Russell Crowe, Belinda Carlisle and Chris Evans

Russell Crowe, Belinda Carlisle & Chris Evans talk holistic medicine on BBC Radio 2

Russell Crowe uses Yoga, Belinda Carlisle uses Chanting, Chris Evans uses Acupuncture.

Chris says: “Homeopathy… Scientists love to jump down your throat and say: nothing that homeopathy has ever done ever, ever, has been possible, anything in the world, to scientifically prove that it works, but I’ve had acupuncture and it does work, it does work, so isn’t that the proof.”

Belinda: It does work.

Chris: So isn’t that the proof?

Belinda: It does work, it’s undeniable.

Chris: So why can’t we prove it so that the disbelievers that it might benefit might have a go?

Belinda: I think that you have to try it to believe it. It is powerful and it does work. So that’s the only, I mean, just to try it.


Chris Evans BBC Radio 2

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