Year 1
Foundation Course

The Foundation Diploma Course is ideal for people who wishes to learn homeopathy for home use and become a home prescriber. It is also the starting point for the 4 year Advanced Practitioner Diploma Course, so if you do decide to continue with your studies you can move seamlessly onto Year 2.

The Foundation Diploma Course makes a complete arch, from first principles to the finished structure of classical homeopathy. Philosophy is covered in great depth and various approaches for studying materia medica are given, helping you find the way that works best for you. The approach is completely classical, based upon Hahnemannian and Kentian principles.

Over the year you will study 30 remedies and learn how to take a case, analyse a case and prescribe. The course gives you all you need to be a high quality home prescriber.

The course can be completed by attendnace in Stroud or online and includes a personal tutors, monthly discussion groups, online clinics, tutor group meetings and tutorials.

You receive a course binder through the post, and access other resources (movie lectures, audio lectures, handouts, quizzes and model answers) through the Online Learning System.

The Foundation Diploma Course also lets students to progress on to year 2, not only at our own School, but also at other establishments – its high standard being recognised and appreciated as a sound structure to build upon.

The course is accredited by the Institute of Homeopathy Accreditation. If you do continue onto become a practitioner you will be able to eligible to join the Society of Homeopaths of the Alliance Register of Homeopaths in the UK.

Book List One is required for this course. Alongside the Foundation Diploma Course, if you wish to go on to the Advanced Practitioner Diploma Course, you will also be required to complete The School of Health’s Anatomy & Physiology Diploma Course, unless you already have equivalent training.

Study Options

You have the option of doing the course by home study or attendance. Attendance is only available in the UK, home study can be done from anywhere in the world. The clinical training aspects of the home study programme alter depending on the region you're studying from (see below).

Time: 1 Year.
Study: 10 School study weekends in the UK with home research and monthly written assignments.
Study Hours: 800 - 900
Credits: 90
Books: Book list One is required for year 1

The attendance Foundation Course is for you if you can come to classes in the UK and keep up with regular homework. You attend ten weekends each year starting in September.

Online or Correspondence
Time: 1 Year (2 year study period given.)
Study: Units 1-7 with assignments, plus direct learning.
Study Hours: 800 - 900
Credits: 90
Time: Estimated 12 months (timing up to you)
Enrolment period: 2 years (with option to extend)
Books: Book list One is required for Units 1-7
Certification: Foundation Diploma in Homeopathy

Your independent study is supported and strengthened by direct learning sessions. These face-to-face events not only help keep you motivated but also provides specific guidance on casework through the medium of video recordings and workshop-style learning experiences.

Clinical Training

Online clinics are included in the Homeopathy Foundation Course fee. You are welcome to attend as many as you like. Up to 20 hours will count towards your final certificate. Year 1 students can gain a maximum of 20 hours. International students who are struggling to gain enough hours through our online clinics (because of time zone differences) can gain clinical observation hours with a local homeopath (please contact us for more details). We also offer an annual Summer School, read more about the School’s face-to-face activities in the events area.

Online Resources

Home study and attendance course students have access to the Online Learning System, webinars, online clinics, online discussion groups, tutor group meetings, the student FaceBook group, the movie library etc. All of this is included in the course fees, and is all designed to help you stay motivated and engaged through your studies.

All home study students are also welcome to join attendance course School weekend sessions by prior arrangement.

I now have three thriving clinics, each month they become busier and I am earning an income doing a job I adore. I treat many children and have found an area that I love working in, as it is so rewarding.

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The School of Homeopathy's courses are renowned for their excellence in homeopathic learning the world over.
The School of Homeopathy's courses are renowned for their excellence in homeopathic learning the world over.

Miranda Castro, World Class Homeopath and Patron