From nursing to homeopathy - Simone

Nursing To Homeopathy - Simone

Homeopath and School graduate Simone Taylor shares her experience of moving from nursing to homeopathy:

What made you decide to move away from nursing?

I qualified as a nurse in 1980 and went on to do Obstetrics and then Health Visiting. I worked part time after my first child, but became disillusioned with the increasing paperwork, form filling and decreasing autonomy. Later my children were growing up and I wanted to do something for myself, a challenge. Returning to nursing didn't appeal and I was disillusioned with the NHS. I did consider avenues completely unrelated to medicine, but it seemed to make sense to use my knowledge of people and health built up over many years. 

Why did you choose homeopathy?

My youngest son had post viral fatigue, the GP could offer no help and I got increasingly desperate with him at home , missing school and feeling miserable. In the end a doctor told me to stop bothering them and that he'd get better in 6 months. I was appalled at the lack of care. A friend suggested I take my son to see her homeopath. It was a revelation, I couldn't believe the amount of time and attention we were given. My son began to improve and I was completely fascinated by the whole process. I thought there were similarities between the homeopathic interview and the way I’d worked as a Health Visitor, and I just wanted to know more. I thought it was something I could do. The homeopath was very encouraging and suggested I look at some courses.

What is it like to study homeopathy?

Wonderful ! Mind expanding ! Life transforming !

I hadn't studied for a very long time, had pretty poor computer skills and had 6 children - 5 still at home. I was anxious to say the least before I started but the School weekends soon became the highlight of the month. Really using my brain again was a joy. I was worried about the amount of work that needed to be done at home, but it wasn't a problem once I’d got organised and in a routine. I loved the freedom the School gave to submit work in all sorts of creative ways. People made films, did paintings or needlework.

The best bit was the people. The staff were inspirational and generous. I met people with completely different experiences to me. Our year group still meet up and keep in contact regularly, we seek each others advice and support. It was a time to make deep friendships.

I learnt about Homeopathy but I also learnt about other medicines and therapies. We discussed and explored things that stimulated a greater interest in the spiritual life, which in turn has led to more courses

How does it compare from being a nurse to being a homeopath?

Both occupations seek to help people, to improve their health , but being a homeopath gives a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction ( and frustration if it doesn't work out). This is because you are a completely individual practitioner, they say when you become a health visitor that you are a practitioner in your own right but there are many limitations. The homeopath has the time to really investigate all angles of the case, in the NHS everything is time pressured. I think the time the homeopath offers the patient is hugely therapeutic, being heard is healing. Plus you get to give a remedy, a powerful prescription.

Practically you can work from wherever you want, at whatever times you want, so being a Homeopath can completely fit in with your life.

Did being a nurse help you as a homeopath?

Definitely yes. Knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Disease made it so much easier. I find it reassuring that I will probably pick up situations that need referring to a GP urgently. And my experience of counselling, or just talking to patients made case taking much less daunting.

I come from a family of medical people and my in laws are pharmacists, some of them found my studying Homeopathy difficult to deal with. That could be a bit disheartening sometimes, but it honed my arguments for alternative medicine. My greatest hope is that eventually we can take the best from all medicines and work together.

What advice would you give to a nurse thinking of studying homeopathy

I can't think of a single reason not to. It’s hard work, in a very enjoyable way mostly, but the rewards you will reap will exceed your expectations.

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