Apis - homeopathic remedy picture


Homeopathic remedy picture.

Bee stings, or any swelling which has this look about it, of red, rosy, puffy skin under
tension. Also for kidney pain, swollen glands, tonsillitis and mumps.

Homeopathic remedy Apis

The person will be thirstless and complain of stinging, burning pains with restlessness and an aversion to being touched. They cannot bear heat and need fresh air.

A state may arise which is dazed, almost stupefied, in which movements are clumsy. Later, in severe cases with brain inflammation, there may be shrieking, boring the head into the pillow and screaming.

Worse: All heat/hot drinks/baths; right side; late afternoon; after sleeping.
Better: Open air; cold baths; uncovering.

A Guide to Homeopathic First Aid, The School of Homeopathy

The above remedy excerpt is from the homeopathy book 'Get Well Soon' produced by Misha Norland and The School of Homeopathy in collaboration with students and graduates, this is a self-help guide to using first aid homeopathy and contains over 50 remedies. It provides an introduction to homeopathy and use of homeopathic medicines, an index of common ailments with recommend remedies to be used for various combinations of symptoms.

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