Evidence Based Homeopathy:

There is actually much more clinical and basic sciences evidence for homeopathy than most people realize.

A leading 2014 review of clinical research in homeopathy confirmed that four of five of the meta-analyses evaluating homeopathic treatment in general found benefit as compared with placebo. There have even been numerous studies that have found that homeopathic treatment was at least as effective as conventional medical treatment...and is considerably safer. Further, numerous studies have found that using homeopathic medicines leads to reduced use of conventional medications.

Besides health benefits to individuals and families who use homeopathic medicines, cost-effectiveness studies have shown reduced overall health care costs when people use these natural medicines. In addition to these various bodies of clinical evidence from homeopathic treatment, there is an even larger body of basic science studies, including relatively new evidence that may help explain how and why homeopathic medicines work. Using user-friendly and somewhat non-technical language, listeners to this webinar will learn how to explain how homeopathic medicines may work in a way that is even compelling to skeptics of homeopathy.




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