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Causticum - homeopathic remedy picture

30 May 2019 at 12:20


Homeopathic remedy picture.

At the emotional level these people cannot tolerate any injustice and are susceptible to intense and long held grief that metaphorically burns into them. At the physical level burning pains are characteristic, as if raw, sore or open.

Indeed, Causticum is a major player in the treatment of second and third degree burns. To continue the parallels: these people have difficulties with authority because they identify with the holocausted outcasts, the victims in society, and they tend to be idealistic or revolutionary: they can literally burn with fanaticism. If they are unable to realise their ideals, then they may develop diseases characterised by tightening, hardening, ‘holding on’, followed by weakness and gradual paralysisb that can play out emotionally, mentally and physically.

Emotionally: they suffer and weep easily from sympathy with others. Their ailments can often be traced back to numerous griefs. They tend to internalised like Natrum Mur. They suffer from the injustices in society, and may become fighters for a cause, whistle blowers, selflessly working to help the poor and the oppressed. Mentally: they can develop fears that something terrible will happen. They are anxious for others, always on tenterhooks, always checking where a loved one has gone, when they will return. They may suffer weakness of memory, a characteristic feeling they had forgotten something. Forebodings, worse twilight and at night. Physically: there may be twitching or facial paralysis (mainly right-sided), paralysis
of the bladder, paralysis of vocal cords, drooping of upper eye-lids. Stammering on account of excitement or anger. Burning pains, like raw flesh, as from an open wound. Sensation as if muscles and tendons were too short. Involuntary urination when
sneezing, coughing, walking, blowing the nose, during first sleep, from becoming cold. Dry, deep cough, can’t cough deep enough to raise mucus. Symptoms tend to develop gradually.

Worse: Cold; raw winds; drafts. Extremes of temperature. Stooping. Suppressions. Coffee. 3-4 am or evening. Exertion. Clear weather. Motion of carriage. While
perspiring. New moon. Getting wet. Entering a warm room from the open air.
Better: Sips of cold drinks. Washing. Warmth of bed. Gentle motion. Warm air. Damp,
wet weather. Craves smoked things, smoked meat.

A Guide to Homeopathic First Aid, The School of Homeopathy

The above remedy excerpt is from the homeopathy book 'Get Well Soon' produced by Misha Norland and The School of Homeopathy in collaboration with students and graduates, this is a self-help guide to using first aid homeopathy and contains over 50 remedies. It provides an introduction to homeopathy and use of homeopathic medicines, an index of common ailments with recommend remedies to be used for various combinations of symptoms.

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