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Working as a homeopath is both rewarding and flexible, with a big dose of job satisfaction too. We caught up with Melissa Hirtenstein, one of our 2016 graduates, to find out how she is getting on with her new career.

I grew up immersed in homeopathy, constantly amazed by this gentle and effective system of medicine. But it wasn’t until I was 32, whilst living in Portugal, that I felt the pull of homeopathy as a career choice. I was working as professional gardener at the time, but all too often found myself buried in my Materia Medica books, hunting for the right remedies to support the health and well-being of my growing family. Sitting by the river one day, I realised that I was at my happiest and most inspired when I was studying and using homeopathy, and at that very moment, I knew that this was what I was called to do. I simply had to dive in. 

When I eventually returned to the UK, I enrolled at the renowned School of Homeopathy and there began my journey. Four years later, I emerged with professional practitioner status and haven’t looked back. I’ve been in practice now for just over five years, working as a community homeopath in my home town of Penzance in Cornwall. It’s wonderful supporting my own community, working with different generations of the same family and seeing their health and well-being improve with homeopathy.

 When it comes to job satisfaction, I really couldn’t be happier

’s the everyday victories that bring me so much joy. I recently worked with a new mother who was struggling with repeated bouts of mastitis and was about to give up on breastfeeding her baby. Seeing this resolve after a remedy I prescribed is truly amazing. Twenty months on, the mum is still breastfeeding and both mother and baby are thriving; the mum has even trained as a breastfeeding counsellor. They’re everyday issues, but to each individual, they’re major breakthroughs. This is what drives me. I am without a doubt doing what I am called to do.

 The other major benefit for me is the flexibility

Juggling work alongside a busy family life can be challenging, but like most homeopaths I am self-employed so I can balance my time and make sure I am there for my own family too. I also have the freedom to pursue other activities that keep me happy and grounded. For me, it’s so important to stay connected with the natural world and I love wild swimming off the Cornish coast. Being able to plan my work diary so that I can enjoy a sea swim during my lunch break is definitely one of the biggest perks of the job. And of course, it also means I am revived and rejuvenated for my afternoon clients. 

I work solely as a homeopath, seeing up to ten clients each week. I’m currently booked up for about six weeks in advance, so I am able to feel confident about my monthly contributions to the family purse. Building up my business has happened quite easily and naturally, and being involved in my local community has been key. I walk and talk homeopathy; when I’m out with the dog, chatting to other parents, hanging out with my children and their friends. My client base has grown steadily each year, largely by word of mouth. 

When I reflect on my time studying with The School of Homeopathy, I know that I was lucky to benefit from one of the most comprehensive training courses available. The curriculum is unique, and rigorous, and I was taught by some of the best and most well known homeopaths in the world. I’ve made some deep and lasting friendships along the way too; fellow students who are now my colleagues.

These days, we nourish and support each other as professionals, making sure there is a strong community and network around us

And perhaps most wonderful of all, we haven't stopped learning. There’s always more to discover about homeopathy and it’s this that keeps the job so exciting and fresh. 

If you feel inspired by Melissa’s story and would like to find out more about starting a new career as a homeopath, please visit: Or call Mani on 01453 765 956 for a friendly chat.

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