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Homeopathy Awareness Week 2022

05 April 2022 at 13:51

It’s Homeopathy Awareness Week

Homeopathy Awareness Week is celebrated annually April 10th – 16th, and to celebrate, we asked a few of our favourite people what their favourite things about homeopathy were. 

Every year, homeopaths, homeopathy enthusiasts, and lovers of homeopathy celebrate Homeopathy Awareness Week from April 10th – 16th. The week begins on April 10th, the anniversary of Samuel Hahnemann’s birthday in 1755. (Which would have him turning 267 years old this year, in case anyone is counting!) Celebrated around the world in different ways by different organisations, this awareness-raising week is a fabulous chance to connect with others who love homeopathy, and spread the word about this healing modality we’re all so passionate about!

To join in the fun, we thought we’d ask some people near and dear what they love about homeopathy. Hopefully you’ll find something inspiring, interesting, and informative in their words that makes you want to go out and spread the celebratory word about homeopathy yourself!

Here’s what they had to say...

“Provings help you remember. Similars help you forget.”
Jeremy Sherr, Patron

“Homeopathy embraces the wisdom of the natural world and provides effective healing which is gentle on the patient and gentle on our environment. That surely has to be the best thing imaginable?”
Elaine Watson, Teacher and Tutor

“What other system has diligently recorded what ordinary folk have said over the last 200 years as they dive deeply into a reflection of their symptoms and subjective state?”
Luke Norland, Core Team and Teacher

“My favorite thing about Homoeopathy is that even after nearly 40 years’ involvement with Homoeopathy its philosophy still answers my questions. Homoeopathy expands in direct relationship to the question being asked thus it works at all stages, from First Aid addressing bruising to forgiveness and healing the infinity and beyond.......”
Jude Wills, Tutor

“Homeopathy is the therapeutic application of an overarching approach to life whose operational word is Awareness.”
Rajan Sankaran, Patron

"What I love about homeopathy is the healing gifts it has to offer. I have seen well selected deep acting remedies trigger such profound healing responses and life starts to open up again. For me, it is a sustainable green medicine. What's not to like!"
Carmel Searson, Tutor

“We know Homoeopathy is a magical harnessing of a universal healing energy. But it is good to remind ourselves and others of its kindness to the planet. Every time someone chooses Homoeopathy to help their dis-ease the results are like the pebble thrown into the pond. The ripples extend much further than to the person taking the remedy. The environment is spared yet more pollutants.”  
Janet Snowdon, Teacher

“I love the variety of clinical practice, the enthusiasm of students when I'm teaching and the doors that studying homeopathy opens into the world”
Em Colley, Teacher

“You don’t have to believe in this transformational system of healing for it to work but seeing the effects with your own eyes is startlingly impressive… from simple bruises fading within hours to more complex injuries healing in half the usual time, from coughs and colds melting away within days to more complex chronic complaints resolving over time. There’s a reason people love homeopathy… those of us who have seen it with our own eyes have seen it alleviating all kinds of sufferings, all the while increasing well-being and vitality. It really is a special kind of magic.”
Miranda Castro, Patron

“My favorite thing about homeopathy is that it invites us to see the interconnectedness of everything. It lights up the whole universe. You start to see everything as meaningful and feel a profound reverence for it all.”
Linda Nurra, Graduate

“Homeopathy for me is waking up each day and knowing I am going to learn something new.”
Nici Holland, Tutor

“The meaning of life is to discover your passion; the purpose of life is to share it. Many moons ago homeopathy discovered me and for that I am eternally grateful. Homeopathy is a profound system of healing, but it's much more than that. Studying homeopathy can't help but change you - so that rather than learning homeopathy, you become a homeopath.”
David Mundy, Teacher

Favourite quotation: "Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment”, by Ghandi
Jan Scholten, Patron

"What I love about homeopathy is how clear and rock solid its foundations are and yet it feels boundless in its capacity to transform our understanding of health, dis-ease, the natural world and consciousness as we know it" 
Lindsay Samuelson, Tutor

“When I embarked on this field of study, I had no idea of the profound effect it would have on my life in every regard. I have learned so much in a completely holistic sense and in so doing I have learned about myself and my own values. This course is not only about studying the fine art of homeopathy, it is about life. Homeopathy has led me to places I could never have imagined for myself, plus I have had a lot of fun in going there!”
Susan Price, Graduate

“Disease is a creation that draws our attention to an illusion, the realisation of which, offers liberation.”
Jon Didymus, Teacher

“Homeopathy is simple. All you have to do in your consultation is perceive something from nature in your patient. You can hear it in their story, see it in their actions, and sometimes you witness it appearing in the space between you and them. That is the remedy they need, and if it is the right one, wonderful things can occur after you give it. This extraordinary phenomenon is something a homeopath can witness every day. Homeopathy not only connects you to your patient, but to nature too.”
Geoff Johnson, Teacher

“I love how homeopathy shines a spotlight on everything there is on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Healing is the physical manifestation of being true to yourself; in the same way that dis-ease is the physical manifestation of losing touch with our true self. I don't know any other modality that works like this.”
Giovanna Franklin, Clinical Supervisor

“There is no such thing as ‘The similimum’. But it is a useful concept to aim at.”
Jeremy Sherr, Patron

“To be aware of homeopathy is to be aware of yourself, both as a whole, individual person and as part of the greater whole. Homeopathy is about reconnecting with that wholeness, whether it is physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually and ultimately those apparently separate aspects are able to unite. We are all familiar with that whole place inside ourselves. It is alive, joyful, dynamic and vital; as we heal, it is revealed more and more.”
Jo Daly, Teacher

“What I love about homeopathy is the satisfaction of the one to one contact with the patients, and the feeling that you're really making a difference to peoples lives.”
Amelia Sinclair, Graduate

“One of my favourite quotes in homeopathy comes from a student, she said that studying homeopathy at the School is like going to a university all about you - what it means to be human, our connection to nature and life on planet earth, how we interact with each other and the world, and…on top of that you also learn how to heal people!”
Mani Norland, Principal

Happy Homeopathy Awareness Week!

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