Aconite - homeopathic remedy picture


Homeopathic remedy picture.

These people, often babies and children, appear frightened, they toss about and the bedclothes may be thrown off. They may express a fear of dying, or the fears may be unaccountable, with palpitations and tingling sensations throughout the body.

Inflammation may be anywhere. Face red, flushed, swollen; on rising the face becomes deathly pale, or one cheek is red, the other pale. Pulse hard, quick, full. These symptoms come on suddenly, as if out of nowhere and are violent and frightening.
The pains are intolerable, driving the person crazy; they may shriek with the pain. Internal pains are burning, while outer parts may feel numb, enlarged, or they burn, tingle, prickle or crawl. There may be burning thirst with the high, dry fever. The
person feels generally better once perspiration starts.

If restlessness, heat and redness are observed, ask yourself or the person if they have been out in the cold, especially on a windy day, or have recently had a fright of some kind. This remedy has gained laurels in the nursery as well as in disaster situations such as after earthquakes. There may be a desire for cold water or bitter drinks.

Worse: From being out in the cold; midnight; tobacco smoke; light and noise.
Better: Open air; rest.

A Guide to Homeopathic First Aid, The School of Homeopathy

The above remedy excerpt is from the homeopathy book 'Get Well Soon' produced by Misha Norland and The School of Homeopathy in collaboration with students and graduates, this is a self-help guide to using first aid homeopathy and contains over 50 remedies. It provides an introduction to homeopathy and use of homeopathic medicines, an index of common ailments with recommend remedies to be used for various combinations of symptoms.

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