Celebrity fans of natural health and homeopathic remedies have teamed up to show off their favourite homeopathic remedies in their natural form - painted as art on their bodies.

British singer and DJ Janey Lee Grace added that homeopathy can work wonders for many female-specific health concerns.

"I’m passionate about 100 per cent natural health and wellbeing, and believe that it’s so valuable for people to take responsibility for their health, and to try a natural approach," she explained.  "I was first introduced to homeopathy 15 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I gave birth in a fabulous hospital where the midwives prescribed homeopathy during labour.

"Later I used homeopaths to sort all manner of the kids’ illnesses. For the campaign, I’ve had diamonds (Adamas) painted onto my neck – the remedy is used by homeopaths to treat severe depression, and also can help women in the menopause.

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