Homeopath Testimonials

It makes us very proud to know that the School is well respected in the homeopathic community by many of the world's leading homeopaths...

Misha Norland is my dear friend and valued colleague for over two decades. He has a solid foundation in classical homeopathy, both in its philosophy and practice. Yet, he has the openness and creativity to explore new avenues and latest advances. His school is a reflection of this beautiful blend, where students are taught the science systematically and also encouraged to explore and enjoy the process.
Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor, Author, Software Developer

Misha Norland has a sixth sense regarding homeopathy. He knows his remedies very well and in their essence. His lectures are always bright and to the point
Jan Scholten, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor, Author

I have known Misha for nearly 30 years. His dedication to the Art and Spirit of homeopathy is manifest through his wonderful teachings and collaborations on both sides of the Atlantic. His courses are renowned for their excellence in homeopathic learning the world over.
Miranda Castro, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor, Author, Software Developer

Students from the School of Homeopathy are enriched with the possibility to develop themselves as homeopaths and on a truely personal level. New Homeopaths coming from the school are advantaged as they have well integrated “mythos" and "logos" in their prescribing.
Alize Timmerman, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor, Author

Fortunately for me, Misha Norland was one of my first homeopathy teachers. He explores and navigates the deeper aspects of homeopathic philosophy and materia medica, gently reminding that there is more to homeopathy than merely matching symptoms. Misha is a wonderful and experienced teacher, full of playfulness, serenity, wisdom, and insight.
Jeremy Sherr, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor, Author, Software Developer

School of Homoeopathy in real sense to me is a 'Unio-Mystica' - A cross Road where both Classical and Modern Homoeopathy meets, where learning for healing the patients (Through Homeopathy) as well as the healer (the homoeopath) happens simultaneously, where sharing of the knowledge happens through an integrative, student centric manner. In short, it is a potential space that facilitates its students to search the master within.
Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

For more than twenty years Misha has been a central figure in our world of homeopathy, and rightly so. He's a wonderful blend of a seeker's yearning to understand this world in great depth and a practical dynamo who makes things happen. His home-study courses reflect this; they give a solid foundation of classical homeopathy, insights into the newest approaches and a step-by-step approach to consistently finding an effective remedy. I think most students will find that these courses can do more than give them skills and confidence as they discover the richness of homeopathy; they can change their lives.
David Warkentin, Founding Director, Kent homeopathic associates, creator of MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks

The School of Homoeopathy The School of Health programme is by far best homoeopathic distance learning course I know of.
John Morgan, Director and Owner of Helios

Misha is a rare teacher with a remarkable view of the interconnectedness of all things that he applies to homeopathy with great depth and understanding. His seminars are inspirational, and a lot of fun.
Joanna Daly, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor

Misha is a gentle-hearted teacher who cares about his students as much as his teaching. In a deft but unassuming way, he guides students into a deeper understanding of health and illness, remedies and case management, theory and provings. By the end of the seminar, students discover that they have evolved, almost without effort, to a higher level of understanding.
Tina Quirk, School of Homeopathy New York, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor

Misha Norland is an extraordinary teacher. His long experience and deep knowledge of homeopathy and life combined with a past life in filmmaking, leaves the listener with a feeling of having joined in a magic tour or having been part of a fairytale. In simple words you experience something rather than just receiving information. After having followed his lectures, the experience stays a life in your memory and becomes a part of your own being. I wish more teachers had this magic ability to give the listener the ownership of the knowledge.
Andreas N. Bjørndal, Principal of the Norwegian Academy of Natural Medicine

I have a lot of confidence in the quality of the graduates that I see coming through from the School, which is important for the profession.

Karin Mont, Chair, Alliance Register of Homeopaths