In a recent article, medical journalist Jerome Burne explains: "I bring all this up because this week Nightingale was supposed to be protesting outside the Advertising Standards Authority (because they haven’t been diligent in chasing homeopaths for making unsupported claims on web sites) and lobbying Parliament (because “something has to be done”). I don’t know if any of this actually happened – I couldn’t find any news coverage –but I’m writing about them because they are irritating and batty and should be banned (ironic joke)."

"Homeopathy and the other CAM activities that grinds the Nightingale’s gears don’t exist is a vacuum. They are part of the health and healing options open to all of us. In other words you can’t make a judgement about them without considering what may be involved in taking drugs to deal with your ailments.  In other words, as drug regulators are fond of saying: it is a matter of balancing risk and benefit."

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