangea and others.

Arlene Phillips

The dress was the inspiration of award-winning florist (five consecutive RHS Gold Medals and four Best in Show awards from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show) Joseph Massie. Months of work have gone into designing and making the dress, with Massie and his team spending over 100 hours painstakingly sewing each petal onto the fabric.

A multitude of flowers were used but a few include:

Cyclamen - is often used for woman’s health issues but it also can be also be used to stimulate energy and help when we feel languid, lacking our usual get up and go.

Narcissus – is used to relieve bronchial congestion which is difficult to shift and especially when the cough has gone on for a long time. So it can be helpful also in cases of Whooping Cough.

Hydrangea –is used for urinary tract problems.  These symptoms can be caused by kidney stones and Hydrangea will help disperse and clear them.

On Homeopathy, Arlene commented, ‘I’ve regularly found Arnica cream to be so helpful with healing bruises and dancing related injuries!” She continued, ‘Once, when I was Germany, I had to take my daughter to a Doctor who prescribed a homeopathic remedy as opposed to penicillin and it helped enormously

Arlene is lending her support to the 4H campaign launched by eleven homeopathic charities and associations, including the British Homeopathic Association (BHA) and the Homeopathy Action Trust (HAT). The campaign aims to raise awareness of homeopathy and the organisations’ useful and informative website: www.findahomeopath.org.

The BHA and HAT are both national charities that have come together for this campaign to highlight the need for greater integration of homeopathy into everyday healthcare, and to raise public awareness.  For more information visit www.findahomeopath.org.

BHA Chief Executive, Cristal Sumner, said: “We are so pleased to have such a strong, beautiful woman endorsing homeopathy and talking about her experience of using homeopathy. It mirrors what I regularly hear every day -from those who use homeopathy and see a homeopath.

She added: “Hopefully our campaign will encourage others to join Arlene and the millions of people across the globe who have made homeopathy an indispensable part of their approach to healthcare.

Every registered homeopath in the UK was sent striking poster specially designed by 4H which features Arlene wearing the living dress to display in their clinic or elsewhere.  More posters were also made available for printed by downloading a free PDF from the Find a Homeopath website.

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Arlene Phillips Living Dress

Arlene at the NTA

Arlene Phillips

Arlene Phillips National Television Awards 2016

I use Arnica for my dancing injuries. In fact, I recently had an operation on my knees in January before I went back out touring with Jackie the musical. Arnica helped me marvelously.

Arlene Phillips CBE
When I took my daughter on tour with me in Germany, she suffered from a bad bout of tonsillitis, so of course I took her to the doctor. He felt that she had overdosed on penicillin and subscribed a Homeopathic remedy for her. Homeopathy is very popular in Germany.

Arlene Phillips CBE
Homeopathy is safe, gentle and effective. I liked it because it is natural and you can use it along side other medication. Homeopathic medicines are selected based on your own unique, individual needs.

Arlene Phillips CBE