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Resolutions and Reboots

10 January 2023 at 17:44

Resolutions and Reboots

Get inspired, treat yourself, work from home, learn homeopathy!

January is the time for doing new things. It is the time for resolutions and goal-making. Why not give yourself the gift of learning something new. With homeopathy you can be your own boss, look after your family’s health care and help others. You will learn about what it means to be human, about health and disease and how to heal - you will also learn about nature and people – it is fascinating.

So… why is January the time to start new things… some might say spring is the more logical time for that activity; or maybe even the start of the school year? If we have a look at history, we see that even though the seasonal timing of the start of the year varies across cultures and throughout time, the tradition of pairing the occasion with resolutions is ancient.

Ancient Persians celebrated Nowruz around the vernal equinox in the spring, focusing on the theme of rebirth. Ancient Egyptians timed their ‘opening of the year’ festival, known as Wepet Renpet to just precede the annual flooding of the Nile, a natural event that was depended upon to make farmlands fertile. And Chinese New Year falls on second new moon after the winter solstice, a tradition that dates back over 3000 years, and celebrates the beginning of the spring planting season. The traditions of that festival included cleaning one’s house, and repaying old debts.

The clearest link to our modern-day western tradition of resolutions dates back over 4000 years to the Babylonians of ancient Mesopotamia, and their festival of Akitu that celebrated the rebirth of the land in spring. Resolutions were a part of the festival, and often involved committing to pay back debts, and return borrowed objects, the follow-through of which was believed to curry favour with the gods.

The Roman new year was also originally a spring celebration, but was moved to January to coincide with the month named after Janus, the god of new beginnings. The Romans would give offerings to Janus, hoping to gain his favour for the year to come, and give gifts to friends and neighbours to start the new year out on a positive note.

So we can see that we are not alone in our making of New Year’s resolutions. Although it seems that debt payoff is a stalwart resolution across cultures and time, committing to bettering oneself is also a common one in this day and age.

So… why not get inspired and give yourself a real a gift this year. Implement holistic, natural health and wellness practices as one of your resolutions, learn homeopathy. The School of Homeopathy has plenty of courses to choose from:

Our Homeopathy Taster Course is perfect for those who are considering the big leap into the full-fledged practitioner course, but want to make sure by getting a little taste of it first. A fabulous introduction to philosophy, prescribing, and some remedies, this course will help you to decide if the flavour of further study suits you.

First Aid for Home Course includes a 36-remedy kit, and a certificate upon completion. It introduces you to the basic methodology of first aid and acute prescribing in homeopathy, so that you can use it in everyday situations.

Another course aimed for the beginner is our First Aid for Baby Course. In it, you will learn the basic philosophy of homeopathy and how to use it in pregnancy, childbirth and the first few weeks after birth with a new baby. This will enable you to use quick and effective methods to ease symptoms and reduce the need for interventions and visits to the doctor. A 36-remedy kit is included!

The First Aid for Pets Course is a brilliant introduction to homeopathy, geared to being used in everyday situations for the furry, feathered or even scaled members of you family, i.e. your pets! This will enable you to use quick and effective methods to ease the symptoms of minor problems, or where necessary to provide initial help while also calling the vet.

And if you are interested in using homeopathy at home for yourself and your near and dear ones, and not quite ready for a course, but need some accessible resources, these beginner-friendly books might be just the ticket:

The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro is an introduction to homeopathy and how to choose a remedy for minor acute ailments, including an introduction to the process of repertorization.

Get Well Soon: A Guide to Homeopathic First Aid by Misha Norland and the School of Homeopathy is a small and very clear quick reference guide to first aid homeopathy, including helpful illustrations.

Get your health-inspired resolutions off to a roaring start. If you need a little help to face the new adventures, give us a call, we are happy to chat about options and send more information.

Happy New Year!

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