Homeopathy is a wonderful support for those withdrawing from drug or alcohol addiction. Not only does it relieve the immediate symptoms, it also works to heal the underlying cause, whether inherited, acquired, emotional or psychological.

Does that mean homeopathy is the only therapy that will help or that withdrawal becomes completely trouble-free? Not at all, but the process becomes so much easier with homeopathy.

Maura Henninger agrees. In her Huffington Post article on holistic treatments for withdrawal symptoms she says:

“Homeopathy is also incredibly effective for supporting patients in the early stages of recovery. By its nature non-toxic, homeopathy stimulates a person’s bodily systems to deal with stress and illness more efficiently. Research is currently being undertaken to understand how and why these remedies work on the mental and physical level. Specific homeopathic remedies may be helpful during the period of withdrawal from alcohol or drugs. Remedies are chosen on a highly-individualized basis. But there are a few main remedies that help the addict going through withdrawal, including Arsenicum album, Nux vomica and Lachesis.”

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