Eminent homeopath Jeremy Sherr, together with volunteers at NGO 'Homeopathy for Health in Africa', has been using homeopathy to support hundreds of HIV/AIDS patients each year. These patients are offered homeopathy alongside their conventional ARV treatment, and the results have been excellent.

The first in a series of short stories about patients from around the world, 'Mary's Story', reveals how homeopathy has worked for one Tanzanian mother and Aids widow. After the death of her husband 8 years ago, Mary discovered she too was HIV+ and struggled with the debilitating illness and side effects of the conventional ARV drugs.

Mary began ARV treatment in 2006. After three years on ARV treatment only, her immune cell count (CD4) had fallen to 183 - for healthy individuals this is 5-1500. After beginning homeopathy in 2009, her CD4 has risen to 506 and remains stable. Her painful and exhausting symptoms have disappeared, and she has been able to return to farming her fields, earning money to feed her family and send her children to school.

Although Mary remains HIV+, when asked about her homeopathic treatment, she says:
"I felt tired and my body was so weak I was unable to work on my farm. I wanted to die. Since taking homeopathy, everything is back to normal. I feel happy and I believe in life again."


To watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaicLngY7yE&feature=youtu.be

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