Platinum, Wishing Well, Love's Instinct

Group of three


Alchemical flask contains our daily lives:

grace, beauty, drudgery,

unsatisfactory relationships, and also,

secreted within the familiar, a catalyst.

Under its extraordinary action,

the opposites may be reconciled.


When its presence activates,

flames of aspiration leap, and answering

fire-birds descend, and where they meet

a burning bush sweats perfume,


while transforming in love’s heat.


Having completed its task, catalyst

de-activates. From emptiness to fullness

it blew like wind, now slumbering again

in beds of ash and immortality.



Blue & green


Wishing well

Light in grotto’s pool,

under the bank,

under the wishing tree,

shimmers as we offer coins

to gilded Mary and a few

plastic angels

amongst the ferns.


Grotto inclines

attentive ears when

we say, “Thank you”,


as travellers do

when meeting on

the homeward track.




Love’s Instinct

No longer buckling with chattels on back,

into death’s kingdom on straight track, where

lust engulfs in self forgetting, where

there is no room for regretting, no turning back,

we follow our natures to the core, losing

all we had identified ourselves by, whether

unruly heap, acceptable pile, or careful stack.


Within these depths which some may feel

as isolation in vastness, the sun of incarnation

is streaming. Within this mortal crack

in immortality, experiencing death is how

we heal. Dark oblivion and sexual joy are both

our Fool’s inheritance, we have them in our sack

at orgasm’s edge where fluxes of time congeal.


By Misha Norland

Misha's legacy is immense, his footprints carved in stone in a myriad homeopathic nooks and crannies. He left a wealth of riches for every student, every homeopath, for every school - and so he will be remembered with the greatest of ease. Above all he left his sons to carry on his healing traditions.

Miranda Castro
Misha was our father, our grandfather, our beacon. Misha was the last bridge between the old and new eras of homoeopathy, yet always a pioneer. Misha was the founder of our schools. Misha was the face of peace and tranquility, the heart of love and poetry, the mind of metaphor.

Jeremy Sherr
Misha had a magical way of bringing joy every time he walked into the classroom. No one who met him could forget his smile. And I'll never forget the advice and the lessons he taught me. His wisdom will forever guide me in my homeopathic practice. Misha was a man who set a lasting impression on everyone he met. His deep laugh and kind eyes warmed the room and brought life into the most boring subjects in the class. He was a great teacher and a dependable friend.

Farokh Masters
Dear Misha, Dear old friend, So vital So full of Love, So curious, So good friendship, So loyal. Thanks for being in my life since 1984. 36 years. We connect sure in the next realm.

Alize Timmerman