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The Board of the Society of Homeopaths agreed at its meeting yesterday to seek legal advice on the legitimacy of the ASA and the actions it is taking pursuing homeopaths.


Mark Taylor, the Society’s Chief Executive commented, " The Board is concerned that the actions currently being taken have potential implications for the livelihood of members and yet there is real doubt whether the ASA has a legal basis for the actions it is taking, particularly as it is a private unaccountable company.  We have asked for some legal advice to assess if we have a case." 

Meanwhile, 6 RSHoms have written to all Society members asking them to join in a protest about the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). 

Following the recent letter to all homeopaths from the ASA warning them to make sure their advertising and websites are compliant with ASA regulations, members have been urged to contact the Competition and Markets Authority and their local Trading Standards office asking that them to “investigate allegations of illegal bias against homeopaths and homeopathy by the Advertising Standards Authority Ltd, in breach of Consumer Protection Regulations”. 

The 6 RSHoms claim that the ASA has no legal basis for what it is doing and is acting unreasonably in targeting homeopaths.

 The Society has met with the group and agrees that there are questions to be answered regarding the ASA. It has commissioned a legal review to assess the case against the ASA and consider if it would make sense to pursue them through the courts.

Mark Taylor praised the 6 RSHoms for their enterprise and hoped that many members would respond to the call.  "Grass roots campaigns like this are well received and work well in concert with the lobbying and strategic work representative bodes such as ourselves undertake’

Meanwhile, the Society had pledged full and personal support for any members targeted by the ASA when they begin sampling looking for compliance. 

Link to orginal document and Society's website

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